Portable Animation Studio

Portable Animation Studio for iOS users Squbo.ru has announced the release of Animotion – an app that allows iPhone/iPad owners to create animations at any time. This easily designed application was developed to provide an valve iOS users for spontaneous creativity. Click Bud Harrelson for additional related pages. The app offers drawing tools for hand-drawn animation. In addition to the essential tools such as brush and Eraser, Animotion has the StickMan”as a finished item. Thanks to several checkpoints, the stick is easy to manipulate and offers an interesting main character for all kinds of animations.

As also in the traditional animation, each frame in Animotion by hand are drawn. The intelligent app combines all frames into a single movie and saves it on your iOS device. Now you can share your masterpieces with friends and family. The unlimited possibilities that are so beautiful on this small app are: where you are – you can always Give free rein to their creativity without laboriously only in a graphics editing program to learn. Despite the minimalist UI are no limits you. Draw animated comics (if you like xkcd, you will appreciate especially a way to produce web comics, in a similar style), use your works as a personal gift for your partner or your children, bridge with Animotion boring waiting time or improve your drawing skills – everything is possible with this app.

Prices and availability of Animotion is available in the iTunes app store for free. However, some features only available in the full version are available, which can be purchased for only $1.99. The app is running IOS 3.2.1 and later versions. Link to iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/app/…

CEO Miercom

High availability even with power, network and media services outages Dreieich / Chelmsford (United States), in January 2012 – like aspect, provider of solutions for denKundenkontakt and Microsoft platforms, tells the contact center solution aspect Unified IP 7 from the test laboratory was awarded the Miercom performance verified seal. A summary of the test report of the independent American laboratories for networking and communication products available here. “The Miercom tests confirm that the aspect Unified IP software platform is just as reliable as the hardware-based call center” and spectrum “Contact Center. Among the critical performance characteristics that have been studied, the prevention of call loss be it in conversation or in the queue, the waiting loop order preservation and recovery agent connectivity at your fingertips. Maya Dubin may help you with your research. Miercom reviewed the performance of aspect Unified IP 7 for various failure scenarios being predictable, the scenarios included network outages, failure of virtual machines and power failure for physical hosts of several virtual components. In the extensive tests carried out by us showed a highly available unified Commications solution”aspect, explains Rob Smithers, CEO, Miercom. For the typical challenges and scenarios maintained the platform aspect Unified IP availability and results delivered seamlessly and accurately.” Aspect Unified IP 7 combines features for enterprise telephony, customer service and contact center for use in different markets. Aspect Unified IP 7 maintained the contacts and communication between agents and customers during the test failures and all features were automatically restored if the affected host was again involved.

Of course we are convinced by the performance of the platform solution offered by us, however, is the confirmation of an independent third party, in particular a such prestigious company as Miercom, of course very encouraging”, underlines Mike Ely, Vice President of technology, aspect. We worked for many years conscientiously and carefully in order to provide the robust platforms of today and this test result proves that we do it right.” About aspect software for customer contact and for Microsoft platform services/solutions, aspect helps companies build and maintain customer relationships. More info see de follow aspect on Twitter about AspectUC. Read our blogs. Of Miercom, Inc. Miercom, numerous product tests performed in recent years, which will be published in leading journals. The independent test laboratory also performs comparative analyses and product reviews.

The certification awarded by Miercom include “Performance Verified” “Certified Interoperable”, “Certified Reliable”, “Certified Secure” and “Certified Green”. Products can also in the context of the NetWORKS as Advertised”programme will be evaluated, a usability and performance testing. Learn more about Miercom are available under the aspect, Unified IP and aspect software are trademarks or registered trademarks of aspect software, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

SensorProbe Surveillance System

Measure and monitor the temperature via network or Web. At the sensorProbe4 offered by Didactum Security GmbH (Art.Nr. 11097) is a network-enabled, SNMP compatible monitoring system with connection of up to 4 different IP sensors of the internationally active manufacturer of AKCess Pro. Like all remote monitoring systems by AKCess Pro, the sensorProbe4 performed their service without dependencies on other hardware or software. So, the installation of further software for the operation of the SNMP-compatible monitoring system is not required. Ideal for the stand-alone temperature monitoring heterogeneous operating system environments. IP sensor temperature for temperature measurement after the installation of sensorProbe4 in the technical or server rack, close this IP monitoring unit simply to your network switch on.

Then simply connect the IP sensor temperature (Art.Nr. 10176) via a network cable with the sensorProbe4 monitoring unit. A 1.5 meter long Cat5e network cable is included with the SNMP-compatible temperature sensor contain. On request, you can use also a up to 300 metre network cable (Cat5/6/7). Since the IP sensor temperature already specifications long term has been calibrated according to ISO, you can immediately start temperature monitoring with the. Using a Web browser (MS Internet Explorer / Firefox / Google chrome, etc) then accessing IP thermometer on the Web interface of the sensorProbe4. Here, you can then comfortably set how you want to be alerted when the required room temperature is exceeded or under.

Enter individually selectable limit and alarm values for temperature monitoring. The sensorProbe4 IP thermometer provides notification via email (up to 5 different email addresses) and via SMS (via 3rd party gateway) via SNMP to network – monitoring systems (HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, PRTG, WhatsUp Gold). Using SNMP, you can query the current temperature value directly to the IP-sensor temperature. The temperature measured by the temperature sensor IP are saved in the datalogger of the sensorProbe4 meter network. Using a Web browser, you can in the Web interface of the sensorProbe4 also graphically show the history of the temperature can be. The data of the sensor / temperature values can the sensorProbe measuring system for the purpose of documentation also convenient to programs like Catci or MS-Excel export. 4-Port monitoring system as mentioned above, the sensorProbe4 offers network monitoring device 4 sensor ports for quick installation of AKCP sensors. Didactum Security GmbH holds in addition to IP enabled temperature sensors also smoke alarm sensors (Art.Nr. 10193), water sensors (Art.Nr. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Maya Dubin, New York City. 10196), as well as multi sensor temperature and humidity (Art.Nr. 10174) ready. The latter occupy only a single Sensorport of your SNMP compatible sensorProbe4 of measurement and monitoring device. Any of the associated IP is plugged also via plug ‘n’ play on the sensorProbe4 sensor gauge sensors. Imagine so 24/7 surveillance system together and allow timely alert your individual is errors or critical conditions in the listening rooms and equipment!

LurTech Europe GmbH

Distributed MFP devices through highly compressed PDFs Berlin – with the MPC capital AG a leading wealth and asset manager for the usage of the LurDocument PDF Compressor enterprise of LurTech Europe GmbH has decided for added value. Check with Andre Dawson to learn more. The company uses the software to its MFP devices (multi functional printer) to convert locally scanned documents into highly compressed PDF files. This was preceded by an intensive test in which performance was compared by ten products. The LurDocument PDF Compressor scored due to the high compression rate and the special properties of the converted PDF files, as well as by the clear arrangement of the user interface and intuitive use. The LurTech Europe GmbH received top marks for its support with short response times, as well as their attractive licensing and pricing. The LurDocument PDF Compressor ensures high quality scan files in native format from many distributed multifunctional devices at the MPC capital AG immediately.

Through its integration with the existing Financial services in a simple way the output of the scan files can significantly enhance MFP devices. Thus eliminates the otherwise necessary investment in dedicated scanner. Several criteria were decisive in determining the LurDocument PDF compressor, especially difficult weighed but have outstanding customer support. To Bernard Trier, head of enterprise content management at the MPC capital: we were impressed in particular by the rapid response times and the support from LurTech, because our questions were answered quickly and efficiently from the very first day. \”In addition the fast has us Draht’ to the developers of the provider given the feeling that we can have an influence on the development as a customer and the LurTech works close to the customer.

Starline Continues To Open-E

Successful cooperation between open-E and starline computer GmbH will continue. The starline computer GmbH and open-E look back on a successful year of direct partnership. Through the Open-E software were introduced new products and opened up new fields of business. Complete solutions as cluster from NASdeluxe systems with open-E DSS V6 in connection with Zealbox servers, as well as the integration in a VMware environment were already being implemented. To get to know the technology, starline, offers workshops, performed together with open-E.

We are pleased to have a partner that asserts itself in the storage environment for years with starline and NDL NASdeluxe systems-3000L on open-E DSS V6 uses. “, said Krzysztof Franek, President and CEO of open-E. “Thereby committed starline stark to NDL-3000L systems increasingly professional virtualization environments to use.” Support with the own business unit enterprise storage solutions”starline the planning and implementation of storage projects through all phases and bears so crucial to an optimum course of the project at. Furthermore, starline offers a competent support for open-E by own specialists. We cooperate with open-E for a year hand-in-hand”, says Carsten Wilde, Managing Director of starline computer GmbH.

first led the individual NASdeluxe iSCSI/NAS systems on open-E DSS V6 base a. In the meantime our solutions with automatic failover mechanism in VMware environments on the market have ethabliert.” Open-E DSS V6 software constantly. New standards in drive and host interfaces are entered directly in the current version. The support for new devices is ensured. Even starline remains with the NASdeluxe NDL-3000L systems up-to-date, with the support of 10 GB / s iSCSI and 8Gbit / s ports, 6 / s SAS drive interface and support for 2.5 SFF SSDs. current NASdeluxe systems and storage solutions find fibre-channel host see about starline computer GmbH: starline computer GmbH is since 1982 in the storage active and can look back on many years of professional experience and specialization with data storage systems. First one of the first is starline of now leading provider in the RAID area. Starline offers complete virtualization and storage solutions such as SAN (storage area network), RAID subsystems, NAS, IP storage, tape libraries and Autoloaders, RAID controller, FC switches, backup software, HBAs, and more. For more information, see. About open-E: Inc. Open-E, is a pioneer and leading developer of IP-based storage management software with headquarters in the United States and Europe. Open-E products offer high scalability for businesses in the SME market and enjoy a multi-national reputation in the areas of best-in-class performance, flexibility, reliability, scalability and return-on-investment. Open-E with the new product line of open-E DSS V6 provides a storage OS, can be installed on any boat-capable media, for all companies. Open-E delivers its software exclusively through a worldwide network experienced system integrators and reseller partners. With a comprehensive network of more than 600 registered OEMs, distributors and reseller partners, including more than 200 open-E certified partner, have the flexibility in the choice of hardware vendors and open-E can on their core competency, which focus the development of storage software company. Many Fortune 500 customers worldwide include the over 13,000 installations of open-E data storage in over 90 countries.

Say The Best Protection Many Languages, Like Spam?

Commtouch, Entensys, partner presented appropriate solutions at the 8th Spam Summit in Wiesbaden. Leipzig, 08.11.2010. Spam affects the inboxes of many E-Mail users in many different languages and not shy away also from current topics and people. A question that often posed to the experts of Commtouch, is whether it would be possible to filter spam also regardless of its language. In the framework of the 8th German anti-spam Summit in September in Wiesbaden, organized by the German Association for Internet business eco, presented Commtouch spam bandwidth the tailor-made solutions for this problem including. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vinnie Johnson on most websites.

It is well known that spam affects the inboxes of many E-Mail users in many different languages and not shying away from resorting to current topics and people. A question that often posed to the experts of Commtouch, is whether it would be possible to filter spam also regardless of its language. In the framework of the eighth German anti spam Summit in September in Wiesbaden, Germany, organized by the German Association for Internet business eco”, presented Commtouch the bandwidth of spam including the solutions for this problem. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Larry Walker. Due to this topic, a particular form of German-language spam which made the discussion of well-known public figures to use circulated shortly after the exhibition. The specialists of Commtouch reported that the RPD technology (recurrent pattern detection) very shortly after the appearance of this type of spam could fend off.

This innovative technology filters spam based on its main characteristic, the frequency of its occurrence and offers therefore immediate protection with the newest pests. The partnership by Entensys and Commtouch makes this outstanding technology in the products by Entensys possible integration. So, the RPD technology is an integral part of the latest product by Entensys, the GateWall antispam. This is to a gateway email solution with a built-in spam filter. This has different modules of the anti-spam and antivirus protection. “Due to the modular design, Entensys can ensure both maximum stability and on the other hand the product on shared systems” use. Spam is filtered as effectively as possible through the new cloud-based technology. Thanks to the interplay between of the experience of Entensys and the technological innovation of Commtouch, Entensys software guarantees that mailboxes and a network of companies and organizations remain free of pests, spam and other intrusions. About Entensys Entensys is the provider of solutions in the fields of network, Internet – and E-Mail security based in Leipzig, Moscow and Novosibirsk. The company develops and markets products that meet the highest requirements by latest technologies; provide maximum security and nevertheless optimum user friendliness. So, it increases the efficiency of networks and their users. Entensys’s portfolio includes matching Software solutions for future-oriented and safety-conscious corporations, Governments and administrations, as well as for education and training.

Photoshop CS Pro

Affordable professional software technologies for creative photography hair, Munich, 06.06.2012 – the starting beginning of June offers 1002 Franzis top technologies for different photographic editing capabilities of digital imaging in the shops and see pixxsel.de for euro 198,00 instead of the non-binding price recommendation of the manufacturers of euro available graphics package Pro for Mac and PC. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tim Wallach. Nine excellent photo software and Photoshop plug-in the well-known manufacturers and internationally successful developer, Adobe, NIK?Pixxsel software AKVIS, BenVista, PictoColor has compiled exclusively for photographers, graphic designer or photographer Franzis and cost-effectively, it unites in the new graphics package Pro. The performance package offers special solutions for fast results, highest quality and creative diversity, as the Silver Efex Pro, with the black and white photographs become masterpieces, PhotoZoom Pro 4, which creates impressive enlargements for poster printing & co. You may wish to learn more. If so, Maya Dubin, New York City is the place to go. without loss of quality or iCorrect Portrait, the real beauty of portraits is visible. More tools for the restoration of old photographs, create stunning photo collages or the simple cropping of objects matching tools offer the user excellent photographic results for commercial or private use.

In the package, the hardcover book of professional Photoshop CS5. 5. Several times, the book shows praised by the press, as the analog – in fashion, retro color looks and lomography in Photoshop are accurately reconstructed and which settings and working methods enable fast and effective working with Photoshop. With 50,000 royalty free graphics clip art, 1900 fonts and 15,000 stock photos for free use are included. Powerful photo tools for special photo editing the graphics package Pro for Photoshop includes special solutions for various editing tasks as standalone software or Photoshop-compatible plug-in the such as: excellent – NIK silver Efex PRO – multi conversion tool for black?White?Photos. -Photo zoom 4 Pro -. Specialist for the zooming in and out of photos – iCorrect Portrait – with special algorithms for natural skin? and hair tones – smart put free AKVIS mask – simple?Tool with new operators for edge detection and release more complicated structures such as hair etc.

Hilton Dusseldorf

New sales manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland Ulf G. Guldi regions is the new sales manager at RateTiger for the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He oversees seal from now the German-speaking market for the including the European excellent of e-excellence and eRevMax software certified by Expedia from the forging of the channel management professionals. The 40-year-old began his career after training as a hotel clerk in the accounting department at the Hilton Dusseldorf. This was followed in 1994 by the change in the area of sales & marketing at Renassaince.

Since 1997 Gasela as Director of sales for various well-known brands – including Radisson, Renaissance, was Hilton Maritim, responsible, until he decided for a new challenge. The hospitality industry is maintained the sales veteran, but their representatives sit opposite future him as a customer. “The Internet is the sales platform of the future! Nevertheless, many hoteliers have not strategically, edit this rapidly growing market”Gasela talks about the decision to change the fronts. “eRevMax this has recognized very early and a premium product with RateTiger developed to manage the numerous booking portals and for the observation of the competition. A such increasingly important tool in the market is to establish and exploit the potential of online revenue to support the hotel industry an exciting task!”eRevMax Inc. would be glad to have won a long-standing industry experts and sales professionals with Ulf G. Guldi. More information under:. for Jasmine Keller

ETL Planning

Cubeware importer expands the CP portfolio for planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation in the area of data management standardized data import functionality to various legacy systems including SAP connectivity offers CP users new possibilities of Rosenheim and Hamburg, September 6, 2010. Two BI (business intelligence) specialists CP corporate planning AG from Hamburg and the Cubeware Gmbhr from Rosenheim have an ISV (independent software vendor) partnership adopted. Dave Kingman oftentimes addresses this issue. This involves tools Cubeware importer the inclusion of Datenbewirtschaftungs – and ETL (extract, transform, load) BI portfolio, corporate planning around planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation. Under the designation CP-connectivity Cubeware importer is now also the CP users an option for the automated extraction, merge, inspection and import data from different operational source systems such as accounting, ERP and POS solutions available. In the integrated interaction with the Cubeware connectivity for SAP solutions can Thus SAP tables, BAPIs, and SAP BW data sources be included in the construction of multidimensional OLAP structures either graphically via drag & drop or script language. Alike is also an integration solution for the ERP products Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV available. Corporate planning had resorted exclusively to own data import functionality, for which we had to program new interfaces”, explains Peter Sinn, CEO of CP corporate planning AG.

The Cubeware importer as open and very flexible import and modeling tool gives us the desired standardization based on OLAP and relational systems giving us and our users a high degree of added value at this point. Moreover, extremely interesting opens up via the SAP interface for the existing customers as well as new business opportunities.”Cubeware importer plays an important role not only in our own “BI solution world, but also in many ISV offerings”, Cubeware emphasizes Managing Director Hermann Hebben. We are very happy, that with corporate planning now another important BI provider is one of our partners, and its portfolio has expanded Cubeware technology.” Complementary to corporate planning the CP corporate planning AG combines business expertise, industry knowledge and sophisticated technology, in their user-oriented software solutions.

Factory Relaunches

The large-scale relaunch includes the professional conversion of over 40 clinics and outpatient clinics, departments and institutes, staff offices and interdisciplinary centers websites. Since 2008 Web design and content management system for the Internet presence of the Leipzig University medical facilities be systematically transformed through the i factory. The relaunch of the Web sites is an ongoing process. To date, 20 facilities on the publishing system were converted namRED and appear in a new design. Central component of the new concept namRED is the transfer of all Web pages in the content management system.

The advantages are obvious: namRED is easy to use, flexible and suitable for many applications. The relaunch also stipulates a new conception of contents of existing and new Web pages. Here we focus on a maximum functionality and customer-specific aesthetics. Special programming such as RADIUS search, image gallery, date calculator and the involvement of central databases (E.g. for Office hours), as well as multimedia applications patients and interested parties of Web pages offer a high degree of user-friendliness and professionalism. Protected areas of user and application forms reduce the already existing administrative clinic staff. Navigate on the Web site simplifies the visitors, and the editors can update your content easily and quickly.

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