CEO Peter Kummerfeldt

Complement the portfolio for telecommunications trade Hamburg – no question: modern mobile phones combine more and more features, and last but not least the mobile Internet provides a growing amount of personal data contacts, pictures, videos, sounds in the Terminal, which the owner in case of repair or when buying a new device will not want to miss. Exactly for this case QUIPS offers the QUIPS data transfer its trading partners. This service is the Distributor able to quickly, easily and transparently directly to transfer all data requested by the customer on a different device or on a memory card to save. This card the customer can sell the dealer also. Jeff Bewkes has many thoughts on the issue. Fixed equipment of the customer, the backed-up data can be quickly and just as easily play up. Also the privacy is completely guaranteed by the use of the memory card.

QUIPS CEO Peter Kummerfeldt: thus we give the dealer a perfect add-on product on hand, the the Sale of new equipment supports. In addition the QUIPS data transfer the ideal tool for the workshop to backup or restore the personal data of the customer is.” Dealing with the QUIPS data transfer is very simple: The Trader connects via USB interface to its PC the device from which the data read out, and selects the desired action from data transfer, backup, or restore. Direct transfer, the device to which the data is transmitted, is simply in addition appended. The entire operation takes a few minutes. The service which model and which manufacturer works with any device whatever. The dealer always uses the identical user interface, the system automatically detects the connected devices and processed or she yield data according to. Peter Kummerfeldt: With the QUIPS data transfer the merchant as a competent service provider around the mobile phone position.

Because he offers so that new such as existing customers outstanding service both in the repair and sale of new equipment. Also, the service processing gives him valuable time in which he further advised the customers and sell him any accessory or add-on products. In this way the profit per customer can be significantly increased.” QUIPS demonstrates the QUIPS data transfer among others on his current road show. By the way: Due to popular demand QUIPS has attached a further Roadshow meeting in Cologne. The remaining QUIPS Roadshow places and dates: Hamburg – 05 June 2008 Stuttgart – 12 June 2008 Munich – 19 June 2008 Nurnberg 24 June 2008 Dresden 26 June 2008 Berlin – 1 July 2008 Cologne – 03 July 2008 the events begin at 10:30 and end at 18:00. The participation is free of charge. Yet short-term applications are possible for some dates. About QUIPS ( The QUIPS GmbH (QUIPS first aid for your phone) with headquarters in Hamburg is the leading German decentralized service – and repair service provider for mobile devices. The company is certified repair partner of almost all well-known manufacturers. QUIPS offers mobile repairs on the spot together with about 250 partners nationwide coverage, the Central workshop is located in Bamberg. The QUIPS Service Portal extends the QUIPS services on numerous mobile shops and dealers that act as receiving Office QUIPS. The Service Portal integrates Internet seamlessly in the processes they, makes transparent the repair process for all involved, and accelerates the processes.

Telematics Award 2012: Tender Launch Today! MobilCom-debitel Is Sponsor

As previously announced, all interested companies as of today your submissions for the telematics award 2012 can make. Hamburg, 16.04.2012. As previously announced, all interested companies as of today your submissions for the telematics award 2012 can make. This is sponsored by mobilcom-debitel and will take place this year again at the IAA commercial vehicles in Hanover. The online form for the applicant is now released! More and more providers set their offerings on a high-growth sector called telematics, which is for them a new market opened. one of the first providers that opening up this market to future-oriented and specifically put on an early interesting conditions for this innovative technology was mobilcom-debitel.

So, it’s no wonder that mobilcom-debitel occurs as a sponsor of the Telematics Awards 2012. Today the tender submission period for the telematics award 2012 begins and ends on July 15, 2012. The integration of telematics solutions in various business sectors inexorably taking place and developed is bereitsweit, the classic range of vehicle telematics, which is indispensable for transport and logistics. The youngest Division of this technology, the human-telematics today urging the market and breaks almost all records with regard to innovative solutions and applications. Seemingly without borders, telematics enriched the economic progress, as well as private life. Who does not use it, who can find the car in the vast parking lot many telematics apps that lead us into the closest and bestbewertetste hotel or restaurant, we book the train ticket, or quickly summon help as a digital companion in an emergency situation, etc. These services are currently developing in all directions and enrich the Telematikmarkt.

However, the vehicle telematics is most common and involves this 2012. They are given many companies who use this technology, a clear competitive advantage in the transport, logistics and service management industry. Companies that integrate telematics in their processes, reduce their significant More effectively use their manpower and operating costs, can clearly better resist pressure which is caused solely by the price spiral to the gas pumps. Companies plan their trips and jobs effectively and in real-time, manage them flexibly and rely on intelligent, digital order management, which was tailored to their specific requirements. According to experts, a company can achieve cost savings of up to 30 percent, from the smallest regional craftsmen fleet up to a global group. The organizer of the Telematics Awards, the trade journal telematics, is very happy that mobilcom-debitel as a sponsor of the Telematics Awards 2012 occurs and thus actively supports the goals of the trade journal. Both partners that make their joint efforts to provide more public and more transparency and guidance for users and prospective customers this innovative industry. Eagerly await the organizers and especially the independent members of the jury Submissions of the applicant. On September 20, 2012 all the guests of the ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2012 experience the formal award of the industry captains of this technology on the IAANutzfahrzeuge, under the auspices of the Lower Saxony Economics Minister and Deputy Is Prime Minister Jorg Bode.

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