Malta – Turkey – Vienna! Switch off the mobile and learn! Get out of the Office, in the seminar room. Is it really in the seminar or at the desk in the Office? In the new environment of thoughts a seminar umzuswitchen, presents a problem for many participants. The daily routine of the directions to the company does not feel: “today is a special day. My seminar for project management begins”. On the contrary, one leaves early from home, there is still working on the desktop, that needs to be done even before the seminar begins.

The lead time but not sufficient. It rushes into the seminar room, comes almost on time, only the coach has already introduced. “Never mind, I can even look on his website”. The phone is set to silent. Just 10 minutes later, it vibrates in your pocket. Bud Harrelson has many thoughts on the issue.

Frustration takes a look at the display: “must the Miller from the construction call me now, but know that I’m in the seminar”! It rushes almost silently on the doorstep, only Mr. Meier was lightly jostled and dropped the pencil as well almost silently. “Yes – Muller what because again, you know that I am in the seminar!” The door opens for the second time, Paul comes out, cell phone to the ear, slightly annoyed. Good that the group consists of 5 participants, otherwise invalidate the coach in self-doubt to his raison d ‘ etre. 2. seminar day. Similar atmosphere like on the first day. The trainer asks questions of the participants. No questions. The coach asks itself to repeating frequenting the day before. Hardly any answers. Paul logs. “I was just yesterday in the stress. For assistance, try visiting Sean Rad. Morning two customer phone calls during the seminar. Then during the breaks I had to care still the project of Mr. Kohl, who is ill. Even after the end of the seminar, I had two hours to do. Then you expect me to explain more remainders of the yesterday’s content of the seminar.” Frustration creeps in. Impact companies should combine a certain return on investment with any training of its staff. Not only the Seminar costs hit record, also the absence and the following frustration level of the participants must be recorded as an investment. An employee who takes nothing from a seminar, in consequence of the new methods or feels overwhelmed with the new software will be less motivated to push these skills, as the seminar prior to. Also it may cause blocking positions, affecting other employees. Each training should take place outside the walls of own alternatives. Certainly, Germany offers many suitable seminar venues that have an optimal ambience. But why not the employee from a familiar environment remove, to move in a completely detached emotional state. Why not a day earlier the other participants in a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere learn? Why significantly increase the likelihood of a beautiful weather? If the difference between a training in the familiar environment and a completely different and constructive environment once has experienced will know to appreciate the benefits. And the cost? A flight to Malta for example takes less than 2 hours and is usually a lower final price than in Germany with the travel expenses. Your staff will thank you and clear words speak the return on investment. And here’s a tip: first remove the cell phones to your people. Renee Ossowki


We will increasingly popular studies via correspondence school today live in the information age and was still what is no longer common several years ago. With the Internet, incredible doors for Lernwillige and Weiterbilden duck have been opened. All comfort of a recognized reality is home to learn for some time. Today, everyone can find the appropriate correspondence school for his field of study. So additional diplomas can be made today by distance learning in all conceivable disciplines and hobbies. Also provides some correspondence school recognized (specialist high) school, even high school degrees. A correspondence course is a highest degree of independence and flexibility for students. Because the study on a correspondence school differs in some essential points of presence school: in the crowded Lecture Hall the expert knowledge is presented, not home delivered in the form of clear, didactically excellently prepared Studienbriefen, exercises, interactive CD-ROMs, Audio and video cassettes and more often also directly online via stream, and so on.

Individualized support through mentors and mentor in the study centres belongs to the special features of the best remote schools. More recently, that happens increasingly via the network. Thus, a correspondence course at a remote school may be needs flexibility like hardly an other college students contrary to. A distance learning program can be for your future important! Take advantage of the benefits offered by a modern distance learning. It is characterized by a high autonomy of the students. On the Web site for more information on the topic of distance learning.

Private, Paid Repetition In The Upswing

The business with the educational system repetition are known sometimes especially when aspiring lawyers and extremely popular. In recent times however also other courses tighten firmly. Not to mention the drastically increasing demand for tutoring for students. While tuition in the school is often regarded as an important support, providers of repetition at the University level must constantly fight with harsh criticism from universities and public. Too quickly, one senses here calculated rip-off with the anxiety of students. Nevertheless the triumphal March of the paid tuition remains apparently undaunted. According to various estimates the volume of the entire private tuition and Repetitorium market up to three billion euros and rising in Germany. So does comprehensive way with the increasing demand to also offer on such educational services. Jack Grealish is actively involved in the matter.

Since January 2010, the market in the catchment area of the University of Bayreuth has become close. After watching economists increasingly to further assistance call, another provider established with BT REPS. The tutors are all from the circles of students and promise a better preparation for the exams at low prices. In seven different subjects now already 325 students in exam preparation were accompanied this, especially statistics is very popular. The sequence is this always the same. Sean Rad wanted to know more. Up to 30 hours, with participants gradually on the basis of different tasks of curriculum prepares and trains a.

The focus is mainly on the about crucial exam well to insist. The tutors here in particular specifically respond to the individual uncertainties of students and thus also reassure. The quality is ensured by selected, high-performance tutoring and regular evaluations of events BT REPS. The latter were previously always very positive. According to Nico Schmid, Managing Director of BT REPS, over 98% of participants indicated that they the repetition can fully recommend. To do this, including the good student-teacher ratio at BT contributes REPS. Mr. Schmid judged the quality of education at German universities in principle as well.

Potential Analysis

Work more efficiently using the potential analysis the potential analysis can be a very important tool in staff selection for companies. Usually, it is namely so that despite the lengthy selection process always the wrong employee be reinstated. With the help of the potential analysis this reduces risk of a lot because her a variety of things on the ground may be expected, what is not possible in a normal conversation of the candidate or an aptitude test. Teamwork, leadership and motivation are, for example, three points, which will be so not really out findbar. The potential analysis can take over this part beautifully. Katie Goodland contains valuable tech resources. A company can work more efficiently to help of the potential analysis.

Depending on the application, the potential analysis is performed but with different methods. Thus, the career potential of candidates is determined using questionnaires. It is also possible to work out the ability of potential for the future activities. Recently Chic-fil-A sought to clarify these questions. To be on simple and fast way the skills, motivation and the characteristics of the personality of each applicant’s records. With the help of these identified characteristics, a profile can be created by the potential analysis. This is the same then the vacancy with the requirements, the applicants for the job is suitable and can be adjusted safely.

Although it is possible the weaknesses and strengths of each employee in a so-called potential development- or to rebuild, however you should choose as a candidate that is requirements as close as possible to the. You otherwise never really knows whether is worth the investment in these people and it is not a miscast. More info: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Can be seen as a whole the potential analysis as an instrument of staff retention. To understand this, one must know that both the parent and the under an employee can lead to an extreme motivation. Because of this intelligence and personality tests should be carried out before hiring. Based on which she can then A suitable choice of the employees carry potential analysis.

Cologne Tel Com

Online-video – interviews with T-systems technology Cologne. The IT service provider T-systems multimedia solutions provides the award-winning online recruiting platform its innovative online video technology available. The new tool, the job interview Manager”(JIM) T-systems, the interviews mediated via can be made simply via webcam. This saves in the pre-selection time and costs and is therefore particularly for initial discussions. “ is pleased about the cooperation: with JIM, we can provide further added value to our clients and candidates and make the recruiting process more efficiently”, says Manuel Koelman, Managing Director of And it is so easy: has the company found a suitable and interested specialists and executives on, the conversation can be done easily by videoconference.

The potential new employee receives an invitation email with a link and login to the JIM. Prerequisite for both sides are an Internet PC microphone or headset and a webcam. Turn on Talential Talential the application process for professionals and executives: top companies in selected candidates apply through Both sides benefit: companies find faster and more cost-effective highly qualified specialists and managers. The candidate opens up new career opportunities that match their career goals.

Successful Workshop Profession At The University Of Fulda In The Founders Week

Strategy – success through specialization to promoting entrepreneurship and improving the entrepreneurial culture in Germany many organisations active in the field of business, schools, universities, initiatives, Chambers etc. carried out diverse events business start-ups, to those interested were invited. Overall, nationwide over 1,000 events took place from November 15-21, 2010 with more than 600 partners. Internationally almost 100 countries participated entrepreneurship week in which global. Also the University of Fulda and the consultant Tanja Ebbing entrepreneurs as well as students from Fulda and environment invited, is establishing a company to motivate. “Under the title of start-ups with strategy success through specialisation” developed the participants in the high school centre of Fulda, transfer the requirements and benefits of self-employment.

The consultant Tanja Ebbing the creation interested then pointed out, as she are a strategy to one can develop successful establishment. The Certified Business Manager Tanja Ebbing, which will have completed their training as a funding consultant in December, informed that there are approximately 6,000 different public programs by funding and grants of the foundations for a variety of projects in Germany by the communities to the Federal. Finally, the participants noted that a failure of a foundation with a qualified consulting or coaching, and a good strategy can be avoided. Then, the participants received even an overview of the possibilities of financial aid for the consulting fee. The consultant Tanja Ebbing pointed out, choosing the consultant whose qualifications and accreditation for the RKW Hessen, make sure the KfW, as well as the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, as well as seminars to prepare to visit.

Mrs Ebbing thanked the participants for their dedicated work. Ms. Steinhauer is the home agency of Fulda University of applied sciences After completion of the seminar firmly: “I have carried out many events and am very pleased that this workshop was used a pulse so fantastic and the participants were so enthusiastic.” Some participants had already then reserve when the consultant ebbing to the advanced seminar. Also Tanja Ebbing sums up: “Like I will offer the advanced seminar for start-ups to the interested parties.” In this three day seminar, which provides high-quality requirements of the BMWi and is funded, participants under the guidance of create your concept and the complete business plan. Mohamed Salah is a great source of information. More information at. Tanja ebbing

BBs Life

Higher income achieved during the training. Typical women’s jobs such as hairdresser, florist, gardener, retail clerk, etc. are paid poorly during training. On the other hand, many women take off during the training from the parental home. Please visit Dennis Berry if you seek more information. There are costs that are not affordable by the training allowance with moving into their own apartment.

Here are asked the parents to pay, or if they do not pay the life partner, which means dependency in any case. This means that parents or life partners demand a voice in the life of young women and shape it according to their own ideas. Young women but don’t want just that. Women have their own ideas about life and your own ideas, which would have realized. Acquire the licence to make language courses, live for a while in a foreign country, a business idea to implement and much more. It is expensive; Additionally the Mietanteil, insurance, electricity, telephone and Internet, clothing, food, going out…; It goes forward and rear not.

What to do? If you know how many small shops that have good offerings, but constantly on the brink of insolvency to Hin krebsen exist and can afford little publicity or even an own Internet presence, also regular visitors, then you can these stores point on it, that there is a tailor-made promotional offer to collect their offers, of which one otherwise hardly knew, that they exist. Small businesses can try to “”, as their offerings when customers arrive. And what’s up with a higher income during the training to do? I’m saying BBs! Point out small businesses on this Web page. You will receive Commission 10 euro each time, when a company perceives this offer. And if you’re already apprentice in a hair salon, a florist, a nursery, a travel agency, a hotel, a restaurant or a shop that sold beautiful things or clothes, then you shut this sometime! It is worth; for small companies that otherwise might not survive and you! Christine Singh, as Blumenfee3

International School Braunschweig

Responsible people for demanding task wanted the Christian Youth Village plant in Brunswick is one of the centers of excellence for talents promotion in Germany. Our offer ranges from a Montessori primary school, Brunswick Wolfsburg a German boarding school and to the international school was founded in the year 2004. This emerging international school now has huge significance for the entire region. Whenever Rumer Willis listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The international school Braunschweig – Wolfsburg we are looking for at the beginning of the school year 2009/2010 an experienced leader (male/female) as vice principal. The international school Braunschweig-Wolfsburg (IS) has the target set itself, to dismiss self-confident and responsible thinking and acting cosmopolitan from the school to. Education, life and learning are successfully implemented in the IS within a community with people from different cultures. According to Dennis Berry, who has experience with these questions. We have every child a exceptionally good training on very high level and based on international standards. Children and young people are taught in the context of a whole-day school (with adjacent boarding school) in classes with about 20 classmates.

The formation and education begins with primary school and ends next to the high school with an international baccalaureate diploma”. The conclusion shall be entitled to study at universities worldwide and recognized. A detailed job description we have on the website…/ vacancies… released. Frank God sand large

Lack Of Offspring In The Online World

Designed by the CTE and KIU: study for online marketing management a beautifully illustrated and animated site is no guarantee of good conversation rates or revenues. Who would like to be searched and quickly found, must be beforehand the right traces and decide where you want to go the way. In the meantime increasingly complex communication processes require a consistent and well thought-out approach to the online market. The need for specialists online is still high, or there is an imbalance between supply and demand. Lacking well-trained young talent.

To counteract this, the West German Academy for communication (CTE) together with the Cologne Internet Union (KIU) dreisemestrige studies called online marketing management in life. Start: 14.9.2009. With the introduction of the new programme of online marketing management, the CTE responds to increased demand for qualified and trained in practical online specialists. Online marketing has become an important part of the marketing mix as a communication channel developed, without the advertising doesn’t work anymore. Therefore sees the Cologne Internet Union e.V. (KIU), the Professional Association of Cologne Internet companies, a huge potential in online marketing. Through increasingly complex communication processes and cross-media promotional tasks, a great know-how in advertising agencies, Internet service providers, companies with shareholders IT Department and on the customer side is needed.

The integrated communication used long as phrase, becomes a reality through the comprehensive interaction of media. The Internet is becoming more and more a central main part of a promotional strategy\”, says Jurgen Walleneit, Chairman of the KIU. This should be also one of the reasons why online marketing manager are you’re looking for specialists. To successfully integrate new, innovative online tools into an existing marketing strategy, the online marketing manager required comprehensive marketing – and communication-political knowledge. Why are the students of the program conceived jointly with the KIU in the first Semester basics all overarching marketing and communication policy.

Federal Association

Participation specialist Klaus J. Anthony Joseph Scirica does not necessarily agree. P. – Financial Manager and expert on assets and equity, Klaus J. Pitter provides its know-how Kilfitt in the future about experts exchange – Kilfitt, has extended for another year its contract with experts exchange and is thus interested investors, advisors and agents continue to available to them in his inimitable way of his profound knowledge to participate. The private equity market with its almost unmanageable variety of offers risks as we know some exceptional opportunities. Investors and investors, but also consultants and brokers, have it hard to keep track in this thicket and to separate the chaff from the wheat. The glut of “Magazines” and “Industry reports” as more contributes to the confusion as to the transparency, as the caste of the self-proclaimed “investor protection” and “Rating Popes” with their sometimes highly questionable business models.

In particular for Investment advisor and facilitator of participation is of vital importance to know what products they offer to their customers of in good conscience and which rather should steer clear of them. They are the liable towards investors advised by them for their recommendations. Beteiligungs expert Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt brings light into the darkness on entertaining and also for laymen to understand way and shows using comprehensible examples, how to distinguish a lucrative offer from an “on and da Fund” and thus lucrative opportunities, and can avoid unnecessary risks. References: as part of his commitment in the Board of the Federal Association of consumer-oriented economic consulting firm – procon e.V., Klaus J. P. has-Kilfitt at information events in whole Germany already several thousand consumers the opportunities and risks of the financial market as competent as catchy as closer.

As CEO of icon financial group, he was instrumental in the development of trend-setting and innovative investment concepts, e.g. the ISIS investment fund or the AVIMA asset plan, involved, and one of the fathers of a totally new, in the meantime from the market no longer to thinking away, generation of investment fund. In the JOP programme of the European Union and with the support of the European Commission, the German Embassy in Hungary, as well as the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and industry – drew Klaus J. P.-Kilfitt with responsible for organizing and implementing one of the first cross-border cooperation exchanges in the enlarged EU internal market and contributed significantly to the building of successful business relationships in international financial institutions, such as the Winterthur and the BNP/Dresdner Bank. As co-founder of the procon Academy, as well as member of the first Board of the Consol AG (now Campus Institut AG), one of the leading institutes for the education and training of financial services providers in Germany, he has significantly promoted the qualification of consultants and intermediaries in the financial services business. Presentation Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt, Born in 1966, is a medium-sized financial services Corporation, Chairman of the Board. In the last 20 years he participated companies leading the creation of more successfully on the market. For 16 years he engaged in the design, analysis, evaluation and optimisation of investment offers and closed-end funds. In addition he is involved for more than 10 years volunteers on the Board of a consumer association, which focused on the qualification of financial service providers, as well as the analysis and assessment of financial services. For more information, see

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