Ancient Proverbs Revisited

On the subject of work, we have lots of folk wisdom in the head. But they may still apply to? We have checked the veracity of well-known guiding principles meet saying wisdom not only tear off calendars or in the speech of the senior partner: often it floating around in the back of the head and unconsciously influence our actions on the job. Not always positive. Because often these maxims internalized as fixed truths look like blockages – finally a lot has changed since Grandma times in the world of work. It is so worth to investigate the proverbs from the vernacular on their current truth out. \”Without diligence no price so it sounds stuffy – is already something to this saying\”, job coach Gitte harter.

Sure, there are exceptions, but very much commitment behind the most careers.\” Thus, it is not meant that you need to come first in the Office and go last. But that they themselves should work and weaknesses in attack. Because you can bring further hard work and a long con in the job than talent alone. A study of the University Pennsylvania showed that self-discipline in students influenced the scores more as the intelligence quotient. Looking for tasks that you make fun, so just so you can take full usage. But: You divide your forces and put himself under pressure – not too much if you are overworked, mistakes happen easily. low. Truth: 90 percent of many cooks spoil the mush is it actually better to tasks not in the team, but only to solve? No, an Egotrip makes no sense, because most projects would be unthinkable without teamwork\”, said Gitte hardener. Various qualities are bundled in a productive group, an individual employee may not have. Who is already at the same time diplomat, analyst and creative? So the team work not in the chaos ends and a contact can look through, you need a kind of head chef\”knows the expert.

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