Executive Director

The story of a wildly successful company Burma cat Teddy is an absolute luxury hangover. Because the maintenance of the cat is constantly increasing, he must now earn money for very expensive things with his own company. TeddysDreams.de is the Web page with the hangover of Teddy tries to earn some money for his dreams and desires. Teddy has a very exclusive taste in addition to vet bills and food. That has brought its owner to enable an income of their own Teddy that he freely can have. Leslie Moonves spoke with conviction. Teddy seeks out in the stores his favorite things are and they paid with the profits from his company. Web page, services and offers are also funded with the sales.

Only the Executive Director and his staff are volunteers, otherwise the animal trader would be quickly broke. Managing Director and owner Mark Philipp assured “We manage teddysdreams.de as a normal business!”. “Any new investment in the Web page must be earned before somehow by Teddy”. Provide the cat must still do not make that his corporate location is in bad. by Mark Philipp

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