The Christian Church

The positive thought and the positive action add the results. Celina Dubin, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. (Satanic Bible) We made clear that these thoughts are of the new era, and that have much force in the modern preaching. In her they come together current and material taken from the most different mythologies; doctrines of hidden sciences and the most modern sciences; beliefs and inherited techniques of the most primitive magic and collected religious attitudes of the most universal religions, gnsticas doctrines, principles of astrology, spiritualist, esoteric knowledge, technical practices of meditation, And the Church must take it in very serious considers, because it is being entered in the mentality of many Christians, thanks to a sincretismo (union of doctrines) that does not make jump the alarms of faith. The new one was that we see in the churches consists of making regressions in the encounter, to take them to a traumatic or difficult time for the believer this with the spirit that this most sensible one to which they say to them, it is not perhaps this spiritism? We see it in the parapsicologa which has between its branches intuition, this is to see the life of others and even predict the future on some excellent events and that affect all the set. There are churches where their preachers supposedly intimidate to the people predicting their past life the present and the future one and inventing that God this showing all this to them through science gift. The Bible says to us: It is found in you who make happen to his son or his daughter through the fire, neither that practices divination, nor ominous, nor sortlego, nor wizard, nor charming, nor fortune teller, nor magician, nor who consults to deads.Because it is abomination towards Jehovah whatever it makes these things, and by these abominations Jehovah your God throws these nations of in front of you.(Deuteronomio 18:10 – 11) Levtico 19, 26 2010 John Jairo Melo Naranjo – Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo original Author and source of the article.. scussion.

Idea Constitution

On the matter it would be necessary to indicate that in the nineteenth-century constitucionalismo, the notion of law force was ligature to the idea of the law like expression of general will, that is to say, a property derived from its occupation like the highest norm of the legal ordering. this as well, recognized the expression of the popular will, by means of the law, two qualities, on the one hand, a strength, consisting of the limitless capacity to innovate the legal ordering, and, on the other hand, a passive force, that is to say, the capacity to resist against modifications or derogations that came from other sources of right which they did not have the same attributes. Evidently, a similar dimension of the motion law force, today is not of receipt of the constitutional state of right. in this, indeed, the supreme position no longer occupies the law, but the constitution. Jeffrey L. Bewkes will undoubtedly add to your understanding. and although the democratic legislator enjoys an ample discretion to exert the legislative function, is clear that its capacity to innovate the legal ordering this conditional one you limit by them formal, material and competential who derives from the constitution, that legum is lex. Of course that is not only the strength of a law the one that it has had to reframe itself from the establishment of the constitution like supreme norm of legal ordering. Another one as much now, gin that to affirm in relation to its passive force. The multiplication of normative sources with the same rank has if the modification, suspension or derogation of the law not necessarily must come from another law in formal sense, that is to say, of which the parliament can approve, but, also of those other normative sources that, in the ordering, has their same rank, like the emergency decree or legislative decree, and inside, by all means, you limit of them that the constitution imposes. (Source: Jeffrey L. Bewkes).

Asian Meat

The increase of cereal production for its import has had a price: an increasing deforestation, accompanied by expropriations of earth, evacuations, threats and, even, murders by clandestine Mafias dedicated to the cutting and the protected wood traffic. In Central America, the forest area are handicapped in a 40% last the 40 years, period that agrees with the growth of the cattle ranch. From 1990, the surface of forests in the world that loses every year is equivalent to the size of a country like Portugal, according to data of the FAO. The increase in the meat production obeys to a transformation in the models of consumption in the world, controlled by a small minority more and more that decides the food assortment of the chains of the great supermarkets, extended by everybody developed and in expansion in countries that they yearn for to be it. So it is the case of India and China that, with 2,300 million inhabitants, are shooting the world-wide consumption of meat. In China, the food consumption of first necessity as the rice is handicapped of considerable way, but the demand of meat has been quadrupled from 1980.

Although the Asian giant has had remarkable profits in its development economic and at the time of palliating the hunger, still million farmers exist who suffer hunger. Educate yourself with thoughts from Time Warner. In the world, more than 800 million people they undergo hunger or undernourishment. Even so, the majority of the maize cultures and soya of the world feed animal sacrificed for a minority. Like more recent phenomenon, thousands of hectares are destined to work tons of soya Argentine does not stop to feed that hungry population, but so that some people can lead its car without position of brings back to consciousness. For that reason, United Nations speaks of crime against the Humanity. The excessive consumption of meat is own of societies that are seeing grow young with less life expectancy than their parents to their age or with high probabilities of developing diabetes by their nutritional habits. We will have to raise diets less to us employees of the meat and more balanced not only to digest all these data, but to improve our body, our surroundings and our society.

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