Driving In The Winter

Winter is coming, not the easiest period of operation of the vehicle. Someone prepare the car for the long downtime, put it in the garage. And someone on the contrary is preparing the car for the winter. So, what can be recommended for winter operation? 1) Cover the car body protective polish. Today, the market presented a sufficient number of such funds. 2) Replace the brush and fill freezing liquids. Should not be delayed -Frost may come suddenly. Details can be found by clicking Joel and Ethan Coen or emailing the administrator.

3) Take the time to replace the engine oil in the engine, winter refers to the heavy-duty vehicle. Either change the oil summer to winter. There's nothing funny in this, because cars Brazilian, Spanish, Malaysian assembly come to us with a summer oil. 4) Be sure to replace the battery if your battery is more than 5 years, before the cold season it is better to replace, otherwise there is the risk that he will not cope with their direct responsibilities (to spin the starter) in the cold. 5) Replace the candles, candles are usually changed once in the range of 15 to 30 kilometers, depending on fuel quality and operating conditions. 6) For vehicles with diesel engine glow plugs should be replaced (they change about once a range from 80 to 100 thousand kilometers) 7) For diesel vehicles would advise (!) replacing the fuel filter, as quality diesel fuel we have is bad, and he has the ability to quickly "stuff", there is a risk not to be got in the cold. 8) In any case, buy and vozite with a balloon in the car with ether.

9) And of course most importantly – pereobut car and put winter tires. 10) And at the end of the simplest and most pleasant – replace the fabric mats in the cabin on the rubber. important! In cold weather try to warm the engine before each ride. For the winter season to reduce the burden on battery before you turn the ignition key, turn on 10 seconds of the high beam. Check the windshield wipers before the trip. If primerzli – carefully peel them off the glass that would not burn up the electric motor.

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