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If it were not so lucky buyer Lada car, "a new generation -" Lada Kalina "," would not see my car ever, and would absolutely die an unhappy man. But the competition has done its job, forcing the search for ways of cooperation with foreign producers, running separate lines for the assembly of foreign cars in Russia, and introducing in the production of "tens" and "Kalina". Imagine for a moment that there was no competition, as Russia in the mid-90s launched restrictive tariffs on imported cars from overseas. In this case, the construction of lines for the production of "Scores", "Kalina" and "Prior" would not have been launched so far. Assembling cars in Russia, foreign brands would be something from the category of scientific fiction. Since it is hard to argue, after all, in the presence of competition was 15 years old, and that cause a person to drive the car "VAZ", as a rule, perhaps by an outright ban the use of cars foreign production, either through financial protectionism, speaks for itself. So why commit such actions that may bring short term benefits of the current car manufacturers in the form of artificial increase of sales revenues that are already in the medium term to get negative results, but in the long term – a worsening crisis in the production of Russian cars? If there is reasonable answer, then he is in an attempt to "get short-term results, hoping to avoid negative consequences." At what expense can be avoided? Professionalism of the Government, which involves protectionism in the very short term, and reduction of duties in a year or two, not allowing the already decadent productions forget the need for further development, at least, those modest pace, to they were able to before. .


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