SOAP Anubis

“‘ The House of Anubis”-nothing is as it seems! The German version of the Belgian het Huis Anubis”distinguishes itself with elements of drama, mystery and humor, especially children in the age range from 8 to 14 years are addressed by the series. Due to the enormous success the production duo the three Benelux countries, decided to re-enact the daily SOAP with German actors instead of just sync it. The effort has paid off, what can be seen in steadily increasing ratings. The story begins with a new addition to the boarding school of Anubis. Nina (Kristina Schmidt) has a heavy start fictitious and real. The 20-year-old was suggested by our agency, starboxx, despite missing acting training for the role, and prevailed by their talent against many competitors. The newcomer in the boarding school encounters little sympathy, since the previous inhabitant of room under mysterious circumstances disappeared.

To be accepted, Nina must pass a test of courage, she should go to the forbidden attic. But what there is they again casts on unresolved issues, thus the exciting search for puzzle solution, with still more secrets about the storied boarding school on the light starts. If we get clarity about Luzys disappearance and a variety of other mysteries, is reflected in the second part of the first season. So definitely not miss, because nothing is as it seems in the House of Anubis!

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