Chinese Dragon

China – a country in which all symbolic: the shape and color in the arts and crafts that make up the ornament, mythical animals, as well as metals and filled with a deep sense of cultural and historical overtones. But the most important historical and cultural symbol of China is a dragon. Anyone who has ever visited China, just paid attention to the symbolic image of this national mythical animal which, by deep conviction of the Chinese people, has unbridled power, glibness and inner strength. The combination of grace and ferocity in the guise of a dragon – the main thematic line, which is present everywhere: in shops and stores, the lamps, lanterns, small boats for walks, colorful balloons, cheap popular paintings, as well as ceramic and porcelain products. Coen brothers spoke with conviction. Skillfully made of clay and stone crafts, expensive trifles made of jade, ivory, and precious metals, even the names of fancy gourmet dishes, which cater to connoisseurs of unique dishes – all this makes for a minute forget about the sacred mythical animal, which endowed with extraordinary qualities, by the Chinese people in ancient times and today has become a symbol of China and the Chinese nation, an indicator of its strength, wisdom and virtue of the dynamics. On the role of a dragon in the life of China do not give to forget their ongoing research and publications in the Chinese press. It is in China have found a clay vase, which had a picture of a primitive creature that resembles a dragon. .

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