Buenos Aires

The President of the AFA extols the front of the boat. As the ball comes you to Messi, he low to look for her. Julio Grondona, President of the Association of Argentine football (AFA), said that Lionel Messi never plays poorly and that those who play poorly are having around. As the ball comes you to Messi, he low to look for it, said the leader to the rrirse to the opening game of the Copa America in which the Albiceleste equaled one with Bolivia.But I have hope. Perhaps with Bolivia 0-0 no I would have liked, but if a 1-1. If you would like to know more about Carola Remer, then click here. They could against adversity put heart, he added in statements to radio del Plata, Buenos Aires grondona commented that in the current football everything is very smooth and he said that it is difficult to make debut against a team that has nothing to lose. Everyone will now be the rival of Argentina, there is no one in particular, he said. Source of the news: Grondona: “Messi never plays poorly, the around, yes”.

REP Information

With new biometric technology may manufacture millions of multicedulados or people who vote in different places in favor of the ruling party and not the few who got in previous processes. You have the opposition access to the biometric information that is loaded in the most of 36,000 machines new that will be installed throughout the country to make sure that that does not happen? How to guarantee the uniqueness of biometric information? If the opposition had no information of the current REP, I doubt that they delivered what pre-cargara for biometric identification of voters and to note that is not repeated in different machines. Called the attention to what the Government has mentioned that you will use information from the SAIME identification systems to obtain 100% of the traces of the population. This is in contrast to the opposition argument that only were present 40% of fingerprints in hands of the CNE. That’s if already it should alert the population because our biometric data may be used and assigned in the new machines without having the most minimum control of it. I have commented and read repeatedly that it is very strange that in a country with our needs, the CNE is spent more than $ 55 million in modernising the Park of machines with this new electoral procedure. Another very strange is that one of the reasons why strongly rumored that the former President of CANTV and current Rector, becomes the new President of the CNE; It is precisely because that was the same person who guaranteed the continuity of the information systems of the industry during the work stoppage from PDVSA and is a specialist qualified in the area computing.

Corporation Rescue

A team of 16 rescuers, as well as ambulances, helicopters and medical personnel will participate in the final phase of the rescue of the 33 miners trapped in the North of Chile, which will begin today at 20.00 hours from chile and will last about 48 hours, according to those responsible for the operation. The rescue was carried out through a chute about 66 centimeters in diameter open by the drill T-130, in charge of the so-called Plan B, that came to the gallery which since last August 5 are the miners to 12: 02 GMT on Saturday. 33 days the perforations have lasted to rescue the miners, commented very excited, the mining Minister, Laurence Golborne, also added that he now must dismantle parts of the T-130 drill and examine the duct to determine if is in fact necessary to take shape completely or only partially. He pointed out that he is expected to day Tuesday begin the output of the 33 miners trapped in mine San Jose de Copiapo. According to this single up the day Friday would be the last of them. A giant crane that, if necessary, will take the Canal with steel pipes, which have been named as the casing has already been installed next to the rock drill. This crane will also be responsible for introducing through the hole one call Phoenix capsules, specially built by the Chilean Navy to upload one to the miners. 16 lifeguards have been selected to participate in this operation which has been considered high risk, ten of them in the State national of the copper Corporation (Codelco), three brigades of the northern region of Atacama and three nurses scuba divers of the Navy. Only six of them will be involved in the decisive moment: a sailor and a Codelco rescuer will fall to the depths of mine, while four others remain on the surface to be able to open the capsule in which the miners will be.

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