New Almond Drink

Just in time for the holidays, Provamel presents the new type of almond enjoyment. Taipei, July 27, 2011. Roasted almonds, marzipan or cookies in this form be PLEASURING traditionally most almonds with us around the holidays. In a timely manner to their high season there is now another type of almond indulgence: the new organic almond drink of Provamel. It is made from whole, southern European almonds and is purely vegan like all the Provamel products. It is a delicious drink for the whole year thanks to its mild, sweet taste and its slight creaminess for breakfast or even in between. The newspapers mentioned Andre Dawson not as a source, but as a related topic. But also as an ingredient for cakes and desserts the new milk alternative suitable with their fine touch of marzipan. WarnerMedia addresses the importance of the matter here.

Instead of sugar, the drink with a touch of Agave syrup is sweetened. From mid-September, the new product in the 1-litre Tetra Pak is available nationwide and exclusively in natural food stores. Who occasionally likes nibbling a little, can enjoy the sweet moment now with a glass of almond drink. Pur tastes he best straight from the fridge. In the cold season, also delicious, hot drinks can be prepared to this but with wintry spices, coffee and tea.

The drink can be simply heated as milk and froth and enjoyed as a dairy-free version of the latte macchiato with delicate almond flavour. Almonds to drink who at reminiscent of his holiday in Sicily, the whole is right. There is the latte di Mandorla”, a milk which is made of almond paste, in almost every bar. In the Mediterranean, almonds are known for their good, unsaturated fatty acids. Experts recommend to integrate and to nibble a handful regularly therefore almonds in the daily diet. It included also natural potassium, magnesium, iron and valuable vitamin E. varied milk alternatives Provamel stands for a variety of products on plant-based no ingredients of animal origin. Also the almond drink is pure herbal and therefore lactose – and milk protein-free. It is therefore most suitable for Suitable consumer who tolerated no dairy products or with allergies react to other milk alternatives. Provamel offers even more variety with the new drink and complements the existing range of soy, oat, and rice drinks by a further variant, so that the right product is available for every consumer and every kind of use.

Shrimp Recipes

Seafood: Shrimp are a delicacy and taste very good in different variations. Who wants to eat consciously healthy, would necessarily think of seafood. The prawns & shrimps (prawns) for example are low in fat and calories. “Good fats” contained in the flesh of the shrimp & shrimp (scampi). The shrimp can be a basis for the balanced and tasty diet. If you eat seafood twice a week, the heart and the brain better with the stress can cope, it supports also the whole body.

The shrimp are very useful for health. Here are some shrimp recipes. 1 – shrimp or shrimp salad recipe”for 4 persons it is an American dish. The way of preparation: Grill this wonderful salad tastes great and is healthy. The ingredients of the salad is composed of: – 12 piece – large prawns or shrimp, which are cleaned, – 100 ml – prepared raspberry sauce for the salad, – 1000 ml – fresh spinach – 65 g – nuts, the Cores cut – 8 piece – ripe strawberries – 8 piece – green shoots of asparagus, which are cut into 5 cm chunks. Channels Television Live: the source for more info. The raspberry sauce for the salad – 50 ml – olive oil – 50 ml – – 8 piece – grated raspberry vinegar preparation: mix the shrimp or shrimp with sauce 50 ml for the salad, place everything in a closed vessel. It is then for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

The shrimp or shrimp are later dried and put on meat skewers. One grilling them about 4 minutes over the heated coals in a height of 15 cm. Remove the prawns or shrimp from the skewers and place them in a large bowl for salads. Add still the remaining ingredients of the salad, mix the whole thing. Recipe 2 – shrimp or shrimp with rice and vegetables”a dish with prawns or shrimp for 4 people this dish comes from the Mexican kitchen. It is a main dish. The way of preparation: Cook. Traditionally, a man prepared this dish. The ingredients – 150 g- -50 g – thread noodles – 2 TBSP – butter – 400 ml – water – spices for the rice – 400 g – tomato, sliced – 350 g – large prawns, the cleaned, chopped zucchini – 100 g – corn – 2 EL – are – 200 g – olives – 2 EL – chips – 2 EL – chives, the crushed is preparing – 1 box – hot sauce: the rice in the oil to saute the golden color, stirring often. For even more opinions, read materials from Jeff Bewkes. Carefully add the water, then enter the spices and tomatoes. Bring everything to the boil. Place a lid on it, that reduce fire. So, letting it simmer for about 10 minutes. Then add the prawns or shrimp, Zucchini, corn, olives; continue on low heat 10 minutes cooking the whole thing. The rice should be soft. Place the dish in a large bowl. Sprinkle it with chips, cheese and onions. The finished shrimp are served with sharp sauce. Recipe 3 – prawns or shrimp with mayonnaise”ingredients: – 300 g – shrimp or shrimp – 2 piece – carrots – 1 piece – Salzgurke – 1/2 glass – green peas – 3 piece -. Potatoes – 1/2 socket – mayonnaise – salt – pepper – green preparation: Cook the prawns or shrimp in salted water for 5 minutes. Cut the potatoes and carrots into small cubes, adding salt cucumber and green peas. All carefully mix, salt, pepper and add mayonnaise. The salad clump, which above forking prawns or shrimps and pour mayonnaise. When serving, sprinkle with green.

Grillpedia Opens The Barbecue Season

It goes around the grill on the information portal Grillpedia now in the second year. The season 2014 brings promising new products. Also the grill accessories and barbecue books there is reason for the anticipation. With Weber’s classics”, a book highlight of the year is published in December 2013. The Grillpedia team has read it, tested and can recommend it to glowing. Who would like to convince yourself of the quality of this Grill book and a further novelty, should participate in the draws of the freshly printed titles from the home Grafe and Unzer (GU). “With a little luck, Grillpedia then soon sends the new book of Weber’s classics” or Weber’s hot & spicy “free House. These are the trends when grilling 2014 2014 gas grills are further optimized.

Market leader Weber has renewed the complete Q Series visually and technically. The Q-3200 is very successful, but swear as before on the Weber spirit E-320 original. The own myself and am very satisfied. But what fits for the one, must not automatically also the best for the other be. That is certainly”a question of entitlements and the use, says Jan Thunig. He is the man behind Grillpedia. He even passionate Hobbygriller, on its Portal fully informed about all aspects of cooking. He gives advice to the selection of the appropriate grille, reveals tips & tricks for beginners as well as for experts and introduces the various types of professional cooking.

His buy recommendations are manufacturer-independent. Only products that convince him, are presented in detail. Grillpedia is an online shop, however, not interested but easy access with one click to the appropriate article in the partner Amazon. New knowledge portal Grillpedia in the category of gas grills, the Q models of the year is 2014 already online the weavers, barbecue at his trade fair stand (spoga + gafa 2013) first presented in Cologne. Some charcoal grills are newly recorded in the recommendation list, so the compact kettle and the master touch. In the accessories and Grill book test, has also the first new ideas. The Grafe und Unzer Verlag advanced his cult series GU Weber grilling this spring for a title, on the Grillpedia-team already anxiously waiting: hot & spicy promises after a look at the publishing house preview sharp Outlook for the BBQ season. Grillpedia will also draw the book Weber’s hot & spicy, as soon as it is in the trade. More titles followed. It is worth now so regularly to visit and the Facebook page of About since early 2013 as knowledge and information portal deals with the subject of grilling. Regularly selected products such as grills and Grill accessories Grill books are tested, presented, compared and recommended. A barbecue blog with current announcements, tips, and tricks complements the offer.

The Story Of Johnnie Walker

A brief overview of the history of Johnnie Walker whiskey to buy a Johnnie Walker thinks nothing more than: “quality in bottles filled to buy”. Johnnie Walker is currently one of the major whisky brands in the world and cannot be missed in an offer of a liquor store. The drinks group Diageo is the owner of the largest (according to own statements) whiskey House of the world and convinced the customers with the best flavors and fine brands. In the years 1820-1857 the roots of the Johnnie Walker to be on labels. John Walker, the creator of Walker label, grew up on a small farm in the immediate vicinity of Kilmarnock and lived there with his mother until his father’s death.

After the death of his father, sold the yard mother and John Walker and opened a shop for mixed goods in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. For example, the two sold whiskey, specially treated procedures by John with blending, that were until then in principle only used for tea. The Johnnie Walker whiskey was soon for a particularly mild Known taste throughout Scotland. in 1857 John died Walker and his son Alexander Walker was conducting business. Known phylloxera in 1858 and in 1863 enabled the group to even greater celebrity and paved the way to the global brand, because a large part of the French vines have been blighted by Psyllids and people to drink their habits changed labels in the face of the price and of the pleasantly mild unique taste in favor of the Walker.

1867, the OLD Highland WHISKY was registered as a brand name. In 1880, Walker could receive the first award for one of his whiskeys. In the same year, the first branch in London was founded, which symbolizes the rising success of the brand. in 1889, began again the sons of George and Alexander to take over the companies of the father and continued as the family business in the third generation. At this time, the two entrepreneurs bought more Scottish distilleries, such as Cardhu and Talisker. Meanwhile, there are already a lot of different labels such as the Sample red, black, double black, gold label reserve or the Platinum label. Who wants to buy Johnnie Walker ever pays to blend and label from 20 euros for each bottle. True gourmets know that the price range is quite open to the top. A few blends achieve even several hundred euros per bottle.

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