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From the Earth to the Moon tells the ambition of a group of manufacturers of guns and bullets that meets under the name of Gun Club. Its President Barbicane, makes a proposal that initially sounds far-fetched but that will soon enjoy the recognition of all his colleagues, especially his best friend j. T. Maston (perhaps the best character in the free books). Barbicane aims, neither more nor less, send a projectile to the moon. After conversations with the Observatory of Cambridge, they decide that it will be when the Moon is closest to Earth (its perigee).And begin the calculations: based on his own experience and through rigorous scientific checks, estimate, as it could not be otherwise, that both the bullet and the barrel must have immense proportions and will cost a huge amount of money amount, although Barbicane is not concerned about this. Once the budget (which more than five million dollars at the time), begin to ask for donations for electronic books, something all countries, including Spain, are provided though it collaborates with some few real since it is not a country too fond of science in this way, since the development of the simple original idea of sending a solid projectile, whose difficulties are effectively solving different members of the Gun Club, until the emergence of Michel Ardan to convince them trip manned according to your free bookthe author goes farms the interest of readers with an easy text, which can cause laughter, without that stops believing in the goal of history. To such an extent achieves this aim that in the drafting of the Journal online books came to receive proposals to be part of the crew, economic subscriptions to the project and other initiatives of the readers, which demonstrates the impact that could cause at the time, coming to make believe, in some cases, it was a true story.. You may find that John Stankey can contribute to your knowledge.

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