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And of particular importance, this work was in terms of getting rid of infectious outbreaks. Help. Plague killed hundreds of thousands of lives, and the bacteria become the world’s biological weapons, protection against which is not the eyes of the commission, he drank a glass with strains of Vibrio cholerae, and their number was so large that it could destroy more than 2,000 soldiers. And then – washed down with two glasses of laktokvashi (milk fermented lactic acid bacillus), and – remained alive … From this it follows that these lactobacilli to do for society today available. A hundred years we have revived the production of these bacteria to the public, as Prevention requires everyone on the basis of the Russian words Genius – Mechnikov (1908). “…

As soon as the child taken away from the breast, we should start giving him lactobacilli for rich quality of life and longevity.” Research on the effectiveness of the method “Oseyanie” performed by physicians and product of lactic acid bacteria, on the recommendation made by Metchnikoff, the extract of cereals in health procedure “OSEYANIE” will help solve the above problem. The mechanism of action method is simple – to accept the proposed starter, “Oseyanie” restore personal microbial flora of man. Teach a person to remain aware of your state of conscious thought and control it during the day. This behavior, which reproduce and permission to use the Russian Institute of Nutrition M. Conducted extensive testing for over 10 years.

Active users – 100 000. The technology is based on studies of acidophilic flora in humans and animals Federal Institute especially – pure preparations STDs, Cancer Center, St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, children’s clinics, STD, and volunteers RMA practice Mechnikov. The method developed at the psychological faculty of Saint Petersburg University. Justification of the method. A new view on the life of the bacteria in the human body came from observations and experiments using freeze-ferment of lactic acid bacteria. It was found that lactobacilli well into the blood and lymph through the oral mucosa. After 2 minutes, the blood is saturated with them to 2% or more. SEPSIS IS NO NOT FOUND! Blood non-sterile … In humans, there is the rise of the activity of interferon. That is, the introduction of an incentive for defense reactions. Later the body itself is cleared of pathogens, even viral. We recommend that leaven “Oseyanie” bury his nose in a dilution of warm water – 1 part bottle 3p. per day. You can just put a grain of sublimate under the tongue. Simple use of lactobacilli may form the basis for the prevention of all types of acute respiratory infections and influenza. Lactobacilli “OSEYANIE” positively affect the mucous membranes nose and throat (mucous membrane and any region of the human body). The best option was the introduction of rectal – 1 fl. Diluted with water to 50 ml and in the evening. More accessible, it turned out, holding the throat mix sublimate “OSEYANIYA” diluted raw water vial -1. 200-300 ml. and after swallowing thickened. And so during the day. Kind of monitoring of lymph in the mouth, gives account of its quick handling and fast purification of intracellular spaces of all body tissues. SECOND STAGE OF THE PROCEDURE involves voice biorhythm bacteria. “ORTOBIOZ” – so called it Metchnikoff and a healthy lifestyle is needed to save life dominant microflora of the human body. At the seminars Mechnikovskogo motion is studied in detail. There will be a leading – focus on abdominal breathing continuously.

Oxygen – The Energy Of Life

When we think about oxygen? Then, when it is not enough. Let's not wait for this unpleasant moment and remember it now. Thus, oxygen – 8-th element of the periodic table (the nuclear charge of 8), chemical symbol – O, relative atomic mass (atomic weight) – 16. The valence of oxygen in compounds is two, the most common oxidation state of -2. Oxygen molecule O 2, molecular weight (MW) – 32 amu Well, it is for lovers of all chemistry, we are also the question of the oxygen of interest and concern is quite another.

Namely, that the oxygen in the air constantly occur two processes: its completion and its disappearance. For even more details, read what Time Warner says on the issue. Over the completion worked tirelessly oxygen photosynthesis of green plants, photochemical decomposition of water vapor in the upper atmosphere and activity of phytoplankton the oceans and seas. For what they have to thank you very much. But on the other hand, various achievements of civilization successfully degrade both qualitative and quantitative replenishment of oxygen in the atmosphere. Lack Without food a person can do for weeks, without water – for days, but without oxygen within minutes, most cells in our body dies. Oxygen is used in humans for most of the redox reactions that result in produces the energy required for vital processes. If you violate the mechanism of oxygen to the body or processes of transport it is developing anoxia – hypoxia.

Most sensitive to lack of oxygen are the cells of the central nervous system. Get all the facts and insights with Robert Iger , another great source of information. Our wise central nervous system, sensing something was wrong, gives a command to all organs and body systems: an urgent rectify the situation – as a consequence increases blood pressure in the circulatory system and heart rate accelerates. You can check this for yourself (carefully): hold your breath for the maximum possible time, and you feel the heart beat furiously begins.

Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis – curvature of the spine is caused by various reasons. Children may appear curvature of the spine from poor posture seating sedentary lifestyle, relaxation of muscular-ligamentous poliomyelitis. These strains are rare and their treatment is closely related to the treatment of the underlying disease. Along with this there is a more common and mild spinal deformity as an independent disease – dysplastic scoliosis. In this case, the distortion appears at the age of 5-6 years, regardless of external factors and progressing the whole period of human growth reaches high degrees of deformation with the formation of causes of scoliosis, it is necessary to emphasize that scoliosis – a disease caused by genetic, ie, develops as a result of breach of code of an organism. When the crash happens inherited chromosome excavations, scoliotic spinal curvature encountered in ancient times. Genes, programmers curvature, wander down from generation to generation. The pedigrees of many groups of patients with scoliosis, the researchers found a direct inheritance of the disease in 25% of patients.

But what about the rest? The second area where there scoliotic factor – a failure of normal chromosomal apparatus, the normal code for the period fetal development as a result of external influence. In this case, the fetus received a normal development of the code begins to build his body and at this time (the first six weeks of pregnancy), gets hit from the outside. In result of toxic exposures damaged ancestral chromosome that contains the code development, and construction of a new organism is on the perverse ways. Infants may appear different deformation of organs and tissues, including scoliosis. To harmful factors causing congenital malformations and deformations are penetrating radiation effects, chemical toxic substances entering the body with food and water from the air. This infectious disease during pregnancy, and receiving drugs, and vitamin deficiency.

This includes alcohol intoxication, cigarette smoking, drug addiction. This is confirmed by experimental the use of household products, smoking, vitamin deficiencies and other possible home environment often has a negative effect on the body, especially given the lack of vitamins. It should be noted that the negative exposure to harmful factors can occur not only during pregnancy but also before pregnancy, by acting on the maturing germ cells. In the cage at this time increases the metabolism and toxins from the blood enter the cell in large quantities, causing various disorders. Scoliosis as a feature of the disease in that it progresses the entire period of human growth. Increasing the angle of curvature is uneven in different years. If a child is growing distortion of 2-3 degrees per year, between hormonal changes (11 – 14 years), the arc of curvature is increased to 10-15 degrees for 1 year. This is taken into account when the medical complex. Buildup 20-40%. Therefore, the earlier treatment, the better the result. Experience has shown that the result depends on the parents, and the resolute skill in the management of the child's orthopedic treatment and long-term systematic treatment. Usually the treatment of children with spinal curvature is carried out using medical gymnastics, massage and physiotherapy. It is important to observe orthopedic treatment provides for unloading the spine. It also includes a sleep on a flat, inflexible bed rest day lying down. Contraindicated big jumps and weight lifting.

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