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OLfolders is the cheap groupware solution, which succeeds to the Outlook of the company employees make networked – and that even without a Microsoft Exchange Server. OLfolders makes the individual installations of Outlook network-enabled and allows fast knowledge sharing between employees. The program allows networking from 2 up to an unlimited number of Outlook computers, can be used so as well while in small and medium-sized companies as large in for example in decentralized offices with an Exchange Server of the headquarters. Tax consultants, insurance agencies and medium businesses: customers are companies and corporations that rely on low-cost, quick and easy solutions. Please visit Glenn Dubin, New York City if you seek more information. Multiple Outlook installations in real-time thanks OLfolders access, it is possible the contacts, dates, the tasks together to edit the documents, and the incoming and output in Outlook – and in real time. Who wants to selectively restricts the write and read access and individual rights.

The individual users have the Central Outlook also access such as on her personal Outlook folder. That makes sense. Finally, everyone can see who has an appointment when, what tasks are already delegated or has an important email maybe only in the wrong mailbox. Adapts to existing network at OLfolders adapts itself to an existing network without any problems. This quite different Outlook and Windows versions can be used. The program works with Windows 95, 98, 2000/2003, XP, NT 4.0 2000 Server and Vista together. Outlook OLfolders with versions 2003 and 2007 rightly comes 97, 98, 2002/XP. In contrast to other solutions OLfolders not slows down your network performance.

Not synchronized the different Outlook versions namely, it works like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino/notes as so-called store provider that holds it in place and regulates the access only. OLfolders to work, the program is easily installed on any PC in the network or a dedicated server PC. This calculator is then the OLfolders server, all other users to access the with their Outlook. To communicate Outlook notebook sync – at any time in any place. QSynchronization for Outlook offline synchronization for notebooks extends the functionality of OLfolders. A QSynchronization user license (identical to a Clientlizenzcode of OLfolders) belongs as a free Add-On to any included license of OLfolders. Customer benefit simple installation, flexible configuration, low operating costs (Administration) and permanent availability. Fast ‘return of investment (ROI) through an optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). To date, already more than 24,000 users in over 6,000 companies with OLfolders for Outlook networks work. Download and test OLfolders can be tested extensively before purchasing. A free 30-day demo (12.5 MB) is available through the home page available. The full version is available from 84,02 euros (2 work stations). Award: OLfolders was 2006 the Initiative Mittelstand for excellent communications in corporate networks and has received for this service innovation award 2006. Notice to editors like we can provide you with further information or provide you with a free full version for editorial testing. A trial of OLfolders can be applied at any time on a book-CD/DVD. Contact: Egbert Parthesius, sales & marketing phone: +49-(0)40-987 668-57 fax: +49-(0)40-987 668-58 E-Mail: Web:

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