Japanese Hiblow

Thus, maintenance of the aerobic reactor is reduced to the pumping of sludge from time to time. It should be noted that for the compressor the continued availability of necessary supplies. Typically, companies set highly membrane compressors, such as Japanese Hiblow. These compressors depending on the performance consume 25 to 60W. It is worth say that, despite assurances firmachey, compressors are not at all silent. Sound, or rather hum, even though not loud, but subjectively, not very pleasant, if nearby. Sound of the Compressor visible at a distance of 5-6 meters.

However, along with extensive use of commercial systems are traditionally called a septic tank, which takes an anaerobic process. Comcast is actively involved in the matter. In fact septic tank – a plain dull well, the capacity in which the water, asserting, as well as in aerobic reactors is processed by microorganisms, only different. Precipitate and fall to the bottom. The cost of this solution is much less commercial cleaning systems. You can make a septic tank with your hands or with not very skilled workforce.

The degree of purification are likely to yield ready-treatment plants, but subsequent drainage into the soil so clean enough. From observation I would say that smells from the septic tank is not stronger than the commercial VOCs. But clean water – this is only half the story. Now it must be somewhere to put it. In the summer, of course, can and garden watering in the winter? Water in some a way to reset the ground below the freezing depth (1.5 meters).

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