The Quiet Steps Of A Fighter

We walk throughout the life to the side of beings with its more diverse characteristics. Amiable, sociable, loving, egoistic, rancorosas, proud people, at last a infinity of personality traces that facilitate or make it difficult our form of interaco with third. The complicated one, as he is obvious, is in the difficulties. Discovery Communications may not feel the same. It perjures it that these traces influence our quotidiano. The will to try can be immense to be to the side of something, but when we do not believe its success becomes only one simple utupia, a simple desire, a will that never goes to reach its resulted ambitious persons. Exactly thus, we continue in the fight for the adaptation to its different characteristics, exactly believing the defeat, fights them to me Day after day, we go losing this feeling that says in them to only run, to advance, to give plus a step, only plus one Start to lose the hope, but I continue to fight!.

The Companies

Why the public companies and private in a general way and the politicians in its majority in the hour to contract a communication professional, give preference to the professional of journalism in detriment of the professional of public relations? Which the reason for this reason? R – This is a distorted vision that occurs happily of the part of some entrepreneurs and some controllers of public organisms. In the truth what they want are not to make the communication of the organization stop with the society, what they want are if auto-to promote. What they want is that the journalist is a species of herald, a species of divulgador of its facts, of its qualifications. Then, they distort the purpose of the communication transforming the communicator who would be a basic part to promote the organization in a promoter staff of them as if was to promoter to promote the controller. >. He is enough if he sees these internal jornalzinhos with four pages that make for there where if it arrives at the accumulation to see the picture of the president of the company. the endeusamento excess.

This would be the reason biggest of this preference, because in the truth the advantage that the journalist leads in this in case that she is that they have the vehicle in the hand. It works for a periodical, for an sender of radio, an sender of television, then it has a bigger easiness, a direct contact to make this rank of the controller in the pages of periodicals (I interrupt to question) P. Would be a species of cult the personality, then, beyond mere reproducers of the information? Accurately, accurately. Unhappyly this exists, right? In the measure where an entrepreneur goes recognizing of the necessity of if communicating with the society through a communication with its diverse public, it goes there to feel the necessity of the existence of a professional of Relations moleques of message between quotations marks, because they start to only say what the controllers of the companies want. Diga this , says that a lamentable situation that unhappyly of the one not to surpass immediately, but that it has that to be made to the few. The proper market goes demanding of the entrepreneurs who those companies who obtain to vender this leaves in the front.

I was evidencing recently that the index of mortality of our companies is terrible. The IBGE showed that of each ten companies in Brazil sixty percent had more than closed. This is a very high index. why? Because the controllers do not have to a large extent the qualification technique to manage, as well as, great part does not have the capacity of if to relate, of if communicating, to be able thus let us say to create a relationship that assures its continuity as company. It has many imperfections in this direction.

Operative Units

The processes are opened from excellent documents for the Prodepa, are they received from its Operative Units, AIR (acknowledgment act of receiving), or of external institutions, that they need to pass a person for more than, it stops knowledge, analysis and to seem before being finished and being filed. For opening of the process it is necessary to be made an analysis of the document, to identify of which subject treats, who is sending, the date, etc. These data are important to make the indexation of content, that is, to more define the term or adjusted heading in the recovery of this process later. The protocol sector uses a data base where moves it controls it of the processes, so that sector is being directed, dates, and still it uses a notebook of process control where who receives the processes signs confirming act of receiving. The protocol also makes the control of pouches directed for the administrative Units of the company and or public, relating all the documents that are being directed in a pouch fiche, in two ways, where the documents are conferred, a fiche is signed and returned to the protocol. When the protocol receives the pouches from the units, is made the conference of documents, already dividing as the destination divisions. The relation of documents in a fiche of pouch act of receiving is made, that is directed to the sectors, together with the documents, somebody of the sector confers and returns the fiche in the protocol for archive. The protocol executes the sending of correspondences for the post office, that passes every day to make the collection. In the protocol documents of the current year are filed and previous it, the too much documents is directed to the general archive (library). Except contracts and accords that a very extensive volume has, and same being of the current year they are directed direct to the general archive.

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