Testing External Training And Qualification Programs

The offer on the market for continuing education keeps everything in principle already, that what is required on the demand side is in themed content as well as overlooking the time and price design of the training events. On the demand side, some previously shy to signal their own weaknesses through participation in training events. Others pretend not to find a relevant for they offer on the market. To this subjective qualification barriers the problem of complexity of a very fragmented supply one complicating factor is, then the problem of quality uncertainty joins to the. There are mainly two steps: first, it is transparent to represent the benefits of optimal education and training on the basis of positive testimonials from successful participants for others. Secondly checklists can the decisive criteria for the determination of personal training and continuing education needs, as well as the selection of this matching offers the qualification substantially make it easier.

Should you decide to embed the personnel development in a comprehensive approach to the balance of the person, so a number of HR publications created, by Jorg Becker, including relating Becker, Jorg: personnel controlling means a person record, ISBN 978-3-8381-0177-3 CF. in addition also Becker, Jorg: person accounts with intellectual capital, ISBN 978-3-8370-7001-9. Concerning the identification of different requirement levels for certain courses, the training content should be specified according to target groups. Also a modular structure of education and training, on the other hand special interests the consumer adequately take into account and on the other hand to ease your way through the various education and training instances is important in this context. Because exhaustive can be treated not all problems and challenges of work in advance education and training should be also seeks. Teaching content can then more practical business needs be aligned. As a fixed element, hence experience exchange groups headed by an experienced facilitator or supervisors can be made in the training. See complementary Becker, Jorg: Potentialorientierte employee conversations, ISBN 978-3-8370-5180-3.

To increase both the education and training pitch as well as the quality of events, a transparent quality assurance is required: on the one hand, minimum standards must be guaranteed by the operator, on the other hand, the assessment of the quality of the offers should be allowed consumers. Quality items to choose from the responsibility of the direction for the formulation of a quality policy on procedures for the development of education up to determining the achievement of quality objectives in Prufungen-what quality-related activities at an educational institution must be regulated. Note it is but these standards themselves define any criteria for the quality of education, but a provider help to organize, to ensure a constantly high quality. General training, much knowledge is lost when the learned can be not immediately trained and implemented. The quality of mediated knowledge is more important than the amount of the training budget. To avoid, that training later when bad investments, manufacturers must consider very precisely in advance who to what topics that are actually relevant to work for him, should be trained. See complementary Becker, Jorg: employee survey as intellectual seismograph, ISBN 978-3-8370-5085-1. Becker, Jorg: Headhunter in their own right, ISBN 9783839124642. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker

Material Efficiency: Potential Analysis & Implementation Consultancy

A neutral look from the outside looks more often! Therefore encourages the BMWi on demea individual discussions to improve the efficiency of material (VerMat). A neutral look from the outside”looks more often! Therefore encourages the BMWi on demea individual consultation on improving the mat ver erialeffizienz (VerMat). External consultants from the consultant pool of demea possess the required competencies to identify, locate, and evaluate potential savings in the use of the materials. The consultants are neutral, trained for the special work and have experience of SME. Two consultation forms are distinguished: potential analysis (duration max.

2 months): includes a quantitative material flow analysis, identifying plant material losses, business viewing of the resulting savings and final presentation and evaluation of possibilities for the realization of savings potentials. The advice eligible costs up to an altitude of 15,000 with 67%. For addition Consultation costs up to a maximum of 30,000 a grant provided by 50%. Widening or implementation discussions (duration max. 9 months): detailed planning company-specific measures, advice about possibilities of State support and other sources of funding for these measures and a technical support during the implementation phase are the subject of in-depth consultation. The consultancy costs of deepening advice promoted with 33% up to a height of a total of 100,000 (for potential analysis and in-depth advice). Rene Kiem Tel: +49(0)231 / 15 01-646 fax: +49(0)231 / 15 01-645

Where Is The Money In Euro Crisis

Like inverse animals we in this euro crisis and economic crisis the credit rating agency Fitch has downgraded further down Greece by b on CCC, Moody’s Spain and Italy ranks down. Greece again dissolves Parliament. Leftists won in the presidential election in France. The whole euro area has run into a difficult situation. From Greece to Spain and Italy, the crisis is worrying now by most people. The third-largest and fourth-largest economy in the euro area is Spain and Italy, Greece and these 2 countries leave the euro area, the consolidation of the EU for over 60 years is about to collapse.

In the economic globalization, all are in a circle, capital of large amount of flow back to Europe, it is considered likely that the prices of raw materials will fall. The States that benefited in the past from commodity exports already developed country like Australia as well as new market such as Brazil and Russia, be hurt badly. As a result, the price of gold in the future will be still further shaken, but do you but, in a long period he is not worried about intact. Because the main factors supporting the gold price remain unspoilt. 1 gold is non-renewable resources, which means that the process of lowering of gold production is not common.

It is estimated that South African gold production is in 2012 at 220, which are the lowest since 1922nd 2. At the time, the Central Bank of many countries still permanently purchased gold. World Gold Council has published in February in the annual report that central banks in 2011 that is purchased, all 439,7 tons of gold the highest amount since 1964, in 2010 it is only 77 tons. Mexico, Russia, Korea and other new developed Volkswirtschafte the highest are the shopping amount of gold by central banks for 40 years. At the same time, the ECB with massive sell-off of gold has stopped. Currently the gold reserve by global central banks amounts to one-sixth of the mined any gold. 3. Takes further the risk of inflation, and therefore more are popular gold. Since economic crisis, more and more is the amount of money in circulation. Compared to 2007 the Geldmenge(M2) at the end of the year 2011 in the United States by 35% has risen, in euro area 23%, but the growth of manufacturing and the economy has not reached the level in 2007. This means that the essential economy has not developed, but more money is placed. This leads to global inflation, and soon, gold price rises. Inflation brings lower the real buying Kraft’s. This inflationary trend will also support gold prices. 4. If you’re still unsure, you can invest for gold jewelry. Due to the artistic value, value is still less influenced by gold jewelry through this crisis. Other precious metals like Platinum and precious stones have also impairment. So investment for gold and other precious metals and gemstones is impairment in the crisis, a good solution for your asset’s.

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