In Brazil, the breast cancer is the biggest cause of deaths for cancer in the feminine population in the band etria between 40 and 69 years (KOHATSU, BARBIERI and HORTALE, 2009). For the Health department (2002) apud MOLINA, DALBEN and OF LUCA (2003, P. 185), affirm that: The cancer is considered a serious problem of world-wide public health, not only for the number of diagnosised increasing cases to each year, but also for the financial investment that is requested to equate the questions of diagnosis and treatment. Currently, the cancer if constitutes in the second cause of death of illness in Brazil. The prevention of the breast cancer can be primary or secondary. The paper of the primary care is to modify or to eliminate factors of risk for this cancer.

In the secondary prevention the diagnosis and treatment of the precocious cancers are fit (GODINHO and KOCH, 2002). In accordance with Gonalves et al. (2009), the three main methods of tracking of the mammary neoplasia are: the clinical examination of the breasts (ECM), the auto examination of the breasts (AEM) and the mamografia. The practical one of palpao of the breasts serves as strong motivador and recognition of that the breast cancer is a threat in potential. You may find that Cyrus Massoumi can contribute to your knowledge. Therefore, it has an importance of education on the techniques that they aim at to the stimulaton of the practical one of this procedure, so efficient and of cost extremely reduced.

One is about a research of bibliographical character that as GIL (2002) is developed from existing material already, mainly constituted of books and scientific articles. DEVELOPMENT the breast cancer is not only the cancer more frequent acometido between the women, but also the basic cause of death for cancer in many countries. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) the incidence of the breast cancer in the last few decades increased in diverse countries including Brazil, where this illness occupies the first place in prevalence between the neoplasias that happen in the women …

State Time

Inside of this estimated we believe that the meaning of its production still can be pointed in the fact of it to have cleared that one that would be the main way of investigation of the current gegrafos that are the different questions related between the man the culture and the natural way. For what it was boarding for Ratzel in its workmanship, she is clear that its concerns if did not limit the simple relations of dependence between the man and the way, in which if originated the classic slongan ' ' the Man is a product of meio' ' , characterizing thus a traditional geography, would break up descriptive e, where the nature would start to assume the role of the citizen of the actions and the man of object. In the Ratzel truth if it worried more than about something what the mere one nature a time that same if the return for the different ones complexity social such as, ' ' The races human beings, one treated antropolgico/etnogrfico' ' , the same it acted in the areas of quarrels of sciences politics approaching subject as the State, of the relations of borders, or war, among others. Ahead of the displayed one we can conclude that although the Ratzel to be centered in the geographic context, its theoretical project is to interdisciplinar, a time that its central concern age to understand the diffusion of the peoples for the terrestrial, problematic surface that, according to proper it, it would articulate history, etnologia and geography in one same quarrel; For (SAUER, 2003, p.20) the work, of Ratzel it made solid the conceptual base in which if the great father of the ambientalismo has structuralized since then Geography Human being becoming, a time that its followers had disrespected in very its posterior cultural studies, in which it mentioned itself to population mobility, the conditions of human nesting and the diffusion of the culture through the main ways of comunicao.' ' In France, in the start of century XX, the studies around the culture were established by Paul woollen Vidal Blache, having the same elaborating the concept of sort of life.

Unit Care

Thus, it is provided care you be to greater sense of nursing and US professionals, we ploughs co-responsible will be the quality of patient care. In all, it was found that the strategies implemented in the unit ploughs recognized and accepted, not hindering the performance of the nursing technician but qualifying he will be assistance. The marriage between relatives and nursing staff you provide patient comfort, tranquility and security, thus obtaining satisfactory prognosis and an early restoration of his health condition. KEYWORDS: Humanization. Nursing team. Intensive Care Unit. Family INTRODUCTION Aiming at the improvement in the relation between external customers and internal customers in a Unit of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) credential next to the Only System of Sade (SUS) to take care of adult patients for neurological treatment of high complexity and politraumatizados, had been elaborated, next to its team of health, strategies of humanizao come back to value the care given to its customers and, in this way, to act with the focus in the holistic care to the human being, looking for to understand it and to support it in all its necessities.

The primordial objective of the implemented strategies was to facilitate and to open trustworthy canal of communication between families of patients interned in the UTI and the team of health. One searchs that the family is understood as an important ally of team and one have supported patient to invest it in its possibilities of recovery. Therefore, since November of 2008, gradual way they had started to facilitate the access to the UTI to the familiar ones of the interned patients creating a System of Companion of patients in the daylight, for predetermined time. In this way, the seriously ill patient can receive the support and affection on the part from its familiar ones and being stimulated in the reestablishment of its health through the maintenance of a more familiar and aconchegante environment.


It turns out that in the first half of the twentieth century, an American humanistic psychologist makes one of the most popular motivation theories trying to explain what drives human behavior. Abraham Maslow created a pyramid in which there are five stages through which passes all human beings. No one reaches the top step without completion of the above. They are: Basic Needs: They are the only related to the individual, for survival of the individual. Are the physiological, ie hunger, thirst, activity, Security Needs: It seeks the creation and maintenance of order and security situation. Dennis Carey. Are some as stability and protection.Related to the physical safety of work or employment, income. Social Needs: Those that are related to the need for integration, acceptance, companionship, social participation. We are talking about communication needs, establish working groups and family members, and membership requirements. Esteem Needs: Known as ego or recognition needs. Both of the other, such as success, prestige, feel appreciated, status as a necessity of self-worth and self-respect. Need for Self-realization: Also called needs of self or personal satisfaction.Level of full harmony and happiness. Perhaps this theory is vitiated by two small cracks in his pyramid. The first is that once covered the first step, human beings need not follow an order on your needs, you can be that for a person more important to feel appreciated which feel safe, protected. The second is that it is difficult to find a person, according to our human nature that you are satisfied and fulfilled, and this term is guilty of excessive ambiguity. How is a theory of motivation to the field of marketing An expert in marketing your product properly, its message, its transmission to that level of need that believes it can meet and satisfy. For example, Coca-Cola is not intended to provide a basic need such as quench thirst, if not a need to belong to a social group. A company selling luxury products will aim to reach the highest rung of the pyramid, that of self-realization.

Why Plastic Bags Are Special

Plastic bag – a product made of polymer plastic film intended for packaging, storage and ease of movement of various commodities and products. Plastic bags used by people every day, and many hardly notice their presence – so tight they came to life. Growth in popularity of packets associated with the trends of the modern world. The higher the level of everyday culture, the more people think about what to put things how not to get dirty and not namusorit, thereby increasing the consumption of packaging. Plastic bags take their place in the production and marketing areas. Polyethylene perfectly protects the product from moisture, and its appearance does not deteriorate even at very careless transportation. Frequent use of the package, one way or another, leads to a lot of thought about the criteria for correct selection, shape, design, durability and safety of packaging materials.

Chemical properties of polyethylene plastic bag in the first place is interesting for its versatility – it can be placed for storage of almost anything. Because of its chemical stability and high Gas and paronepronitsaemosti Polyethylene is widely used in the manufacture of packaging for different food and nonfood items. The use of plastic bags for food due to serious concerns among many manufacturers. Since the plastic film can be "mixed" with the product. But there has long been the standard methods of studying of low fractions of polyethylene packaging material upon which "Badness" of the package. Food film passes thorough hygienic certification. Thus, an employee of the package responsible for custom packages, for example, to test, you must ask the manufacturer, which are packages of this material and whether to allow their use with food.

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