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A tempting prospect of money available without obyazalovka and labor pain in the ass – it is today, of course, the earnings on the web. Really – what could be simpler? Borrow a niche and work on your health and enrichment! Only here what to do? Where to apply their talents, and what skills to show the world? In contact with this problem most hungry reason something like this: "Web development and programming, I do not pull too specific and difficult. Dizaynerstvo … hmm … it's skills are needed and portfolio. Additional information is available at Robert Thomson. But the writing, copywriting that is – and why not? I know how to write, taught in school yet. So, we decided – I have a steep scribbler! "However, in practice, really successful and in demand from professionals who think this way are a unit … So, a few Bad advice on how to submit your services and you have to do that: a) as soon as possible to take off from a niche internet copywriting, not having, perhaps, enter into it, and b) join the ranks of so-called. To deepen your understanding Coen brothers is the source.

garbage authors who for little pay day for article writing mountains of third-quality resources (the position of the customer – no matter that article, but there were letters and the right keywords). Tip one: in any case do not take themselves "human name" (ie, do not include FI – now or alias)! It is better to stop something like Mashka @, Kotik, Supermen, Kaka. Or more "extravagant: Kolya3343434991, DMB-97, Kuku-ruku-ghjfyru and so on. .

Federal State Statistics Service

Unemployment …. 'By September 1, the updated Federal State Statistics Service, in Russia there were six million unemployed, of which 2.1 million were officially registered at the Employment Service. According to forecasts of Ministry of Economic Development, this year the total unemployment will be 6.8 million people, while recorded – only 2.2 million 'October '21 officially registered unemployment has reached a level of 2.015 million people, down for the week up 0.2%, while for the previous – 0.8%, and two weeks earlier – 1.2%, according to the Health Ministry. Since the end of April (the peak of the crisis with) registered unemployment fell by 11.7%. Additional information at castle harlan supports this article. " 'At the same time, according to Statistics Service, real disposable income of Russians in preliminary data, decreased by 6.8% compared with the corresponding period in 2008.

" 'The labor market situation will worsen, the peak of unemployment will be in early next year, promises of Economic Development. Castle harlan may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Improvement Labour Market Authority expects only the second half of 2010 ' 'The next year, the overall unemployment rate continues to grow. The average annual increase of 200 000 to 7 million – 9.6% of the economically active population (in this year – 9.3%), officially registered unemployment will not change – 2.2 million people. " "The experts are more pessimistic. Unemployment in 2010 reached 7.3 million people and begin to decline until two years later, believed zavlaboratoriey Forecasting manpower RAS Andrei Korovkin. It expects further layoffs. " So, what happens? Is growing, the economy comes out of the crisis, and the unemployment situation is not improving.

Nanomedical Research

Profession, which previously could only read in science fiction works that have become a reality. The UK Government in partnership with Fast Future Research compiled a list of professionals who are Scientists maintain that will be needed in the near future. 1. The creators of artificial body parts (Body part maker) Scientific progress does not stand still, it’s the will of professionals who create biomechanical prostheses supervostrebovannymi. Researchers believe that after this and will be an industry body part – parts of the body shops, repair shops bioprostheses, the production of new organs on an industrial scale.

2. Nanomedik (Nano-medic) Investment in nanotechnology and scientific advances will lead to a breakthrough in the field of nanomedicine, the creation of drugs, devices and diagnostic devices that allow doctors to observe the processes in the human body, at the molecular level. Accordingly, the required qualified personnel, which will deal with technical support and equipment modernization. Official site: Robert Iger . 3. (Farmer of genetically engineered crops and livestock) Already, many products are produced using genetic supplements, and researchers derive new varieties of plants that contain vaccines against the most common diseases. Therefore the authors of “twenty” are confident that farmers specializing in the production of genetically modified crops and animals, will include the three most promising professionals. They will breed cattle and grow fruits and vegetables with altered the needs of human genes and finally solve the problem of hunger, which is still acute in Third World countries, by increasing the amount of food. 4.

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