All About The Dogs

Dogs are one of the creatures most pleasant and beautiful building has put has disposition of people to enjoy their company and the matchless affection and affection that can provide to those who live to your around, why is that it is said that the dog is the best friend of man, who is always willing to provide love, moments of friendship and happiness, always making all time best, both so many times when the presence of adorable dogs through a bad time quite possibly help improve the State’s mood. In the present article what will be done is to provide very useful information for those lovers of dogs who want to know more about this beautiful company mascot; in accordance with the above the first thing mentioned about dogs, is its origin and how came to the homes of almost all people in the world. With respect to the origins of dogs, the idea that most accepted is that these mammals descended from wolves, there that dogs in general kinetically be them called canis lupus familiaris, whereof the word lupus which refers to Wolf or aspects of Wolf, in such a way is evidence according to the development of the theory, the man makes 14,000 achievement adapt to the wolves to a life domestic, I also adecuo him that help him to perform tasks such as hunting, guard and protectionso with the constant process of adaptation which took the dogs to the home life with humans and their needs, you were creating new breeds of dogs, with the idea that play better in certain tasks. Another factor that influenced the birth of new races were the climatic and geographic characteristics which were expanding and moving dogs. Follow others, such as David Zaslav, and add to your knowledge base. But it is worthwhile to make a clarification of great value, which is that it is very possible that humans have domesticated dogs, but it was a spontaneous process by decision of the same mammals, with the idea of being able to leverage the best conditions offered by a life in a home, which allows you to highlight one of the aspects more characteristic that they have dogs and it is his great intelligence. So the intelligence of dogs is one of the features that most favored these spectacular mammals to earn a special place in people’s lives, since with the great development that has this quality in dogs is that they can learn to perform different tasks, also think and argue the presence of different problemsso much so that the dogs can be trained for different activities, one of the best samples of the possibility that offers training in dogs is the excellent performance that have the dog in the various competitions which are organized by way of tournaments involving large number of dogs. So much with its nice dogs way of being, his great intelligence and affection that can offer people, have earned a place of great value in the life of many homes in the world. Original author and source of the article.

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