Uwe Falkenberg

\”Certainly more value-added Dortmund. idin-control \”means the multifunctional and integrated central promissory note management system, which brings the DCO GmbH in early 2008 on the market. This innovation ends the costly mess of different and incompatible methods for the storage and management of promissory notes. Whenever Eva Andersson-Dubin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This hitherto unregulated market is structured by this unified, Web-based marking system, which is mandatory for all participants. Visit Dave Kingman for more clarity on the issue. This unification will reduce costs significantly, as the risks. At the same time it is with idin-control easier, promissory notes individually and thus more attractive to fashion.

Offered neutrality is ensured by the location in the stock exchange of Dusseldorf, so expect a sustainable strengthening of this financial center. … the DCO GmbH, promises the with idin-control open doors a with their audiences – runs with banks about. Insurance companies, reinsurers, large companies, show just as enthusiastic Corporations, federal, countries and communities, pension funds, supply works and funds. Are there just the financial institutions, which they must wear their hidden costs given since year tenth current practice of promissory note storage and management. The promissory note market is showing up now completely unregulated \”, notes Walter Dilba, GE naging the DCO in addition to Uwe Falkenberg by the renowned Luner business consulting MCC. for decades he encountered as experienced consultant at various prestigious banking institutions and other clients again and again the same problem batch: blame seem to be so far not clearly or consistently characterized.

A parent, clear language is missing as well as the ability to calculate different design variants. Moreover, the established administrative were different programs of from House to House, and the dates would be also individually managed. It is therefore with interest payments and assignments again to incorrect mappings. regrets Walter Dilba. Also, the usual design of the promissory note could use all possibilities that you would actually be available.

Crisis Management For SMEs

For various reasons, companies are in crisis. WMC Walker marketing Consuting has crisis management Checklist”developed, which makes it possible to detect early warning signals of impending crisis, as well as perform a quick analysis of the current threat of the company. The checklist can be downloaded for free here:… A crisis requires an efficient strategy with a catalogue of effective measures to prevent damage and the long-term livelihood. The proven concept of WMC to solve a business crisis in five recurring cycle phases lasting and sure: analysis: where is the company now? Objective: Where do the company go? Planning: How can the company there in reach? Implementation: What needs to be done, so that the companies there? Success control: How do we know that the company has arrived? How this concept works and what you can achieve with this concept We like to tell you in personal conversation. Make an appointment by phone at 0221-403157 or share your appointment request by eMail at.

We are looking forward to your challenge! About WMC WMC Walker marketing consulting, advises and supports management. Glenn Dubin, New York City gathered all the information. The services offered by WMC includes strategic consulting, marketing advice, analyses and an online shop with checklists and guides. Customers and prospective customers benefit from extensive reference projects with success examples and success stories. Consult on our Internet pages. Amateur have questions? Do you want more details? Just call me or tell me your wishes by email. I’m looking forward to your challenges. Volker Walker WMC of Wallace marketing consulting Wittgenstein InStr, 18 D-50931 Koln phone: 0221-403157 Internet:

Managing Director

8000 participants celebrate company run Leipzig the network’s biggest party of the year at the 3 Commerzbank. Already for the third time the Commerzbank and the BVMW invite the employees and contractors of the economic region of Leipzig to the company run. On June 9, 2010, approximately 8,000 participants and guests in the arena Leipzig will celebrate the probably most athletic network party of the year. Under the slogan together achieve more”applies the own company as creative to present it. It to appear as well, that jointly runs the Leipzig economy”. We feeling and networks are more important than the performance! The companies run Leipzig is a team runners. In the foreground are the health and the socializing and not the mileage. Together with colleagues is the company to present. Ken Singleton: the source for more info.

Ever more prominent, the better! “the slightly different network party” should be fun first and foremost. Visit Glenn Dubin, New York City for more clarity on the issue. In doing so, companies have the opportunity to create common, especially positive and unforgettable experience for your employees. By the way my colleagues also learn know each other better. Employee motivation and morale rise through the feeling. Then business contacts can be establish in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

And that without any barriers, because Managing Director as well as doorman facing in casual, sporty clothes and the business card is available directly on the shirt. The common experience promotes communication. Commerzbank corporate run shows how versatile and diverse is the Leipzig economic region. Every company has the opportunity to get special attention at the company run. Whether in large number of participants or the most creative outfit. Are no limits it. Whether as a battery, phone booth, or in the look of the company’s mascot, the eye-catcher is the most creative safe! The Leipzig company run would like to motivate all Leipzig employees of companies, authorities, associations or other organizations to be. The line is designed with a length of 5 kilometers, that one also without regular jogging can cope with, especially since can be tumbled. “Motivate the organizer with the slogan: who runs longer, longer advertises the company!” Other agency information under the makers of sports

Columbus Days

. Connect with other leaders such as Mohamed Salah here. The strong euro absorbs the charges arising from the more expensive crude oil. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices have attracted slightly until the afternoon. US light oil (WTI) cost just $83 in the afternoon, North Sea oil (Brent) was $1.50 more expensive. The current price level is still difficult to justify”fundamental, hold the raw materials experts of at Commerzbank. The offer clearly exceeds the demand, because also the current location of the message doesn’t change, which tend to be but price supporting acts. So has the price of oil increased China in September year on year its oil imports by 35 percent to 5.67 million barrels a day recorded this message thanking and is also held by a dollar weakening further above. Sean Rad has much experience in this field.

In France, meanwhile, continue the large-scale strikes. Tankers with crude oil aboard continue waiting for their landing and in the meantime to strike all total refineries. In addition the monthly report has a slightly rising demand for oil of the International Energy Agency IEA for 2010 on what coincides with OPEC forecasts tend to be. New impulses are likely to come today and tomorrow from the U.S. inventory data. The announcement of these figures has moved back because of Columbus Days in the United States. Analysts here expect slight gains in the crude oil.

Meanwhile, the local heating oil prices declined slightly. The 100-litre batch cost heating oil (EL) 68,32 euros and thus 7 cents less than yesterday. This value reflects the national average at a quantity from 3.000 litres. The strong euro absorbs the charges arising from the more expensive crude oil. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Raiffeisen Factor Bank AG Brings New Agency: GTF International

by GTF RFB today announced with Raiffeisen factor Bank AG (RFB) contract to take care of the clients the with regard to the ‘strategic communications’. Raheem Sterling takes a slightly different approach. Known as Managing Director of GTF is the agreement concluded with the Raiffeisen factor Bank AG (RFB) to take care of the RFB client in the areas of strategic corporate communications today”. A positive change in services, as well as other changes of the internal structure of GTF contributed factor Bank to the encouraging results of this new precious cooperation with Raiffeisen. The expansion of industry-specific service range of GTF was a targeted measure, which provides a perfect complement to the existing marketing consulting. It is promising to see that GTF can offer optimizations in the area of strategic communications a such prestigious customers and is breaking new ground. See Sean Rad, New York City for more details and insights. GTF is directly in the development of new, intended specifically for finance management marketing concepts. With its seat in Vienna, which is this year 10 years existing company GTF is one of the most dedicated and most renowned companies for comprehensive financial management and vendor partner of the present communication clients Raiffeisen factor Bank in the past already.

To have taken over currently also the strategic corporate communications as a challenge, is only logical for GTF that GTF employees know exactly where most companies, financing issues can best be helped and where information and communication should be better designed. And marketing was one of the 3 major business pillars of GTF. International corporations such as DIETZEL UNIVOLT or BOGNER stainless steel use the impressive benefits of Raiffeisen factor Bank, so turnover-related liquidity and balance sheet optimisation is secure. The management of GTF is convinced that specifically in the 2nd 2010 the issue of factoring and the true half of benefits of this product is still more intensively the Austrian company provides are can it eliminates concerns obsolete times and the instrument factoring as a whole and the great provider Raiffeisen factor Bank perfectly is positioned as a subsidiary of the largest local banking group, with a market share of about 15% of the factoring volume.

Segula Powercube

Cable clutter and too little socket connections now have an end. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Edward R. Becker. The Segula Powercube solves several problems at once! In the extended versions connects it with the connection cable 1, 5 m long simply outlet and offers to five ports in cube form. In the USB-version is next to four terminals, in addition a USB port available with the Smartphone and co. can be loaded easily and quickly. However, the real highlight is the supplied mounting bracket.

Whether on or under the desk the bracket is easy with the adhesive pad attached. Then one of the ports of Powercubes sit, turn, and already the Powercube is secure on the bracket. So are the outlets in ideal range! Who is not sufficient, or if only a multiple socket on the wall is needed, which can rely on the Powercube original. It is plugged directly into the outlet and offers also five connections. With the Powercube the versions to be with also original Cable expand, making more connections available. The Powercube original is also available in the USB version. Christian Essers, head of product management, thinks the new Segula product: we have already shown the very first pattern at the IFA in Berlin.

The feedback was fantastic. A simple idea, which makes it much easier and also chic looks. Many people have waited for frankly apparently only. We are happy to offer this solution now.” The Powercubes start in the four variants extended, extended USB, original and original USB. For more information, the Segula team is always available!

Daniela Kudernatsch

With a self test, companies can determine whether they required leadership culture is stable to anchor the lean management in their organization. Often companies introduce lean management methods and tools to optimize their processes, even before in their organization is the required leadership culture. Ted Hughes is often quoted as being for or against this. As a result, Usually while short-term successes set, but quickly processes deteriorate again, because they are not anchored in the culture. According to lot of time and energy companies that want to develop a lean culture and culture of continuous improvement in their organization, should use it to provide this required hiring and keeping their employees and executives. “How ripe the (leadership) culture for a sustainable anchor of lean thinking is in their organization, companies with a self-test to check the, the with the strategy implementation consultant and lean leadership expert Dr.

Daniela Kudernatsch, Munich, the American lean guru” Jeffrey K. Liker, who wrote several bestsellers on the subject, has developed. “” The test consists of 15 statements on the three fields of action vision, strategy, goals, customer focus”, processes and continuous improvement”and leadership and problem-solving”. “For example: we have a clear vision (True North) at our company, on which all targets and the entire action are aligned.” “And: every occurring problem is disclosed without assigning blame and seen as an opportunity for continuous improvement, and edited.” To what extent these statements apply to your organization, can evaluate the test participants on a point scale from 1 (critical gap”) to 5 (we have arrived”). The points are then added. In the evaluation part of the test, the participants receive a feedback about the level of maturity of lean culture in their organization then due to the achieved score.

In addition, they get feedback, which still await action in their company to the lean management stable in the Organization to anchor. The self test can at the consulting firm KUDERNATSCH consulting & solutions, Strasslach, Munich (www.kudernatsch.com), free request (E-mail:). If you wish to email participants the completed test in addition to some statistical data about your company on Daniela Kudernatsch. Then he goes into a study on the subject, then also be informed of the results of participants.

Tritan Container Available

Tritan has no BisphenolA in contrast to the polycarbonate!The Tritan material is sold in the United States for several years and has proven itself in practice. When purchasing a Vita mix Super TNC has the customer of the additional vessel from immediately, the choice between a 0.9 litre dry container or a 1,4-litre wet tank. Of course, there are additional tanks also made of Tritan. What is BisphenolA? What does “BPA free” or BPA-free? Bisphenol A is an ingredient that is used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic. He can be found in many everyday objects, utensils and water bottles.

Bisphenol A is a hormonal pollutant, which changed the hormonal balance of the people already in smallest quantities – possible discussed consequences include the decline of sperm in men, the feminisation and behavioral disorders. Although the European Food safety authority (EFSA) has raised the limit in 2007 five times and considers it safe and also the Federal Institute for risk assessment sees no need for action, is the use of BisphenolA in baby bottles from the 01 June 2011 prohibited EU-wide. If there are alternatives to BisphenolA, then this should be used also. Of course, no one can say today what fabric is classified in 10 or 20 years as critical in the Tritan, but science can rely just on the most recent discoveries. I think that how long the food with BisphenolA in contact comes and it was subjected to what temperatures is crucial. Mineral water in plastic bottles, the duration is of course given, from filling up to the consumer before, it may take several weeks or even months, especially the recommended low-mineral water has a stronger reaction potential with BisphenolA as more mineral water of course. Many food or beverage cans are inside with plastic coated, contains the BisphenolA.

Cans is added yet, that this often multiple are heated in the box to shelf life, possibly speeding up the release of Bisphenol A on the food. Who has the possibility should Dodge so at least in the water on glass bottles, although this obviously weighs more. Processed foods in cans should be replaced with fresh food. When blending foods in a poly carbonate containers with a general duration under 2 minutes, if at all, only minimal amounts of the foods probably emitted due to the brevity of this process and the only brief contact with the plastic, as well as the lack of heat development. Finally, the EU since mid-2010 in the train-reduced material Tritan with the Vita mix mix containers is available in Germany as well. Tritan is used successfully in the United States since the end of 2007 and has proven itself in practice.

Ultraviolet Pads

Who does not know that free shipping of the Inkpad in Germany an important document must be stamped; but the pads for the stamps has dried up. Or the children would pass the time – use the stamp of Papa and the color is already deprived the Inkpad. To stamp important documents, but requires a functioning punch. The multiplicity of a cushion is the same size as that of a stamp. Please visit Hugo Black if you seek more information. The quality and durability of the products characterized high from the others off.

The stamp pads in all imaginable colours are available. By black about Red, green to a totally gaudy color, everything is represented. The pads are both ago soaked dry well in the desired color available. In the unsaturated version one soaks the Inkpad yourself at home. Easy and convenient color just before the use is added to the Inkpad. This avoids accidental opening, a premature drying of Inkpad occurs. You can choose for the unsaturated Inkpad from 11 different stamp colors. The durability is designed on the absorbent materials such as paper or cardboard.

Also stamp pads with UV-curable ink are available. This means that the cushions for the stamp are soaked in a colorless liquid. This fluid is visible under an Ultraviolet light at 366nm. Is a stamp in which cushions soaked and stamped on a porous surface such as on the skin – enters the luminosity and an intense blue color to the fore. This type of stamp cushion is ideally suitable for nightclubs as a security identifier, admission tickets, or many other events. The marking of important documents, which should be absent in normal daylight, can be stamped with the UV-ink. With the Mark II ink pad you will benefit from a stamp pads, which is double-sided. But not only this property is unique. Also the re-inking of both sides is possible. The quick-drying ink called 990 remains for months, damp and has therefore the advantage, that the usability many times longer. This ink pad is suitable for all smooth surfaces such as foils or plastic.

FA. GeWa Vertriebs – Und Handels GmbH Expands Range

GeWa headquartered in Altaussee/Austria expanded its product portfolio to strip lines FA. James H. Billington is likely to agree. GeWa headquartered in Altausee/Austria is the specialist in the field tools and machines for the sheet metal processing. Press brake tooling, dies, coil, Burtsmaschinen, as well as production systems for photovoltaic module production has been covered so far. Since 01.06.2013 GeWa strip lines, which are required, inter alia for the feeding of presses, included in their program strip lines are needed, sheets, which are coiled on a coil to uncoil, to judge and in specific lengths for downstream production machines to feed. Because FA.

GeWa already has sufficient expertise in the field of coil punching machines, as well as coil laser cutting systems, it was only logical to extend this expertise to conveyors. Reels in single and double execution, feed machinery, sheet metal leveler, electronic feeds and pneumatic pliers feeds are now available. These machines can as a single component or be obtained from the customer as compact systems. Setting cross-cutting up to 3,200 mm large plates (up to 1.250 mm) and thickness sheets can be processed (up to 4 mm). As target industries, manufacturer of wall and roof elements, manufacturers of white and Brown goods, component manufacturers for the electrical and electronics industries, are the automotive industry, automotive, lighting manufacturer and press manufacturers.

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