flat for each age group known characteristic localization of pain. During the period of active growth of man, ie in age from 7 to 16 years, often hears complaints of pain in the knee joint. Under most conditions David Zaslav would agree. Why? With flat feet, as We already know that down the inside edge of the foot, and with it, changing the axis of the load on the entire lower extremity. At the same time the muscles of the lower extremity are asymmetrical load. Part of the muscles running from the increased load, part – reduced.

Thigh muscles, mostly attached to the knee joint and calf muscles begin at the knee. In the case of developing flat feet in children asymmetric load on the muscles leads to an overload tendinous part myshy at the site of its attachment, which leads to pain. The most common pain arises at the point of attachment of powerful muscles of the front of the thigh to the patella. Especially the pain often occur in children during growth, and increased load on the lower extremities: long walk, exercise, etc. At this age, the muscular system has not yet matured. It is understandable that parents, in cases of complaints of children in pain in the knee joints without reason at all, have to show your child orthopedist.

The average age on the wrong axial loading of the lower limb bone structure and reacts mostly the tibia. Patients usually complain pain on the front of the leg from the projection of the tibia. In this age of compact bone in their structure, and the load on the bone at an angle to inflict pain, that is, body signals that are not okay. AND third place, from where the body takes the pain signal for flat – she stops. This segment of the "rebels" at a later age, because the time the body uses compensatory possibilities, which also have their limits.

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