Buenos Aires

Also they could choose to remain in a place, if they decided therefore it on the march, but time of the glided one without having to follow the course pre planned by the agencies. Perhaps he was but troublesome because they had to handle, but the four were good conductors and could interchange permanently, and so it was not transformed into an overwhelming task. Thus they were crossing all the points that had advised to them. When they arrived at Zapallar, lacking only two days to return to Buenos Aires fell in love with the place and their people. They were seated in the table of a bar enjoying a beer accompanied by typical subjects of gossip of the place, when they observed that in a bar next to which were there was a poster that said: Owner transfers the complete premises. To treat in and gave to direction and telephone.

First in seeing the poster he was Jorge who was it Daniel. When hearing the commentary Teresa and Maria turned seen his until the place. – Dganme if it would not be a fantastic idea that the four we became owners of that premises. we would work together and dedicate the rest of our lives to enjoy serenity and beauty of this place almost said extasiado Daniel and without thinking about which it was saying. – It would seem a fantastic idea said Maria to Me of this form immediately not only we would live this new stage, that has arrived with our recent marriage but also we would do it having all a form of different life at which we had until the date – But our family is in Good Airs said to melancholic Teresa I I could not see my children and grandsons with regularity. – But in change they responded to butcher Daniel would have a place free to come from vacations whichever times would want or be able to do it.

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