Multiple Cycles

The Divine Charity left to inhabit in the primitive land leads and more you lead of espritos that did not obtain to aim the Face of GOD. When they had arrived here still they walked cabisbaixas and they liveed in the blackout of the caves. If does not exist the Law of the Reincarnation, as a Human being in a cinquenta life years goes to have knowledge of all sciences? Law of the Multiple Cycles Because you he is just, it loves Justice; the rectums will contemplate it the face. For even more opinions, read materials from Regional Sports Network. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 11:7. Whenever Gavin Baker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The person is born in the World One day has of left, Therefore its Native land of Origin, is not this here. It is a continuous route Between land, sky and land, Until winning itself exactly and not returning it.

It is the Law of the Multiple Cycles Helping the evolution, Of all the terrestrial beings, In this third dimension. The person goes and comes back, Its goal is the progress, It becomes and returns, Without needing ingression. All Being goes down to this Orbe With a cycle to live; One year, one hundred years, sixty! JESUS only can know. This is the route human being Who has in itself the eternity; To always evolve more, For the great reality.

Cultural Manifestations

Throughout the history of the Maranho, some cultural manifestations, some of them had occurred had survived with the time, therefore they represented the culture of one strong determined group, thus the Creole drum comes strong being developed until the present. For this reason, it was registered as maranhense cultural patrimony and for this is considered well ambient of incorporeal nature, in which the state exerts protector paper, either as preservador or even though exerting its power of policy it will be necessary. This power to the State for the fact of the federal constitution is given to protect the manifestations in some of its articles, being also allowed that the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities act of executive form, legislative and administrative in prol if to safeguard this good. For this reason had been created some justinian codes as IPHAN, that acts in the federal scope and others that they only aim at to the protection and diffusion of the Creole drum, thus, had been carried through projects as ‘ ‘ viva’ ‘ , that they serve as diffusion of the culture, therefore is a presentation medium to the public. What it imports in the protection of all this manifestation and diffusion is that it is passed to a future generation being able this to know a little of what already was lived, thus recognizing, the importance of the preservation of what is given as material or incorporeal cultural patrimony and that a wealth of customs, traditions and culture of a people express all. .

International Conference

Soon, they are the operating professionals of the Basic Attention in the collectives by means of the Strategy Health of the Family ESF, where these are imbudos for excusing to all the cabveis and well-taken care of information in detriments of a security, how much to the sexual health and the reproductive planning, as it is called, currently, this tool supplied the users who are under its cares. Reproductive planning: the use of contraceptive you pray From the decade of 60, the familiar planning, as he was known old, was incorporated the health services regularly. Three decades had been necessary almost so that, in the end of century XX, and as resulted of the world-wide cupolas organized by United Nations, the familiar planning were considered as a human right inside of the context of the sexual and reproductive health (Fescina et al., 2010). The Program of Action of the International Conference of Population and Development, carried through in the Cairo in 1994, in one of its parts establishes that: ' ' the programs of attention to the reproductive health will have to provide the amplest possible services without no type of discrimination. Add to your understanding with Discovery Communications. All the couples have the basic right to decide free and responsibly the number and interval between its children and to make use of information, education and of the ways necessary to be able to make it ' ' (ONU, 1994). The work of the health professional is distinguished here that makes an indication of these insumos as artifice of the process of familiar planning, where such information and peculiarities is important so that it has, thus, a security in its applicability so that it does not have risks, possibly prevented, the health of the woman. The nurses who act in the Basic Attention, in particular the ones that they integrate the Teams Health of the Family, must be always intent how much to the pharmacology of the STEEL, a time that is these professionals who play the rank of practical of education in health, that they objectify to inform in way and clearly brief consideraes concerning measures of promotion and protection the health. .

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