AdSense produces percentage of clicks and high incomes for a reason: the ads are related to what interests the user. Thanks to keywords of your Web space, the Google robot finds out the topic of your Web space and provides ads that promote Web sites of interest to the user. This is very good news to some extent. Even if you want your users to click on ads of interest, can you feel not like it leave the choice of such ads in the hands of a robot. And it may also prefer to have ads that better pay per click in your Web space. And however it has no other choice. You can do much to improve your earnings from AdSense, as for example select ads design as well as the color and the font size, but what you can do is enter in the Google database and choose the ads for your Web page. Does not believe that it can not do nothing either. It is that some ready Web publishers have achieved interesting results when playing with your HTML code and to modify the text of your Web spaces. And it is true that certain results are very surprising. For example, some Web publishers have discovered that placement of keywords in specific sites on a page can produce an immediate effect on the distribution of ads. Therefore, the owner of a Web site on vehicles used for trips and other leisure activities could investigate the net in search of the best paid keywords in that area and if I knew what are the specific sites mentioned previously, could place those keywords in the appropriate sites on your page. In addition to traditional ads on caravans and vans, sure that the editor would receive at least one of the better paid ads. This kind of knowledge is worth money. The reason why certain sites on a Web page are more important than others is a mystery well guarded by the developers of Google. However, begin to disclose some of the secrets of AdSense ads, which is benefiting them at the ready Web editors that have understood that knowledge and the strategy are key to getting substantial income from AdSense. If you want more tips on AdSense, go to. Copyright 2005 Joel Comm. Reservados todos los derechos Joel Comm is Dr. AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur with over 20 years experience. Joel is the co-creator of, now known as Yahoo! Games.

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Wolfgang Kitza: “our Clickworkers are not in competition with highly qualified professionals. One of the strengths of our offer is that companies with us can be jobs in order, not computers or programs can be done and would be too costly for specialists. If for example a tour operator for its Web catalog requires unique 3000 city descriptions and it has a so limited budget and time account, that it is not possible to hire someone for that, then he can contact us. divides this large task into small micro jobs and distributed them to their pool with qualified Clickworkers. The fact that each Clickworkers must meet a such micro job, the customer will receive a good result quickly.” Consult related Clickworkers also paid crowdsourcing.

What can you imagine including? Wolfgang Kitza: “crowdsourcing is Yes, a portmanteau of the English words crowd, so lot, and outsourcing. Outsourcing of tasks to determine large Internet community is today a popular concept in many areas. Usually it goes but unpaid activities. Wikipedia is a such crowdsourcing platform, from the work to the Internet community lives. Every Internet user can contribute to the completeness of the digital lexicon, but without to be paid for this post. When the paid crowdsourcing to get money, however, in any case if it has delivered something correctly.” Except the quality does not. How is protects you as Clickworkers, however, that doing a job, which rejects the client be insufficient? And how do you get a company guarantee that it gets the desired results for his money? Wolfgang Kitza: That’s where we enter as an intermediary in the business process. Our Clickworkers must qualify through training for specific jobs. Whoever wants to write English text, delivers before a work sample, which is then evaluated. Also the first correction run is done by Clickworkers, who have qualified for this task.

Ogitix With Online Simulations For Process Automation

Conceptual planning of the solution requirements on all relevant issues across Leverkusen, 07.09.2010 – the processes in the company are made according to a recent study of Ogitix AG, to a large extent still manually instead of automatically. This is true both for IT and for the business areas. To the support of companies, the Software House has released an online – plan game (…), with which you can develop your request profile playfully for a solution for process automation. The user runs through all relevant topics from initial analysis and objective definitions of the individually required performance profile to the application and operating conditions of the solution. His total is also compared with the averages of other participants in the. In a total of 15 steps of the plan game aspects of decision offered the user, where he eliminated proposals inappropriate in his view in each.

This gives one of the participants at the end of differentiated and downloadable as PDF performance requirement, on the basis of which he can prepare his project to the process automation conceptual. The user of the online plan game actively drawn up a systematic compilation of companies individually relevant solution conditions. This helps him to make the procedure process and to improve the quality of decision”, Ogitix Board Ingo Buck explains the practical benefits. At the same time, Ogitix aims to win learning for the user after his statements with the game. “Like by the way they test their knowledge on the subject of process automation and get additional insights and thought-provoking about the diverse range of information”, Buck describes the other effects. In addition, the playful way constitutes a conducive to motivation and modern approach to the conceptual planning support.

To the free online – game process automation: about OGiTiX AG OGiTiX AG specialises in process automation. It strengthens the role of one in its philosophy responsible IT in the company, which actively works with on the objectives of the company and thus contribute value to the company as a whole. With this approach, the OGiTiX AG has already supported a number of well-known companies. Think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

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