Online Shopping Models Of The Future:

Magento is the ideal software for fashion and lifestyle shops. Leipzig, April 22, 2009. The success of an online store is sustainable depends on the flexibility and extensibility of the shop system. More and more shops from the creative industries to rise on the open source shop system to Magento because it offers more freedom for creative sales concepts. Just like in the offline trading developed also the business-to-consumer business on the Internet in two directions: big online stores like Neckermann, Otto, eBay and Amazon offer an extensive product range for everyone. On the other hand, mainly shops can assert themselves offered curious niche products or exclusive lifestyle products.

The creative in the fashion business take advantage of the Internet, has long been to better reach their target groups; with great success. According to the Federal Association of the German mail order company, the Department brought the strongest sales clothing, textiles and shoes ‘ 2008. An online fashion store in Germany is successful, the internationalization is the next step often. Multilingualism, adaptation to different currency and tax systems and a range of country-specific are only a small part of the adjustments, which are then due. Some well-known online stores rely on their own shop software solutions to meet the rapidly changing requirements in E-commerce.

However, this impacted the financial and human resources. The company relies on an external service provider, a dependency is created also. A barrier that does not like to accept straight actors in the creative economy. Open source solutions are here to part of the remedy, because they offer more freedom to innovators, retailers.”E-Commerce writes expert Jochen Krisch exciting Commerce on his blog,’. More and more Web stores put on the open source software Magento. The online shop of the German fashion designer, designer and former Global Creative Director of adidas AG Michael Michalsky rises to just on Magento. The Magento platform takes our IT Department only to a small degree. Instead of getting to the care of our E-commerce system care to, can the employees focus on the service for our customers, “so the competent Michalsky project manager Christina Schmidt. The programming of the site assumes the Leipzig agency Netresearch. The demand is high for the innovative shop software at the first German Magento Platinum partner. In addition to the relaunch of Netresearch won the contract migration of trend and merchandising fashion shipping for the Magento. For the Swiss lifestyle shop Netresearch assumes the Magento support. I am convinced that Magento by will in the long term for this industry. It is flexible and combined perfectly with virtually infinite expandability, reliable basis functions”Netresearch predicts CEO Thomas Fleck. On April 15, the Californian company Varien presented the Magento Enterprise Edition. This will be one with special functions, such as the ability to implement “Shopping clubs” and advanced support options differ from the still available Community Edition.

The Non-smoking Hotel In San Marco Is A Top Address

Hotel San Marco in Lannach near Graz (Austria) offers the ideal setting for seminars and other events and is a convenient and appealing quality accommodation in Graz is finally rewarded not smoking. Holidays in a non-smoking hotel, Hotel San Marco, provides a smoke-free environment in the accommodation. Even if the 33 room hotel has some rooms with an open area, at least all other areas of the hotel are smoke-free. With the predicate non-smoking hotel, Hotel San Marco in Lannach near Graz therefore sure attracts guests who want to enjoy fresh air. And this is possible around the hotel in all variants. Who has booked the Hotel San Marco, has with the close proximity to the Schilcher wine region and the Green, hilly excursion areas in the Styria, as well as a varied leisure facilities already booked. But also its accommodation for a stay in the Styrian LandeshauptstadtGraz.

The non-smoking Hotel San Marco is preferred not only by tourists, but more and more companies appreciate this Type of hotel for seminars, because it is a contribution to the health awareness of the employees. And because the non-smoking Hotel San Marco is a very well-equipped seminar hotel in Graz Umgebung, the whole thing is even more interesting. Hotel San Marco is one of the leading facilities in Graz Umgebung, features a top-facilities and is situated in an ideal location. The few kilometres to Graz, brings you in a few minutes behind and has but the advantage to be able to enjoy the silence of the land. By the complexity of the offer each themselves can decide whether he is a seminar hotel, non-smoking hotel, holiday hotel, business hotel, event hotel or country hotel Hotel San Marco for him. Also the 33 room hotel offers free use of Wi Fi Internet connection, top seminar rooms, barrier-free design of the hotel cycle, an Italian restaurant, spacious and free parking spaces, the location right on the main street, Italian flair for Styrian quality and comfort and of course an excellent price performance ratio.

Debi Select Begins Another Factoring Fund

Investments are made in factoring of communal bonds secured the Landshuter Debi select group of companies are these days their Debi select Classic Fund 2 GmbH & co. KG in the sales. The Fund has an investment volume of EUR 50 million. A minimum participation is possible from 3.000,–euros plus 5% premium. It is planned to place the Fund until December 31, 2009, an extension is possible by a decision of the Management Board to a year however.

As in the predecessor Fund, Debi select sets the investment capital in selected factoring companies. So is intended to invest factoring classic 2 GmbH through its a wholly-owned subsidiary of main in a Swiss factoring company. The new conceptual design had become necessary to take full advantage of the corporate tax reform–in particular the withholding tax -. There is also no banking, making possible the purchase of credits by a Swiss factoring company in the Switzerland of lending – in contrast to Germany -. It plans the Landshut issuer in derogation to the predecessor Fund, are in the business of factoring by effects Lombard credit active to be, so the purchase of loans collateralized with securities.

The economic concept of the Fund model it foresees that in this business segment the factoring companies refinanced over the Fund management company achieve a return on equity of about 11 percent per year, which can be paid after deduction of own administrative costs of the Fund to investors. In detail, the factoring company equipped by Debi select equity plan the purchase of value securities loans, which are secured with pledge of bonds issued by environmental projects, for which there are liable to protection by public authorities. Usually it is environmental projects with guaranteed by law or municipal revenue, such as electricity feed-in tariffs or other securities of this kind which are ceded to the holders of bonds for their safety. We offer this asset management companies, the acquisition by Bonds issued by the environment, which are also secured with claims on the public sector, to refinance. The loans against securities are purchased by the financing institutions with a reasonable discount. The securities portfolio of asset management can be improved significantly beyond the date. Thus investment in environmental projects can be significantly increased and the factoring companies funded by the fund company have the advantage of security through the assignment of State-guaranteed revenue,”says Managing Director. As also by the asset management in a variety of projects is invested, the factoring companies indirectly benefit from country – specific and cross-technology investment in the environmental field. The income for the investors of the Fund are exposed, no project-related fluctuations because not the project itself, but the underlying credit with a corresponding discount will be purchased. It results from this tee ultimately Return of the factoring company and the investors of the Fund. The Debi select group has specialized in investments in the field of factoring by life insurance and value paper credits. For one, she participates in companies that ensure a professional factoring value paper credits with a high credit rating and on the other hand buy receivables capital forming life insurance companies.

FE.N World Premiere: Franchise Concept With Angeschlosenem Direct Sales

The new depot concept of FE.N ubetrifft all expectations. Better quality, supply and service for partners and customers! The success and the incredible growth of fashion Europe NET (FE.N) confirm that the dream of many people, to build his own business, must remain not only a dream. In the simplicity of the FE.N concept is the clever part: jeans free rent, sell and settle only after! Jeans are impossible to imagine from our wardrobe. Jeans in all variations and models, short, long, tube cut, embroidered, painted, studded with Rhinestones or comes with Lochern…WER in today without it? Jeans have survived all fashion re apparitions and will continue to do it. Jeans have become socially acceptable. Fashion Europe NET has recognized this, and the success proves her right.

Since the founding of the company (founded in the summer of 2006) over 30,000 partners for this concept have can enjoy throughout Europe, over 900 Depot were opened only in Germany. FE.N is currently in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Denmark and France are represented. FE.N shows the enormous market potential Germany as an example: the product potential of 76 million PCs. jeans/year faces an end customer potential of 66 million customers. In the view of Europe, there are even 500 million customers.

The highly fashionable and constantly updated product range for men, women and children, consists of jeans pants, denim skirts, denim, T-Shirts, sweaters, knitwear, jackets / coats, handbags & accessories in good quality at a fair price. Each FE.N has partner up to 60 jeans free to borrow the opportunity, sell and settle only after. Simply return the unsold jeans. There is no minimum sales requirement, no lender fees, no hidden costs. FE.N shows the easier way with this ingenious concept in the self-employment/business start-up. All FE.Partners a way will be shown, without large investment an immediate income to generate.

Zebra Gseries Replace

After individual printer models LP and TLP 28xx/38xx will expire this year. December 18, 2009 is the last order date for the LP/TLP2844. After the introduction of the new G-series desktop printer was already foreseeable, ZEBRA this year its proven pressure models of LP – and TLP series from running. Who would like to order this series still label printer, has the opportunity to do so in the next few weeks. The last orders are for the models LP / TLP 2844 (-Z) accepted with Ethernet option and all TLP 3842 3844-Z on September 30, 2009.

Last order date for the models LP / TLP 2844 (-Z) with the label dispenser and cutter options is the 30th October and December 18 standard printer model can order the last time a LP / TLP 2844. The RFID-HF enabled desktop printer R2844-Z will continue in the framework of RFID product range offered and delivered. Of course, the G series successor devices are already available. Who does not know what the new model “G series his old” printer replaced, get a list together of ZEBRA IDENT macro. It are the previous recommendation of the new model of the G-series models. The current sheet is also to download IDENT download on the homepage of macro.

The new, compact ZEBRA G-series desktop printers offer best in class print speed and performance with printing widths of up to 104 mm. From the GK base model up to the feature-rich GX model a reliable, durable and flexible desktop solution for every budget and every printing application allow the G-series label printers. The G-series GK model, which is characterized by durability and reliability, is the cheapest desktop thermal printers for basic requirements, while the GX top model that offers the most comprehensive features, is suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications. A Thermodirektversion space-saving with the smallest footprint can each choose a 104 mm desktop printer or a Direct thermal – / Thermotransferversion, which saves time by the easiest system available on the market to the insertion of ribbons. Because the two languages of the printer EPL and ZPL on all models are preinstalled and many connection options for personal, local and networked systems are available, the G-series label printers can be integrated into other ZEBRA printing solutions seamlessly and easily.


ADVANSA presented novelties and News Europe’s largest producer of polyester, CoolMax, ADVANSA BIOPHYL around its product range of ADVANSA Thermo cool, that presented a variety of innovations and new fabric developments specifically for the outdoor apparel at the leading trade fair for the outdoor segment. A large number of leading European brand labels ADVANSA Thermo recorded cool in their collections and promote appropriate sports and sportswear fashion under its own brand name. So has including Nike included Golf collection fabrics made from CoolMax in his Nike with wool and will come with the latest collection in the fall of 2009 on the market. New wave sportswear, specialty supplier for professional rowing clothing, has the world’s elite for the upcoming World Cup in Poznan/Poland equips cool shirts with ADVANSA Thermo. Falcon, globally active supplier of functional sports clothing from the Schmallenberg sauerland, opts for spring/summer collection at the running 2010 BIOPHYL from ADVANSA. BIOPHYL is a sustainable ecological Textile product, based on fibres and yarns that are spun from a special polymer from DuPont De Nemours.

An evolution in the market for performance insulations are ADVANSA Thermo cool for clothing and ADVANSA Thermo dry for sleeping bags. To offer the ideal each isolation level for different finished products, ADVANSA Thermo delivered cool products in various configurations: active sportswear, fashion, soft shells and accessories such as gloves or boots. Also, ADVANSA Thermo dry products are offered in a wide range, which complies with all specific requirements for the use of sleeping bags. BIOPHYL is a registered trademark of ADVANSA Marketing GmbH DuPont and Sorona registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and company, Inc. ADVANSA Thermo cool is a registered trademark of ADVANSA CoolMax is a registered trademark of Invista under exclusive license from ADVANSA Andreas Knorr

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