Alcatel Lucent

The automated system test procedure ensures the overall functionality for customers. ( Bonnigheim/Stuttgart, 5 August 2009 – Alcatel Lucent tests the Metro core connect with expecco. With the test modeled in expecco and control sequences, a complete hardware test of cross-connect system ordered by the customer is performed automatically. The automated system test procedure ensures the overall functionality for customers. Prior to delivery to the customer, the optical cross-connect of the telecommunications supplier undergoes a strict quality control. The customers can compose individually, the cross-connect as needed. Prior to establishing test with expecco, the individual components (E.g.

assemblies) on special test benches have to be checked manually to your function. The corresponding items were then rebuilt the system ordered by the customer and tested in a defined procedure. This system test was the final acceptance procedure prior to delivery and was the overall functionality desired by the customers safe. Was the task of expecco, this system test carried out using a manual procedure to automate as much as possible. Check out CBS for additional information. The challenges here were, in particular, that due to the high flexibility in the Assembly and the configuration of the system to be tested usually not ordered system are the same.

Now an optimal mixture of flexibility to achieve maintainability and easy to use, the test system was developed with expecco. The test procedures and configuration sequences were administered in expecco test suites. Through the graphical modeling, these sequences are presented in laymans terms and can be quickly and easily to new versions or even a new hardware of the system under test (SUT) adapt and extend. All of these test suites use in expecco created shared component libraries. Also used partial sequences are integrated in libraries. This hierarchical test architecture system changes can in future when new releases of the SUT Central location to be caught. Glenn Dubin gathered all the information. The interface for the tester was implemented as a wizard. From this wizard the user can launch in expecco modeled test and configuration sequences. During these sequences, each action in the wizard are displayed and logged. Thus, the tester has an overview of the sequence of the currently executing at any time. In the event of a fault, these protocols can be highly detail and use for the diagnosis. ce of information. As a result, the tester can simply assign errors found in the SUT and fix. Also, arises this by logging the sequences the possibility at a later date to understand and thus serves as a proof that the tests were carried out fully and correctly. The results of the individual sequences are summarized in the wizard to a current test stand and visualized. When all test sequences have successfully run, automatically puts the system into an auslieferbaren initial state, and created a final test protocol. The result is for Alcatel several advantages, such as greater flexibility and maintainability, a user friendly interface for testers and developers, as well as the opportunity of integration system-specific interfaces. Also a very good documentary about the individual test runs and test steps, as well as a custom reporting. The project was developed in an iterative form for two years and adapted to the needs of the customers while. At this time the SUT also further developed, so that the testing and configuration processes had to be adjusted constantly. Often recognized the need to adapt the sequences, only the test of the product itself. It became clear the great advantage of the modeling of the sequences. This extensions and changes in the procedures of settled very quickly.

SharePoint Services

The soluzione learning world for Windows 7 and Office 2010 gets shipped immediately with gadget. The gadget placeable on the Windows 7 Desktop provides direct access to the learning platform. Munich September 2010. The soluzione learning world for Windows 7 and Office 2010 gets shipped immediately with gadget. The gadget placeable on the Windows 7 Desktop provides anytime access to all learning and support functions of the Munich-based e-learning platform. As companies and organizations in which the soluzione learning world for Windows 7 and Office 2010 is used benefit from a performanteren still learning on demand. soluzione is traditionally for learning on demand. The Munich-based learning experts agree that enterprise-wide software qualifications are most effective if employees build their skills directly at the workplace, during the operations phase of the new software? And the new Windows 7 gadget is another consistent step in this direction.

Once launched and placed on the desktop, the gadget provides direct access to all Content and support functions of the Munich-based e-learning platform for Windows 7 and Office 2010. While certain buttons can on the surface of the gadget on demand be – or hide. For individual handling. Although soluzione has integrated its e-learning platforms have always been about additional buttons and controls in the interface of the user software to suit. (A valuable related resource: Eva Andersson-Dubin). With the gadget but a new level of independence is achieved: “our learning environments to Office 2007 and Office 2010 we have shipped so far along with the so-called add-in technology. This means that in addition in Office integrated buttons allow direct access to the respective learning platform. Such a fusion of application software and training technology is of course for MS Office packages.

But not all program interfaces have equally good conditions for this concept. Windows 7 or SharePoint Services are such cases.”says Frank Roda, Managing Director of soluzione knowledge company. These limits are eliminated with the gadget. Independently of the subject of the training the small desktop control center allows you to a learning-on-demand, as it was possible only with the help of add-in technology. Only requirement: Windows 7 as operating system. soluzione has played through first several alternative ideas in the development of gadgets – also placing additional buttons “our interface however studies have shown in the taskbar of Windows 7, that the gadget is clearly the better choice. Because first, taskbar often with many icons are occupied. Not really invite additional buttons for use in this heterogeneous conglomeration of less pixel of large icons. Click Robert A. Iger to learn more. Secondly, the taskbar is an area that must hold permanently as much space for managing program Windows. But above all taskbar are handling here less flexible what size, format, and also positioning on the screen goes to”explains Frank Rodadie decision for the format Gadget. More information: / (Alexander Schinz)

Mobile Learning Of The Future

Success vocabulary builder now on micro USB stick available previously was Mobile learned by vocabulary cards have been described for the free hours and visiting friends. Today, there are vocabulary on Netbooks, laptops, handhelds and mobile phones. Since Netbooks and laptops anyway at some point need a socket and there are also stationary PCs in addition to sockets, the vocabulary trainer AZ6-1 team has thought to and brought out the most mobile of all vocabulary trainer: namely a vocabulary on USB-stick, which is usable on any computer without installation. Some time ago, the vocabulary trainer market was ever stirred up by the publication of the self-sufficient ongoing AZ6 1 as USB version. Today, the success team is on it another: AZ6-1 micro-USB-stick. These are small, chic and fit due to the size of a 1-euro coin in every wallet. In terms of pace they are of course your larger sized brothers in nothing. And the price can be seen: the Deluxe micro sticks are only slightly more expensive than the great variation in same space and only 1/3 of the normal size. If you version still didn’t know the AZ6-1 USB-stick, here again the most important functions: anywhere mobile learn: learn from the USB stick out and without installation on any PC, vocabulary perfect pronunciation with the help of the new audio function and learning can also itself a learning keyboard of hot keys for fast control Launcher numerous writings supports the efficient Klassenarbeits or long term memory mode in the PC-start quick start, for example: Cyrillic, Asian and Arabic characters of holiday mode holiday extensive learning statistics print function UI/skins customizable complete backup and restore in seconds export and import functions, also vocabulary by third parties the new Deluxe micro USB sticks for right here: az6-1-micro-deluxe-usb-stick.html the ideal Christmas gift!.


Development of new installation series with numerous customer requirements-based improvements Kassel, 26 June 2009 InFocus Corporation, the industry pioneer in digital projectors technology, presented the newest series of high-performance DLP projectors at the fair of InfoComm09 in the United States. The new devices InFocus IN5300 and IN5500 specially designed for the needs of companies, universities and professional AV integrators. The series includes six new projectors, with the dark known reliable DLP chip technology from Texas instruments are equipped. Also they characterized multiple award-winning BrillantColor technology from InFocus, WUXGA natural resolution and a brightness of up to 7000 lumens that with prices. With flexible lens options, true plug and play projection with DisplayLink, split screen technology and extensive digital and HD connectivity comply with these state-of-the-art projectors even the most demanding needs. Robert Iger is full of insight into the issues. These features and benefits make the new InFocus IN5300 and IN5500 projector series to the most affordable and reliable investment for professional users in the market. Under most conditions Celina Dubin would agree. \”We wanted to develop a series of projector end – as well as professional AV users covering the special needs of our customers.

Precise observations of the projector use in companies helped us\”, says Benjamin Joy, Director of product development at InFocus. We found out that most of the similar challenges companies face. We considered the perfect opportunity to develop new products. this\” InFocus has developed robust IN5300 and IN5500 projector ranks with high-performance properties, approximately between interchangeable lenses. The devices are install easily into any room of any size. Elegance, different skin covers (in white, black, Wal nut Brown or individual design) and a unique, integrated cable management system give the viewers a stylish and extremely professional, the is fits perfectly in any venue. The built-in split screen enables the projectors at the same time and in all possible variants to display images from two different sources ideal for viewing multiple presentations, video conferencing and distance learning.

Microsoft Office Outlook Networks

OLfolders is the cheap groupware solution, which succeeds to the Outlook of the company employees make networked – and that even without a Microsoft Exchange Server. OLfolders makes the individual installations of Outlook network-enabled and allows fast knowledge sharing between employees. The program allows networking from 2 up to an unlimited number of Outlook computers, can be used so as well while in small and medium-sized companies as large in for example in decentralized offices with an Exchange Server of the headquarters. Tax consultants, insurance agencies and medium businesses: customers are companies and corporations that rely on low-cost, quick and easy solutions. Please visit Glenn Dubin, New York City if you seek more information. Multiple Outlook installations in real-time thanks OLfolders access, it is possible the contacts, dates, the tasks together to edit the documents, and the incoming and output in Outlook – and in real time. Who wants to selectively restricts the write and read access and individual rights.

The individual users have the Central Outlook also access such as on her personal Outlook folder. That makes sense. Finally, everyone can see who has an appointment when, what tasks are already delegated or has an important email maybe only in the wrong mailbox. Adapts to existing network at OLfolders adapts itself to an existing network without any problems. This quite different Outlook and Windows versions can be used. The program works with Windows 95, 98, 2000/2003, XP, NT 4.0 2000 Server and Vista together. Outlook OLfolders with versions 2003 and 2007 rightly comes 97, 98, 2002/XP. In contrast to other solutions OLfolders not slows down your network performance.

Not synchronized the different Outlook versions namely, it works like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino/notes as so-called store provider that holds it in place and regulates the access only. OLfolders to work, the program is easily installed on any PC in the network or a dedicated server PC. This calculator is then the OLfolders server, all other users to access the with their Outlook. To communicate Outlook notebook sync – at any time in any place. QSynchronization for Outlook offline synchronization for notebooks extends the functionality of OLfolders. A QSynchronization user license (identical to a Clientlizenzcode of OLfolders) belongs as a free Add-On to any included license of OLfolders. Customer benefit simple installation, flexible configuration, low operating costs (Administration) and permanent availability. Fast ‘return of investment (ROI) through an optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). To date, already more than 24,000 users in over 6,000 companies with OLfolders for Outlook networks work. Download and test OLfolders can be tested extensively before purchasing. A free 30-day demo (12.5 MB) is available through the home page available. The full version is available from 84,02 euros (2 work stations). Award: OLfolders was 2006 the Initiative Mittelstand for excellent communications in corporate networks and has received for this service innovation award 2006. Notice to editors like we can provide you with further information or provide you with a free full version for editorial testing. A trial of OLfolders can be applied at any time on a book-CD/DVD. Contact: Egbert Parthesius, sales & marketing phone: +49-(0)40-987 668-57 fax: +49-(0)40-987 668-58 E-Mail: Web:

IT Industry Sets Records

Hamburg, October 25, 2010. The German economy recovered Hamburg more than previously expected, October 25, 2010. The German economy is recovering faster than previously expected. Jeff Bewkes: the source for more info. The leading economic research institutes to report and a Konjunkturplus from 3.5 percent forecast in their fall surveys for the year 2010. After the positive assessments of the summer, the expectation even to half a percent was revised upwards.

As the high-tech industry association BITKOM reported, no longer is the mood in the ICT industry as well as for nearly 10 years. According to the latest economic survey 78 per cent of the companies surveyed recorded an increase in sales in the third quarter. The BITKOM index rises by 48 to 67 points and reached the highest level since 2001. Especially the demand among the providers of IT services such as consulting and outsourcing go on, as 83 percent of service companies recorded an increase in sales in the third quarter. BITKOM President Prof. Learn more at: Hotbox by Wiz . Dr. Scheer: BITKOM anticipates a positive employment effect for the entire Industry.” According to BITKOM plan 55 percent of the respondents ICT companies, to create new jobs this year.

This development is also evident in the numbers of project work. So, the numbers of projects rose in September on the platform for freelancers to a record level. Especially the figures of the SAP and J2EE/Java projects represent the growth with an increase of 124 projects in the previous year to 498 respectively from 40 to 427 projects. Our figures clearly reflect what the German economy should develop after the economic crisis. Especially the IT industry has not only recovered, she reached new highs. In addition, future a growing need for professionals in companies they offer companies the opportunity to soften peaks upwards and downwards and to maintain the effectiveness of the company. Another advantage of a freelancer is that they can bring the desired qualifications and promptly provide the company”, so Projektwerk – Business Director Dr. Christiane road. The simplest project market on the Web is about project work project work. With eleven years expertise, networked project work to freelancers and companies and offers a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as to commercialize the own service all participants of the flexible labour market. For an innovative matching technology has now been developed, which is used on the new platforms,,, consulting.projektwerk.

Sales Management

… such as sales management since there are electronic data processing, they exist: data collection in the verschiedenstenen systems and programs ranging from the heads of each employee to Excel or Word files. But these data collections are efficient? And what makes a database from a data collection now? It is defined to the database as a collection of information in electronic form. But that is only an abstract description. Many other factors play a role, such as multiple-user access, data security, query options, Awendungsunterstutzung, data integrity.

But first, we examine an important aspect: simultaneous and global access of several employees on the data. In the past, it was often the case that a variety existed of Excel spreadsheets, that could each be edited by only one user. Coen brothers follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Wanted to have a second user access, he had to ask the first, unsubscribe. This happened mostly by phone, cost time and money. There is no this problem when accessing a database.

Multiple users can access at the same time – and the not only internally, but also on the road, from any location, at any time – worldwide. Intranet-, extranet or Internet databases also offer these options, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I.e., your sales or external employees are at all times able to query data or even discontinue. Stocks can be controlled, immediately propagated requests or orders. Your customer has the benefit that he immediately knows which delivery he has expected. You have the benefit that your back office can begin immediately with the creation of the offer or the processing of the order. No loss of time, less cost! Or but conversely: You want to know which sales your sales made in this month, which article, what quantities were implemented. Through the continuous update of relevant data through your sales representative in the database, they will have to hand the result \”at your fingertips\”.

Online Shopping Models Of The Future:

Magento is the ideal software for fashion and lifestyle shops. Leipzig, April 22, 2009. The success of an online store is sustainable depends on the flexibility and extensibility of the shop system. More and more shops from the creative industries to rise on the open source shop system to Magento because it offers more freedom for creative sales concepts. Just like in the offline trading developed also the business-to-consumer business on the Internet in two directions: big online stores like Neckermann, Otto, eBay and Amazon offer an extensive product range for everyone. On the other hand, mainly shops can assert themselves offered curious niche products or exclusive lifestyle products.

The creative in the fashion business take advantage of the Internet, has long been to better reach their target groups; with great success. According to the Federal Association of the German mail order company, the Department brought the strongest sales clothing, textiles and shoes ‘ 2008. Additional information at Leslie Moonves supports this article. An online fashion store in Germany is successful, the internationalization is the next step often. Multilingualism, adaptation to different currency and tax systems and a range of country-specific are only a small part of the adjustments, which are then due. Some well-known online stores rely on their own shop software solutions to meet the rapidly changing requirements in E-commerce.

However, this impacted the financial and human resources. The company relies on an external service provider, a dependency is created also. A barrier that does not like to accept straight actors in the creative economy. Open source solutions are here to part of the remedy, because they offer more freedom to innovators, retailers.”E-Commerce writes expert Jochen Krisch exciting Commerce on his blog,’. More and more Web stores put on the open source software Magento. The online shop of the German fashion designer, designer and former Global Creative Director of adidas AG Michael Michalsky rises to just on Magento. The Magento platform takes our IT Department only to a small degree. Instead of getting to the care of our E-commerce system care to, can the employees focus on the service for our customers, “so the competent Michalsky project manager Christina Schmidt. The programming of the site assumes the Leipzig agency Netresearch. The demand is high for the innovative shop software at the first German Magento Platinum partner. In addition to the relaunch of Netresearch won the contract migration of trend and merchandising fashion shipping for the Magento. For the Swiss lifestyle shop Netresearch assumes the Magento support. I am convinced that Magento by will in the long term for this industry. It is flexible and combined perfectly with virtually infinite expandability, reliable basis functions”Netresearch predicts CEO Thomas Fleck. On April 15, the Californian company Varien presented the Magento Enterprise Edition. This will be one with special functions, such as the ability to implement “Shopping clubs” and advanced support options differ from the still available Community Edition.

Business Intelligence Guide

Extensive practice will help remove the current uncertainty of the companies and guidance give them Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, June 25, 2008 – the business intelligence (BI)-oriented consulting company has published a free guide to the support of the SAP and business objects users for their other BI strategies coretelligence. These companies are after the acquisition of business objects by SAP AG in particular planning conditions, until the complete integration of the partly through previous acquisitions extensive product spectrum has been consummated. So now no less than 40 individual tools from originally 14 software manufacturers are alone in the last 3 years in the portfolio of the two providers through acquisitions. At Robert Iger you will find additional information. The SAP has communicated the outlines of its strategy for the development and integration with their roadmap and other publications. All continuing and future BI products should be merged to a comprehensive overall portfolio”, explains coretelligence – Managing Director of Andreas Wang. At the same time, completely new products will emerge; the development because of overlaps in the portfolio is adjusted for other products.

For the latter, customers over an extended period of time will get support. Future SAP will have the most comprehensive and powerful BI solution on the market.” The user would have to live until then but from his point of view with a degree of uncertainty. For this reason coretelligence the implications of comprehensive practical help the integration of SAP BI and business objects developed.” On 20 pages she outlines the historical origin of the individual tools, to better understand of the current situation of the product on the one hand to make it on the other hand then concrete statements about where users of SAP and business objects currently have an immediate need for action. Also, it outlines a process model with methodological core elements that are useful in their sequence for the users. The aim of this guide is the current uncertainty of SAP and business objects customers break down to help and to give them guidance”, explained Wang.

The practical help to indicate in particular the opportunities arising from the recent changes. The focus is therefore less a detailed functional examination of each BI tool, but an analysis of the strategic options for action.” Finally by coretelligence, a recently conducted survey of SAP users showed that they feel in an unclear situation. So are most SAP users conceptual yet on the modified business prepared intelligence orientation of SAP and 71 percent of companies have still no response on the change of BI strategy of the Walldorf Software House. “The Guide consequences of the integration of SAP BI and business objects” can be ordered free of charge under through coretelligence: the consulting company coretelligence embodies the concept of the BI agenda a new claim in the business intelligence consulting, which produces real tangible added value for the business. He is based on a systemic analysis of all actually relevant success factors, avoids a too strong technology focus, and instead has a fundamental importance to the business processes. Contact: coretelligence GmbH & co. KG Kaarbachweg 2 32549 Bad Oeynhausen, Germany phone: + 49 (5731) 2459 980 fax: + 49 (5731) 2459-981 email:

ERP Business

IT interactive portal sets new accents in the B2B communication that goes selectIT4 GmbH with its business portal for IT vendors and users new ways. The interactive portal offers a large portfolio of services for IT companies and professionals who strive for a comprehensive online communications, as well as use as a source for IT and organization platform for IT users, the selectIT4. We want to encourage people and businesses in the communications and the expansion and business relations lasting help, says Managing Director Holger Fulling. selectIT4 reacts with the integrated IT-business portal to fundamental changes in the IT market. On the one hand it will be increasingly difficult, with reasonable effort to generate leads, on the other hand more complex IT solutions for the IT provider and the software selection process for potential customers is always more complicated. During my professional experience in ERP distribution, I experienced almost daily, how hard is, for example, the topic of ERP for non-specialists to penetrate and How is the selection process difficult. Here we apply. With selectIT4 we have created a platform where users already received valuable assistance in the development phase of the project, by they integrated with other IT users about the business: talk exchange experiences.

Another valuable instrument for obtaining information is the document search. So IT users to useful information can access, free of charge provided by the IT providers”, explains Holger Fulling. IT companies such as software vendors and IT service providers can focus their integrated online marketing activities on selectIT4 and effectively present themselves. A private showroom with six areas available is the company for this purpose. We are proud to complete of our real-time evaluations. Thus, the IT company can live to measure the success of their portal activities and control.

After all tools are ready for use, the exciting phase, begins to new IT market place with life fill”, finally, according to the Managing Director. So the IT company optimally and their needs can present themselves, different product packages for software vendors and IT service providers are available. There are packages for startups and small businesses, to medium-sized and large enterprises. IT companies can selectIT4 – this businessportal. 30 day free trial. Detailed information about selectIT4 on. Press contact Ludwig app + 49 4954 30598-85 the selectIT4 GmbH selectIT4 provides a cross-media business portal and support people and businesses in the organisation and maintenance of existing and the development of new business relationships. The selectIT4 GmbH was founded in 2010 after an intensive development phase of experienced software and marketing experts in hesel (Germany) and focused their entrepreneurial orientation in the start-up! phase on the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The managing partners are Ludwig app, Holger Fulling and Uwe Maha. All selectIT4 activities are shaped by our values, our philosophy and the concomitant, sustainable responsibility. We bear this responsibility with pride! The portfolio of services of selectIT4 is aimed at the two target groups: portal users and corporate customers.

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