The Heart

Flower was happy, therefore it had some company to talk. happy Aurlio, therefore found that it had plus a pretty young to conquer. In contrast of the other girls of the city Flower it was not enchanted for it, it disdained the Maximum that can, more for respect its aunt Adelaide and for its education it did not treat it badly. It only made the question to leave moved away it. Flower already was being worries, therefore three days had been transferred and its aunt Adelaide did not have fond of its trip. To improve its mood to its they had taken it cousins to make a stroll for the city. In this stroll they had visited museums, they made purchases and they lunchhed in the restaurant most expensive of the city. In return pra house was surprise, therefore its aunt Adelaide already had come back of its stroll and with it she brought a youngster.

It called Antonio, was only one year older than Flower, pretty and gentile, wise person to treat well a woman very, these had been to the descriptions of Adelaide in relation it. He was orphan later whom its parents they had died in car accident, has three a few days ago. as Adelaide had a very good heart decided brings it to work in its farm. Who was not nothing happy with this decision was Aurlio, therefore it was dying of anger when Antonio and Flor had looked at themselves for some time. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA addresses the importance of the matter here. Badly wise person it who was being gotten passionate. In its head it was only one question of principles. Walking for the farm it found Antonio and when the two if had looked at its eyes had shone, the heart sped up, the hands had been sweated. But when it came close itself to compliment it, it left gone off, and finished stumbling, twisting the foot.

Idol Worshiping Missionaries

In the day 1 of January of 1930, in the same local where, before, the Armelites had three hundred years initiated the construction of a house to serve of support to the work missionaries with the aboriginals, and that later it would serve of fortim in the popular movement of the Cabanagem, the Salesianos de Dom Bosco had initiated its educative work, had established one of the most traditional educational establishments of Belm, cradle of great personalities of the politician-artistic-cultural world of Par. The Foot. Angelo Cerri was the first director of the College. 1.2 – The Armelites in Par the Paved Armelites had established themselves in Belm, in January of 1626, for catequese of indians and children of soldiers. Later, in 31 of May of 1627, Captain Blessed Mor Maciel Relative and its Son of the same name, Captain of Infantry, had donated to the Armelites a field house, of taipa-of-pylon, situated to the Street of the North (current Trav. Siqueira Mendes), in a subject to flooding land, located next to ' ' basses of the Juara' '. Of ownership of this new house, they had transferred its residence and next to it they had constructed to a small dedicated chapel Ours Lady of the Carmo, using the house as convent.

The Armelites had been in Par during 225 years: part of century XVII, per all century XVIII and part of century XIX. They had been distinguished for the social, moral and religious assistance, excused to the indians and for the persistence in the education. They had created in its convent the first elementary school of Belm, where to the soldiers children of and indian of all taught the ages. During the government of president Jeronymo Francisco Rabbit, they were few well frades resident in the old Convent. Later those installations would be busy for ' ' Paraense&#039 college; ' for the Orphanage Desvalidas.


For in such a way it is essential that the adults, parents and all the pertaining to school team, stimulate and practise action of respect on children and stimulate them it to argue rules that could be created to be fulfilled in the collective convivncia, for adults and children, as well as they reflect and they argue with the children the ethical questions that they aim at to construct a democratic, solidary and acolhedor environment. Since Citizenship and Democracy if do not learn without practising them, and the space adjusted for the exercise of this practical is family and the school, therefore this practical action guarantees the efetivao of the values and consecrated principles of the pertaining to school education in the legislaes, and for such a pedagogia is necessary that prioritizes the participation and the shared responsibility and that it aims at the practical one to fulfill to the duty and the social inclusion of the right. Hear from experts in the field like Rupert Murdoch for a more varied view. Therefore to have a safe place he is necessary that the child has freedom, respect and dignity, established for the Statute of the Child and Adolescente (ECA). The existence of bullying and the disrespect goes total against this right. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Zaslav. Article 17 of the Law n. 8,069/90 (ECA) defines that right to the respect consists of the inviolability of the physical, psychic and moral integrity of the child and the adolescent, enclosing the preservation of the image, the identity, the autonomy, of the values, ideas and beliefs, of the personal spaces and objects. Therefore, to surpass the culture of the authoritarianism, to know and to respect the differences and to dialogue with them to fortify the construction of interpersonal relations and the pedagogical project can be an alternative to minimize the pain of who suffer to the consequncias caused for the o bullying.

Operative Units

The processes are opened from excellent documents for the Prodepa, are they received from its Operative Units, AIR (acknowledgment act of receiving), or of external institutions, that they need to pass a person for more than, it stops knowledge, analysis and to seem before being finished and being filed. For opening of the process it is necessary to be made an analysis of the document, to identify of which subject treats, who is sending, the date, etc. These data are important to make the indexation of content, that is, to more define the term or adjusted heading in the recovery of this process later. The protocol sector uses a data base where moves it controls it of the processes, so that sector is being directed, dates, and still it uses a notebook of process control where who receives the processes signs confirming act of receiving. The protocol also makes the control of pouches directed for the administrative Units of the company and or public, relating all the documents that are being directed in a pouch fiche, in two ways, where the documents are conferred, a fiche is signed and returned to the protocol. When the protocol receives the pouches from the units, is made the conference of documents, already dividing as the destination divisions. The relation of documents in a fiche of pouch act of receiving is made, that is directed to the sectors, together with the documents, somebody of the sector confers and returns the fiche in the protocol for archive. The protocol executes the sending of correspondences for the post office, that passes every day to make the collection. In the protocol documents of the current year are filed and previous it, the too much documents is directed to the general archive (library). Except contracts and accords that a very extensive volume has, and same being of the current year they are directed direct to the general archive.

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