Nature Of The Market

Many come to the market, losing time and money, throw up their hands and leave it forever. Always will be, because evolution leaves the strongest and weakest eat shark. Here I will describe the nature of the market, based on my personal beliefs, in which I believe. Let's start with the trinity. The problem is that people can not understand the trinity. He understands either yes or no.

He sees the good or bad and does not understand that this is a good – good, precisely because of this it is good. To understand what I'm saying you can give an example. There is something a whole – let's say one side of the coin, there is something the second unit – the opposite, antithesis – the other side of the coin. These two opposites are united – herself a medal. Third, what unites them – is like their content and at the same time, the law of eternal struggle between the first and second. In the trinity is no balance – is the eternal struggle of opposites – it's called evolution. Now what I do all that led.

In addition, that, for example Mathematics – an abstraction. And 1 +1 = 2 – this is an idealization – in simple words the opposite of evolution or just real life. You anywhere in the world do not find the two perfect apple. Therefore, mathematics can not describe nature and the universe. Now a little about the structure of the universe.


Of God is Christ. However, a poor and humble promoter real estate the escabechina librose. Knowing the omen, and such as it is bedeviled landscape, seeing that not in had their noses, very secure in leaving very apriesa, departed the country bribing a customs acting, and fleeing in a wild gallop, perdiose in the leafy thicket of the forest. Beyond the horizon, in a clear Sunrise, he began a new life. And all because a Rapture of lucidity, in his tafseer predictive, it reached to understand chapter 17, had concluded.

Fix you. Well, well, where I was going? Ah yes, sorry, had gone to take a few wines. If you would like to know more about Comcast , then click here. Well what conclusions can be drawn from this story, Knights and riders? You don’t have to be very smart, as I, to deduce that cling to past situations, whose breakdown produce distressing feelings, not causes but more pain. You can understand from a financial failure, the death of a loved one, or the most common and painful end of a relationship not desired. Our weakness leads to memories of cherished loss, a balm that us pulls back to happier times, like children who do not accept that playtime is over.

And thus continue to haunt us. Them would not do more than sinking us, prolong our agony. Evocation will keep open the wound. While we retain live in us what was lost, it may not heal. There is only one way, accept that it ended. And it is difficult, but if we want to get the abatement, have to cross that threshold. To do this we must observe us, set us aside from the memories, and see them as they were, really, without costumes. I had good things, and bad things, and also the opposite. And not feel shame, that we were wrong because we are not perfect, because we love, because he should occur. Because we perhaps failed, safe, and we did everything that was in our hand. Because we knew no more. Same as with all that they had offended us, or so we’re sorry. Both da, sincerely We must assume it. Naturally, without deceit. Enganariamos ourselves. We must leave behind the guilt and hatred. Break those chains. Only then we can forgive us. If we can do that, forgive us, really, to us and to others, then we will be prepared. Ready to turn our backs on that memory, and face our future freely. And I do one last thought to advance me to what you’re thinking: Yes, Yes, long speech, but still just as dwarves. My children, this is what you need.

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