Technology: USB, GPS

The Guardarrutas or Data Logger is a tiny device able continuously to store the position in which it is by means of technology GPS. Later, connected to a computer by means of USB, we will be able to visualize the detailed route that has crossed its carrier (also it is possible to be acceded to a file of previous routes). In addition, permitr usually sees the conducted speed by each point, shutdowns, crossed altitude, kilometers, etc. Unlike localizer GPS in real time, these devices are tracking liabilities. The majority of the equipment has their own application to simulate the crossed passage, others let use of google maps or google earth to know the route done. This technology is being used anywhere in the world to calculate the routes and mountain, senderistas, cycling passages of and zoologists. Few companies know the existence these devices and are within reach of anyone nowadays. Its use does not require no cost and usually works with batteries type AA or lithium batteries. The most prestigious manufacturers of these devices usually they distribute the equipment from Southeast Asia. Uses: – Particular Control of Fleets and devehculos; – Sports outdoors, pursuit of merchandise and suitcases; – Acts of infidelity and control of employees; – Pursuit of mascots, the cattle, etc.


The certain thing, that with regard to the ethics in the work it is possible to be said, that this one will emerge, if a suitable social context is created. Thus, whereas the security in the use exists, certain competition between the work groups and conditions that they cause that the time passes apparently of fast way are given the conditions for the productivity. Keith Davis and John W: Newstrom. Behavior human the work. Eighth edition. What is a ethics code? On the matter one knows that it is a set of norms that order and print sense to the values and principles of conduct, that serve as foundation to their action in all type of activity and surroundings.

(National Federation of Schools of Lawyers in Administration) It is a formal document where basic values and ethical rules of a profession are contained. In Venezuela the professional ethics in the organizations, it tends to be product of the ignorance of a culture that allows to show the repayments of the society to the individual in particular, in agreement, to the contributions that this do to the same. The Venezuelan works with a mechanical intention (work, money and cost), forgets, the social reality and of the personal growth, without thinking that as he contributes to the society, of that same way will be compensated. He is for that reason, that looks for the accomplishment, in the paternalistic support that repays measures to him to satisfy its needs looking for the friendship that agrees to him then (in the cases of ambitious people), on the other, the great majority of the population, conserves its spirit awaiting fallen prizes of the sky. They realise its workings in its works without looking for changes that allow them to leave their confinement, maintaining a passive and little creative attitude. Others are lent to secure money leaving itself to contaminate by the corruption, without concerning the consequences to him.

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