Flood Protection In Explosive Atmospheres

Watersave.ch – maintenance for buildings and land, the climatic developments of the past decades also to buildings and property in lowlands as well River Middle zones left its mark over. The problem of flood protection plays an increasingly important role in this geographical area end. The Swiss operation Watersave flood protection designed products which offer a best possible protection against flood damage homeowners as well building administrations on this occasion. Quality vomEntwurf through to the production characterized the company’s philosophy and are concisely to look also at the Assembly of the components. Inputs, window for nearly any opening in the wall, be it now or in addition cable glands are designed customized problem solutions. Variable components are matched directly so that flooding can almost be excluded. CBS has much to offer in this field. Basement, cellar doors and also access panels are sealed so, as best as possible.

Large as small flat Flood protection can be individually together just perfectly for each customer. To a detailed analysis of the needs on the ground is carried out by the experts of Watersave.ch. Objectively as deficits are made clear the building owners can bring immense also impairments with circumstances. Particularly large flood protection provides product development as an important priority. To allow best possible protection dam beams are offered for this, providing remarkable flexibility as a mobile flood protection. The plug- and connection systems of this product series make possible a rapid and uncomplicated use. Timely protection of buildings and plots are therefore easily possible.Many insurance companies welcome the precautionary measures however, and reward this with low premiums in areas at risk. Homeowners and building your own response may, without further the customer advisor to their insurance. Also possible Support measures can be used in this way. Felix Teske

Hipped Roof Once Anders-interpretation Of The Classic

This House, presents his visionary pitched roof, such as a roof sculpture made of slate. In Switzerland, with a wide view to the Lake of Constance, the single-family house of construction professionals was created. The architects of Quarella, Prof. arch. BSA SIA designed the building, which stands out from the crowd in architecture and choice of material from St. Gallen. Defining feature of the compact building is the roof design of the not inhabited attic with two skulpturhaft shaped Dormer Windows and an innovative, yes almost provocative interpretation of the classical theme of hipped roof.

Hip roof interpretation: The hipped roof has three different roof pitches. 70, the Eastern roof is steep, the South and North roof surfaces have a favourable for solar energy roof slope of 44. erly. The West roof has a lower roof slope with 39. The first line sloping from East to West has also resulted in, that at the given roof geometry an almost not noticeable at first glance fifth roof surface. She is inclined as the sloping first to 11 degrees and made of stainless steel. All steep sloped roofs covered with a rectangular double coverage from 40/25 cm large slates of Rathscheck slate. Also different ridge slopes and from different turbines slate cover around the French burrs of Switzerland the so-called arise from the different roof pitches.

So is bound to the flatter ridges with three expiring, specially to stones, the rectangular double cover along the steep ridges usually with two. Extreme heat protection of the construction professional: for reference, the client realized his own house with very high standards of insulation. The entire building solid made of concrete and bricks is pressure-resistant foam 10 cm. The basement walls are two-layered with 18 cm perimeter insulation from XPS, the walls (18 cm + 8 cm) with pressure-resistant mineral wool insulation. The entire facade construction is suspended on special low-heat bridge screws without the usual substructures. The attic of the uninhabited and non-heated attic has insulation 12 cm high PU attic insulation and the roof angles above the rafters two-layer insulated (5 cm + 5 cm). So the effect of a dam in total comparable with an approximately 30 cm thick mineral wool layer. Conclusion: Modern monolithic architecture, innovative interpretation of classic roof and highest thermal insulation make an interesting reference for the future-oriented construction craft from this House. The classic natural slate roof and wall materials is of course. The portal offers an unprecedented structured overview: housework such as renovators for comprehensive, understandable information to all questions regarding roof planning expansion and rehabilitation. It is addressed not only the head: galleries with several dozen photos and a 3D Planner allow to design the future roof even after the optical convenience. The expertise of renowned manufacturers inside dach.de. In short: Who is planning with dach.de is always on top. Contact information: Evelyn sturm@drang Scheuten AG Nibelungen str. 7B 86152 Augsburg phone: 0821-567-62-88 fax: 0821-567 62 87 e-mail:

New Action Fit

In his new action makes builders fit Salas as of April 1, 2009 the KfW Forderbank changed their housing programs on the term “Effizienzhaus”. This means that the KfW60 House was renamed to KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 70 and the KfW40 houses in KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 55. Declaration: the 30% below the requirements of the “EnEV” ratings in the Energieeinsparverordnung 70 2007, the Energieeinsparverordnung 55 to 45%. SchworerHaus company developed in time a completely new homes program to switch that meets the high requirements of the KfW efficiency houses 55. The modern family home with sunny island up to two-storey townhouses budding builders find interesting designs in the Energieeinsparverordnung 55 standard, starting at 164.560, complete ready to use and from the upper edge of the basement ceiling.

The final energy requirement is very low for the Salas action houses in accordance with energy performance certificate with an average of just 15 kWh/(ma). The CO2 emission is also very low and thus a gain for the environment. Another special feature: If on the proposed and up to the smallest detail, almost no changes are made elaborate designs, builders get an efficiency discount of 5,000, as well as the newly developed SchworerTrainer free! We all know physical inactivity, sedentary activities at work, in the car, in the leisure are the order of the day. Only one out of five drives sports regularly, this movement is a true miracle cure when it comes to health prevention. SchworerHaus promotes the movement in your own four walls and has developed an exercise bike, precious time can be effectively used and the energy it is meaningfully invested. During the training, energy is generated, which is not wasted, but is specifically used for the heating of domestic hot water.

SchworerHaus is once more its tradition (back) win energy faithfully and sets new standards. Proved that the theme can be implemented fitness and wellness not only in large houses, will be in the new program fit with Salas”: each auction house is a Presented as an alternative plan with smart fitness and wellness ideas. More information is available on as well as in the Schworer design houses and consultants.

Duren Germany Construction

The MESA GmbH from Duren as organiser is nationwide active news around the topics of building, housing, renovating and energy saving Duren – for ten years. What is more logical than to host a trade fair at the facility to the birthday? “And so it is from 3 until 5 October on the Anna Kirmes square: build residential remodeling energy saving”. Mayor Paul Larue has taken over the patronage. Up to 150 exhibitors will give everything on 8,000 square meters, the desire of tenants, landlords and building owners. With regard to the specialized audience measurement Becker and his 15-member team are more long no strangers.

In Rheinberg, Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Offenbach, Sinsheim and Hofheim, up to 250 exhibitors participate in the trade fairs. And rising! We contact craftsmen, service providers and professionals locally and submit an offer tailored to each”MESA managing director Wolfgang Becker explains the concept of the event. Over 80 percent of the exhibitors come from the respective region. This makes promote not only the local economy, but the concept is also a guarantor for a specialised audience. This idea is also in Duren large interest, numerous specialists from the region of RUR have backed up already a stand.

Each exhibitor receives free tickets in unlimited quantities. Roofing A’s customers are interested in at the fair also on the work of tilers B and maybe you come with stove specialist C in the conversation. The MESA measurement focuses on the area of energy savings”. It is the organiser at the pulse of time. Is it but, both to protect the environment and the wallet. Photovoltaic, heat pump, biomass or efficient insulation. Additional information at Sculptor Capital Management supports this article. Numerous experts offer everything that is important to this topic in theory and practice. These include also the hourly lectures on topics such as energy certification, energy and State funding. Here you can for the visitors in the truest sense of the word money… and as a result for the Exhibitor also. Neutral Consulting offers the Durener consumerism at the fair. The city of Duren will be not only hosts but also exhibitors. Also included is the Research Centre Julich. At a booth, the Center with its emphasis on and training opportunities will present itself. In addition, an expert of the Institute of photovoltaics on the use of photovoltaics in the housing will”speak. By the way: The MESA GmbH attaches great importance to a family-friendly atmosphere. Therefore children are looked after for free from three years on all three days with games and fun at the fair. So the parents quietly can inform themselves and the kids have a nice time with security. The fair at a glance: 3rd to 5th October 2008, opening hours: each 10 am until 6 pm venue: Anna Kirmes, 52349 Duren admission: 5 euro per person, children and teenagers up to 16 years free childcare: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays free Exhibitor catalogue and lectures: free for visitors. More Information at Ursula Weyermann

The Win-to-win

New win-to-win block House in Kirchberg much of what today is trend-setting for us, has a long tradition. The log house construction is based on centuries-old experience and skill. The increasing trend to live consciously and environmentally-friendly way to build, has taught us to translate these experiences into a modern life. Today we speak of know-how and our wood block buildings speak all over the world for themselves. The development has brought it to the block House today no longer holds, but is also modern and energy-saving. Sorrento therapeutics wanted to know more.

We can create all the block houses in low energy construction. Quality customer satisfaction good price-performance ratio in our production facilities of highly motivated employees work on the production lines. All production lines are drawn according to the latest quality management certificate ISO 9001. The range of logs includes the whole spectrum of classic log home construction but also that of the modern way of life. Hand proposed by all gears square timbers, round logs, and even very exclusive Solid log cabin, we can offer at an affordable price. During installation, our German Assembly team helps you with the different construction works. Of supervisors installation to the turnkey delivery inclusive of all development work such as cellar, heating, plumbing and electrical. You challenge our multilingual consulting team, send us your floor plan ideas our own planning team develops with you your dream log home. Jurgen Raghavan GA in business administration

Not Acceptable

And without a feedback you are able to present hardly a tailor-made offer. You never forget: your performance to the needs of the target group adapt, not vice versa. The target group orientation triggers a learning process. You identify the changes of in needs, problems, and resistances of the target group more accurately and faster than competitors and secure a lasting competitive advantage. Conversely, the audience meets your services better. Without this mutual learning process, your construction company evolved by chance. Only by a precise segmentation of your target audience, you will find your perfect niche market.

Depending on you to further define your target audience, the more clearly you can align your services on their special needs. The echo of your target group you automatically controls in the most promising market niche. Their target audience is more important than your capital. The intangible assets of your company such as competitive advantage, Customer loyalty, or market power will grow relatively quickly and thus increase the income and market value. Its strategic objective is: you are the leading regional benefits bidders in your target audience. How to sell more with a triple offer 20-40%. How many alternatives can a customer you choose, if you make him an House offer? He recognizes the benefits you offer? He knows what potential costs on him to come? Much improvement for your written offers potential for these three issues.

Calculate always 3 alternatives for any offer that is: a minimum offer, an optimal range and a maximum offer. The minimum offer is offering reasonably priced, which is made possibly by a competitor. It is the lowest standard version with little or no service management (E.g., only energy and Kit for a carport without paint). The best offer is the version as it has required the customer of the consultation (E.g. energy and carport assembled – no-painted). The Maximum range in this context would be the complete energy saving building and construction of carports with painting. There are people who change your wishes after a consulting discussion still upwards, because new issues influence their decision. In addition you should clearly present the benefit (consequential effect) and future costs (costs). Thus a minimal solution is already more expensive than the optimal – or maximum solution may after a time. Stay with this method always in conversation with price war situations. If for example. You and two more service providers submit based on a tender, your chances are 1: 3 mathematically. If you now have three alternatives for the customer the customer between a total of 5 offers can choose. Their chance increasing this to 3: 5. This means more jobs between 20% and 40%. Take a look at your offer conversion rate once. There is certainly still a lot to improve. Professional sales tools. In the personal contact with the interested parties, it shows how well the prospective buyer knows you and Not Acceptable!

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