Interview Tips

The hair should be gathered into a bun or in a ponytail. Color gum or hairpins must match the color of hair or the color of the suit. David Zaslav: the source for more info. Accessories. Handbag should be small. Its color should match the color of shoes. Again, avoid bright decorations on the bag. Oh, how the girls like to wear too many ornaments decorations, but do not need it.

Better to abandon the jewelry, well suited the silver and gold, but not too bulky and without large stones. Small earrings and ring out your elegance. Piercing the interview should be removed. Manicure. Woman's hand should always be well groomed.

Manicure is to be "calm" (long, red or black nails are not suit). Varnish must meet or lipstick shades. Perfume. Do not overdo it with smells. From you must come easy and pleasant aroma. Men's: Apparel. It should pick up a suit right size and color (preferably black). A tie should not be too short and bright (pink tie can only afford the head:)). Tie color should match the suit or fit the color of your eyes. For example: the blue or blue eyes blue suit tie. The shirt should be lighter. Do not wear bright socks, if you have a black suit and black shoes. Shoes. Black shoes will be well-suited to any suit, and most importantly, they must be polished to shine. Hairdo. Hair must be groomed. If you have long hair, it is better to remove them in the tail. Be sure to go to the hairdresser before the interview. Be sure to shave, but if you wear a mustache or a beard – it is better to shave. Accessories. Cuff links should not be too bright. And my advice to you, better not wear them at all. Handy or portfolio should be of medium size and color match the shoes. Piercing the interview should be removed. A good watch will perfectly complement your image. Manicure. Hands should be clean, the nails should not be mud. Perfume. "Use perfume or toilet water after a shower, not instead of it:)". Do not overdo it with smells. From you should come easy and pleasant aroma. If possible give up bad habits: smoking, shuffling feet, the use of jargon, etc. I'm not talking about alcohol dependence. Remember that not all suffer tobacco smoke, so try not to smoke a lot before the interview. Be sure to write a good cv, from him much will depend. Can play the whole situation at home with family or friends. Rehearse his speech, so it will be easier, believe me. In the office of the employer aware of posture and there should be no crossed arms and legs (it closed postures). Opinion should not be sent to the floor, better look into the eyes of his future boss:). Try to smile, but do not overdo it. And I repeat – Be confident in yourself and everything you need to succeed! I hope my tips will help you, good luck!

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