Acidification – Without New Syllabus Threatens Farewell To The Welfare State!

ADHD, depression, eczema, allergies, pain… are the momentous results of body chemistry really uberrollten by the progress of past decades. Trier. Our welfare State continues \”to work\”, it’s time to get our healthy actually healthy! This, however, the revision of many content gone out from decades of failed development is inevitable. A prime example of such a correction is now virtually part of the mantra promoted eating fresh fruit. Because he is all year Yes at all possible by importing fruit. But harvested immature for compelling reasons, and substitute for the natural maturation offers also the tire for here! The \”raw acids’ such immature fruits affect on food intolerances, allergies, pain, joint pain, migraine, diabetes, depression, the already congested organs of metabolism of Neurodermitikern and asthmatics, as well as on the institutions of which, Suffer more ADHD and much, very stressful. Therefore, the discharge of metabolic organs must have absolute priority here! However a such entfesselnde Dynamics has evolved in this country according to the rules of the free market in just a few decades even in the food sector, that this emerged a similarly complex as far-reaching \”nutrition chaos\”.

We owe this chaos end the shrinkage of our essential digestive helper – the wide range of enzymes and hormones. The rise in this suffering of the civilization today playing the central role in the so far losing effort to reform our health care system from top successfully! Well not completely \”against the wall\” to drive the social achievements of the generations preceding us, it is time to raise the future generations for the basic importance of metabolic processes within their body in child-friendly treatment. The expiring here initially rather subtly errors of the enzyme and hormonal complicate the fact Initially seem rather harmless biochemical recycling of recorded food – the origin of all evil again encountered complaints. But without the understanding of the truth behind of their creation, finally pronounced chronic suffering adult thereof and the fact now more deliberately on a political level is the fact that the number of permanent treatment continue to grow children with prematurely so that costs and risks and side effects.

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