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A tempting prospect of money available without obyazalovka and labor pain in the ass – it is today, of course, the earnings on the web. Really – what could be simpler? Borrow a niche and work on your health and enrichment! Only here what to do? Where to apply their talents, and what skills to show the world? In contact with this problem most hungry reason something like this: "Web development and programming, I do not pull too specific and difficult. Dizaynerstvo … hmm … it's skills are needed and portfolio. Additional information is available at Robert Thomson. But the writing, copywriting that is – and why not? I know how to write, taught in school yet. So, we decided – I have a steep scribbler! "However, in practice, really successful and in demand from professionals who think this way are a unit … So, a few Bad advice on how to submit your services and you have to do that: a) as soon as possible to take off from a niche internet copywriting, not having, perhaps, enter into it, and b) join the ranks of so-called. To deepen your understanding Coen brothers is the source.

garbage authors who for little pay day for article writing mountains of third-quality resources (the position of the customer – no matter that article, but there were letters and the right keywords). Tip one: in any case do not take themselves "human name" (ie, do not include FI – now or alias)! It is better to stop something like Mashka @, Kotik, Supermen, Kaka. Or more "extravagant: Kolya3343434991, DMB-97, Kuku-ruku-ghjfyru and so on. .

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