The Relationship With Our Customers

The relationship of a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Secretary, or any business with your customer is like a love relationship, where we can find a first phase of discovery, of knowledge and then later we reached the stage of intimacy. As in any relationship there are ups and downs but on the basis of yield, trust and respect, we have a fruitful relationship where both parties wish it lasts as long as possible. In this article, Luis Camacho is shelling the various phases of the love affair between us and our customers. Web surfers find us (come to our website) by chance. Snoops jumping from page to page (watching us watching us from afar) without stopping too, without going, and if you have tasted it promises to return there one day thinking to meet again. And indeed, a few days later he returned to this date I never agreed, but intuited. And this time we studied more closely, we liked, and then smiles, maybe even make us a wink, I think a few seconds and launches definitely ready to deepen our budding relationship.

And most of the time it does respond to our suggestion, rather our silent invitation for that budding relationship begins to consolidate. Needless to say, the reason is the invitation to subscribe to our newsletter promising to change much satisfaction in the future (make you happy). It's done! The first contact was successful and we have exchanged our "phone numbers (email addresses), which allows us to communicate freely from now. And this is where the romance really starts. A lasting romance is unpredictable, as it can not be otherwise.

A romance in which we have to act very intelligently to avoid running too forcing situations because we burn on contact. But neither can we afford to go very slowly, too much time pass between a contact and the next, because it will give the false feeling that we are not interested in the relationship and we have forgotten it. This long road is full of conversations to know us better, confiding in a whisper, innuendo, concrete proposals are not always accepted the first … the eternal game of seduction! Until one day our will agree on a common project in a common desire, and we decided to move to higher … And this new relationship we have just established will continue and even grow as much as they both want. But let me give you some advice before completing this first installment of the "love story with our customers." Today, customers, visitors, people!, Are not as gullible or as manageable as they were years ago. The world has changed, and much!, By the grace of the Internet and, above all, social networks, and is no longer easy to deceive anyone with absurd "milongas". So do not try, or you will be crucified in the public square (virtual) view of the whole community internet, and your reputation will be destroyed on-line within hours after you've crossed the advantage (flirt) without scruples.


“Under the title of tailor-made business management content + attractive design efficient management of sales =” Michael Eickelmann presents the experiences of Simon’s work at the IBM Cognos Performance Roadshow, which will be held from November 10-11, 2009 in Mainz, a wider audience. Interested parties can meet STAS CONTROL, BI and CPM solution for SMBs, directly at the stand of the STAS. In macro-economically difficult phases it is absolutely necessary to have very accurate and early information to all business areas and business processes for companies”, says Uwe Schulze, Managing Director of the company, Reilinger. Only if the management knows all the facts, vulnerabilities and cost-cutting potential, it can respond properly. With STAS CONTROL, our customers have their liquidity, order, or sales planning also from the ongoing turmoil in the handle. The example of our innovative customers SIMONSWERK shows such as that is important.” About STAS GmbH STAS GmbH was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Reilingen, close to the Grand Prix circuit of Hockenheim, has 60 employees, is active in the German-speaking countries and represented since 2008 with its own subsidiary in Austria. Under the brand name of STAS CONTROL develops and distributes STAS turnkey business software solutions (BI, CPM) for planning, analysis and control of medium-sized companies.

First Public Directory

The nationwide initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant will unlock the first public directory for honorary consultant soon as nationwide parent institution. Honorary Advisor Summit: First public directory for honorary consultants is released promptly Berlin. The nationwide initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant will unlock shortly as nationwide parent institution the first public directory for honorary consultants under the Internet address. On Monday, August 17, 2009-18:15, invites the initiative in cooperation with the nfp-network financial planner e. V. in addition to the discussion of the recent study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of consumer protection requirements for the financial intermediaries – more quality, better decisions \”. Dr. Marco Habschick, co-author of the study, will speak before.

In addition, the date for the second nationwide Honorary Advisor Summit is fixed: to him, the initiative invites on Thursday, November 19, 2009-18: 00, in the directly ahead of the 5th financial planner Forum Berlin (which takes place on Friday following) already a. As a result of the financial crisis, the resultant efforts of the Federal Ministry of consumer protection, as well as the current coverage in the media, more and more customers in Germany search for an honorary consultant. However, many customers do not know yet where you can also find the appropriate Honorary Adviser. We want to change now.\”explains Ulf Niklas, co-founder and spokesman for the nationwide initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant. Activation of a public directory with embedded postal codes search function was planned therefore in the short term. In addition, we want to keep our members on the latest developments of the honorary advice always up to date.

Therefore we have in cooperation with the network financial planner e. V. Lord Dr. Habschick as a co-author of the study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of consumer protection in order requirements on financial intermediaries\”invited: it is us on the 17th August 2009 not only to the \”Study, but above all from the previous reactions and the further procedure reports can.

Alliance Badboy

Is Jorg apply the winner among numerous burning corner of top Alliance Badboy company what is the winner? “In this case he is male, born in 1952, working for TOP-ALLIANCE Badboy GmbH in Kriftel and lives life according to the motto brings fun you have to do just that”. Chauffeur, he has become actually just randomly and come more of them go since. Why? Because the occupation as chauffeur is so varied – every day, every order, every guest, every car is different. And yet he has a constant in his daily routine as a chauffeur: utensils for every guest such as water, handkerchiefs, charging cable and headache pills. Because of years of experience, he knows how he can do something good for his guest and dealing with these different people is the appeal as chauffeur for him. It is of course self-evident that he speaks several languages and on his numerous journeys – whether as a chauffeur or private – well can apply them. But not only the travel and the different cultures or his work as a chauffeur are top priority, but also his family and the sport as compensation are important to him. Not only the joy of handling distinguishes him with people, but also his flexibility, his empathy, his reliability, his inventiveness and especially its secrecy. Jorn Baram has made it so: he combines fun with work and has thus found his dream job as a limousine driver and is the driver of the year 2009 Source: Tobias Bulter

Completely Free Wedding

We give you more than 7,000 euros in gifts, because your wedding is our thing. We’re giving away a wedding gown valued at 1,500, designed by Charo Ruiz and made crafted in cotton 100% and guipure lace. A pirate-style bandana or a headdress and a bolero of the same material complete the look. They can also be yours a few peep toes, of ursula Macaro, valued at 154 in white satin with a 10 cm heel on external platform (from size 37 to 40). So get to your wedding without nerves and under the effects of the relaxation, nothing as 4 nights in the Suite Langkawi del Hotel Barcelo Asia Gardens of Alicante, valued at 5,000 e, in regime of full Board (accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner), a traditional Thai massage Nuad Thai or Nuad Nam Mun in couple and thai double cabin. And to seal your commitment, get a few alliances in rose gold of high jewelry Chocron brand (700). Participate and get the wedding of your dreams. Forget about the crisis..


Unreasonable, for example, to change the options available to the rest of corporate mandatory attendance popular training rope course and other team building events, where staff allegedly developing interpersonal trust in the best way. Also, failure is the idea of mandatory visits to the swimming pool and gym, or What often guilty particularly zealous leaders surrender offsets for skiing or begu.Slishkom obsessive thoughts corporate injections can force employees to sabotage the team building activities, and competently furnished, by contrast, form a friendly atmosphere and generate udovolstvie.Tak, for example, an attempt to inspire employees mountain hiking or rafting can lead to the fact that weekends and holidays staff will carried out in an exciting journey, not counting this pastime teambuilding. But the team spirit at the same time will develop naturally. Sociologists suggest the following typology of ritual: the calendar, Transition, Crisis, and magic. Calendar, it is logical, linked to specific dates, and not only on national holidays, but also the birthday of the boss, the date of its foundation, its .Perehodnymi issued a change status or condition of the employee, for example, an interview or pass through the magnetic skipping work, removable shoes and morning rituals differ gimny.Magicheskie survival, they capture. For example, sending mail only on Thursdays and call at the office of the head just to the left leg, different informality and even savage, but also accommodated in the hearts of staff confidence in the success of the case. Crisis rituals are nothing more than a possibility of the effective action and resolution of difficult situations.

Please bosses to work on weekends, holidays move, tighten their belts or even voluntarily resign, brainstorming, training staff – all clear examples of current crisis workers ritualov.K teambuilding innovations include a variety of borrowing from foreign colleagues. Corporate trip in the relaxation center may initially seem savage, but After sitting in the Jacuzzi, relax in the massage and beauty treatments, experiencing special moments and get a vivid emotional experiences that differ from traditional team games team building. Are also full of pleasures gurmanisticheskie practice and return to nature: collective flower arrangement and crop production, tracking of reserved places; art collective training. Joint corporate trips for pleasure became a part of marketing trend known as art de vivre – 'the art of living'. The main thing is to aggressively addressed in the new culture of managers do not ruin the meaning of this wonderful idea.

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