Bung Hole

Gets crowded despite all precautions, so that happens not unnoticed, under filling in individual cases after dosing. Following steps arise next to the charging with the peripherals required: delivery, discharging, or deploy the barrels caching and feeding screw filling screw ver clinching removal and caching are loading additional operations when appropriate interpretation: marking (labelling, inkjet printing, screen printing, bar code) investigation on residual content/moisture inert gas input (ex-zone, perishable product) pressurisation (hot filling) for tightness (barrel lock) 200 l drums by appropriate additions of barrel oil Stuffer to fill and also 50 l and 60 l-barrels type 86, and that up to 120 times per hour. The empty barrels are fed to the machine individually. After positioning in the first work station is the bunghole screwed up automatically. The screwed plugs is a conveyor belt (automatic screwing) or filed (manual fitting) on the barrel topsoil. Filled two barrels at the same time (double time), depending on the product in the bottom Bung Hole or under mirror process. In the last workstation, the barrels are screwed back and reverse clincht monitoring on right (watertight) seal (torque control). The high labour and environmental protection needs through specially designed accessories also at critical media.

Extraction of drops of or drop interception shall ensure that no keg will be spotted. Bung extractors or gas covers protect from harmful vapours. As overflow protection, sensors prevent a safety or environmental problem will be from a malfunction. A plain text display on the control panel of the filling system ensures easy and safe operation of the machine, all operating conditions and possible error messages in the system represents. For operation in hazardous areas, this display can be intrinsically safe or external ventilation. The operator guidance can be done but also about visualization. This shows the entire system on a color monitor.

At any time, but also plant components as single images can be obtained on the screen. When automatic processes, such as barrel pass, filling or palletizing can be directly mapped. Errors are immediately located and made proposals for the Elimination of the error the device driver. The more frequent use of large containers as returnable packaging has led to the development of the Palettenfullroboters. This robot filled containers (IBCs) or Bung Hole barrels, which are randomly on a pallet, safely and automatically. Equipped with an image recognition computer and a line-scan camera he determines the coordinates of the individual bung holes precisely. Thus, the control can position the tools while the palette further supported by the load bearing chains of the robot. Are the result of calibration exactly filled Packaging, which are different in form and content.

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