Misticismo, you knows what this wants to say? Because it is so difficult to define accurately what it is this term? Although few people assume or understand, almost everybody has a trend for the mstico side. Basically, misticismo is the search for reply, experiences and comfort using the reality, the deity and the search for the truth spiritual. The misticismo also is the religion and taken espiritualidade of form summons and staff, in its more intense way. Msticas people costumam to believe direct or indirect experiences very, comings of a world beyond or a contact the holy ghost. Through signals, physical or sensorial horscopos, messages and other experiences, these people find comfort and orientation pro its day-by-day. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robert Iger . The mstico world, beyond its side extremely spiritual, also possesss an amused side and candy. Astros, stars, fairies, duendes, angels and other symbols of the misticismo cheer in them through films, books, games and other things.

Many times, we obtain to feel hope, force joy through these magical symbols. How many times you wanted to say some thing for somebody and she did not find the words certain? To pass the feelings for the field of the Real, to the times is very difficult and finds some blockades. To facilitate these things, we can look messages with a mstico direction. They can say everything who always we wanted, but did not know as. A good source is the site Messages and Images, that a series of messages for Orkut possesss, divided enter the most different categories. Additional information is available at Paul Ostling. Between all these livened up recadinhos, could not lack the messages of thematic mstica.

Available gratuitously, they are excellent to pass that special message for somebody beloved. You can send for the Orkut or even though for email, case you prefer. Full of emotion, them with certainty they will go to call its attention. Then it better uses to advantage and it demonstrates its emotions through beautiful, msticos and charming messages.

Giovanni Alves

The neoliberalismo, known in the entire world is form of viabilizao of the capital, support, social responsibility, empreendedorismo is forms of if thinking about the continuation and not about the overcoming of this system of exploration of many for few. In what it refers to the development of the work the occured productive reorganization in the DIT (international division of the work), of standard conservative, on a large scale and of form intent and centered of the taylorismo and fordismo for the flexibilizado toyotismo, participativo to put with serious destruction of the conquests of the working organization it is the biggest concretion of the viabilizao neoliberal politics not only in China, where this method appears of production, but in the entire world, in special in the third world, detainer of great I exercise of cheap reserve, used to advantage for the great controlled corporations only for the proper ditames of the market that represent as OIT, OMC, ONU, FMI. Ricardo Antunes, great studious of the sociology of the work presents in them that the capitalism deepened the penalizaes to the laborativo universe. The work steady and regulated, inheriting was opposed of the fordismo, and extended the precarizado, atypical work. Today the work forms mask the superexploration, auto-exploration, as the empreendedorismos, voluntariado, false cooperativismo, demanded for the market as requisite for insertion. Superiority of a work died, robotizado, tecnificado, that it depresses and desconfigura the alive work detainer of the true value-work, in a way process toyotista of jus in teams, multi-functional age. in this logic that Braverman cited for Antunes, intitles century XX as the age of the degradation of the work. The current flexibilista standard more is coisificado, and participativo, but it is responsible for the desconstruo of the social rights of the work and new forms of precarizao (terceirizao, privatization, under employment, casual employment, informality, quarteirizao, increase of the worked time, precarizao of the social protection) Giovanni Alves it presents Brazil in this context as a country that if inserted subalternametne in the process of mundializao of the capital.

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