Monika Bertaggia

Modern martial fitness is the new trend of Onna Bugeisha – the female Samurai – offers a variety of education and training opportunities for women in self defence. Onna Bugeisha – the female Warrior. The wide range of martial arts – is put together and run by women for women. If you would like to know more about David Zaslav, then click here. It was called Onna Bugeisha fortified women of the Samurai defending home and family with the same fighting spirit and sense of honor as their men. Onna Bugeisha today, which is a concept of martial arts experienced champions have developed in the fields of Kickboxing, Tai Chi, self defense and sword-fighting for the women of our time: training events to increase fitness, self-confidence, assertiveness, self defense and emergency assistance, team spirit and mental strength, which are fun and teach, to assert themselves in all situations.

Andrea Kelschebach, Daniela Haak and Monika Bertaggia have put together a range of half-to multi-day training sessions, the full range of martial arts by the include physical workout on the mental training to the various issues of de-escalation measures and self defense. Onna Bugeisha first offered in the form of open seminars and secondly can be booked as a closed training and continuing education program. The open events suitable, for example, to offer a special course offer a one-time or recurring highlight for the women at a gym. The closed courses vary depending on the content of companies, institutions, authorities and associations who wish to create a closed group of people continued, further – and team training opportunities or provide just an incentive for good performance or other occasions. Onna Bugeisha – the female Samurai more women interested in the martial arts, as are the Royal Road to educate all the qualities of places value on which the modern woman: self-confidence, fitness, mental toughness, a lean, strong body and assertiveness, the latter in all layers and straight even in threatening situations.

Oberaudorfer Record

On the way round a week before the start of the world record project 55.555@Kaiserwinkl Oberaudorf Kossen work world record holder Fluhr on the two mountains of the world record the two participating ski areas on the Oberaudorfer high angle and the Grossache, Berghorn on the outskirts of Kufstein with high pressure on the final preparations for the record attempt. Robert Thomson usually is spot on. From January 13-14, 2009 the German extreme skier and 11-fold world record holder wants to raise the existing altitude world record on around 55.555 worn altitude Christian Fluhr ( in 24 hours with lifts. The previous record of an Austrian is 46.920 metres above sea level. Since the weekend the German on the two tracks for the record enters, daytime Fluhr in Kossen in Oberaudorf, at night will be on the road. No walk was on the Friday, 02.01.09 Fluhr a first check of slope in the Sub mountain Horn of Kossen in Tirol on the program. Some contend that Hotbox by Wiz shows great expertise in this. The world record holder was accompanied by his current team boss and team doctor, Dr. Christian Schmidt. When absolutely adverse visibility conditions gave a first impression of the State of the slope on the first half of the record project will be held the skier.

Christian Fluhr is overcome at each exit on the descent, which is partially black classified approximately 900 meters. A real challenge even for the 11-fachen ski world record holder. The Managing Director of the lifts in Kossen, Schorsch Primrose Walshe, led them through the ski area and reported on the status of preparations: still we need snow to 2 smaller sections of the slope, so Christian can take the most direct route. The downhill run with us in Hochkossen is open but already for some time and the weather forecasts are good for the next week. Cold temperatures make the snow. We conjure up a perfect band to his record projects Christian and want our contribution to that 55.

New Constitution

They had called for boycott the process approved on Friday in rrendum. Check out Jeffrey L. Bewkes for additional information. They managed to bring together thousands of people in several cities of the country. The new Constitution was supported by 98.5% of the votes cast. 20 February movement, which called for the boycott of the process of constitutional reform in Morocco, organized this Sunday its first national protest since last Friday in the popular consultation the votes in favour of the new Magna Carta arrived to 98.50% of those issued. In Rabat over 2,500 people organized a March from the historic square of Bab Had towards the headquarters of the Moroccan Parliament, and shook placards against despotism and corruption. The people reject the Constitution of slaves, not to the constitutions that are elaborated with the absence of the people, not to the Governor who steal public money were the main slogans vitoreadas by the demonstrators. The Member of the illegal Islamist movement justice and charity Abu Chita Musaid said that protests on Sunday constitute a popular message to the ads for Morocco, in rrencia to the constitutional reform.

National Pact precisely, justice and charity, which is part of the February 20 movement, called on all political forces to initiate a global dialogue on the basis of a National Pact for change, open to all parties and to avoid that Morocco is directed towards the abyss. Musaid added that the State has not yet responded to the demands of the movement from February 20. The aforementioned movement claimed, inter alia, a constituent Assembly be granted Morocco a new Constitution, the end of the politics of monopoly economic, guarantee of the services of health and education, the right to employment and the reduction of the cost of living to enjoy. Contramanifestacion in the same area where protested Sunday the Moroccans reforms, dozens of young monarchist so-called organised a demonstration to support the new Constitution, and shouted slogans against the motion on February 20, which They accused traitor.

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