TYPO3-MACHER Be Certified TYPO3 Integrators

TYPO3 is one of the most popular open source content management systems in Europe. TYPO3 is one of the most popular open source content management systems in Europe. Open source content management had long time systems with image problems. A worse quality than content management marketed for commercial was placed under many systems them. You may find Gary Carter to be a useful source of information. But systems, in particular, TYPO3, took on clearly open source content management in relation to quality assurance just in the past few years. Not about access today, many companies in the intranet or the Internet to TYPO3.

The quality of TYPO3 projects continue to increase and TYPO3 to give interested parties a further clue to the quality of the work of the service provider has developed the TYPO3 Association a testing procedure, the TYPO3 developers can place a certificate. “Those who pass the exam may be henceforth certified TYPO3 Integrator” call. Details can be found by clicking Tim Wallach or emailing the administrator. The TYPO3 agency TYPO3 Macher.de and her partner agency team in medias (Internet Agency) have all employees, which can be entrusted, certify with TYPO3. Firstly, we support the TYPO3 Association, whose efforts to a predicate of quality we see very positive, this measure, and on the other hand, the certification is also an indicator for the know-how of our employees”, so Dr. Erwin Lammenett, owner of TYPO3-Macher.de. The TYPO3 Macher.de are a specialist agency, the only services on the basis of the content management system TYPO3 and the e-commerce shop-solution provide XT commerce. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City pursues this goal as well. The services range from consulting and training about the programming of complex extensions handling complete projects.

Stress-free Internet Shopping

Modern intralogistics ensures on-time and complete deliveries of Hanover – the time is ripe for a new bed, the old squeaks and makes the night to the day. Completely tired, just the force for an online order – remains a comfortably from your sofa with a few clicks of the mouse. Arrives a few days later the bed then, embarks on the construction and scares: missing just the main part in the package. This problem is a year not alone, because according to a study of the European Commission for Consumer Affairs Sue hundreds of customers about problems with their Internet shopping in 46 percent of cases for a late or incomplete supply. Companies therefore strive to optimize your intralogistics and to counteract a bad reputation by careful and reliable packing of the goods. Intralogistics refers to the targeted control of all flows of material and goods, taking place within a facility there. Must the right goods at the designated time be in the right place and of course completely.

Modern software-based control technologies and the use of robot technology help with this logistical challenge. At goods issue about State-of-the-art DWS systems ensure quality assurance. DWS is an acronym for the processes of dimensioning, weighing and scanning. Packages run on a conveyor belt and are identified by the barcode from a scanner. Then, they are weighed and measured. And the weight of a package does not match the reference weight that is stored in the computer, so it is not delivered: such a system to dispatch giving the company prior to delivery the security that the package is actually complete. “It is particularly interesting, by the way, how modern scales work: determine the weight of the frequency of a vibrating string and are therefore particularly precise and fast”, explains Reto Gianotti, Vice Managing Director of sales and marketing for PESA. Know in times of globalization Companies that need to use similar technologies, in order to compete in the international competition.

As a trend barometer, the CEMAT is in Hanover. It is the world’s largest trade fair for intralogistics. Over 1,000 exhibitors present new achievements of technology from 27 to 31 May 2008. Christoph Hahn-Woernle, Chairman of the Presidium of the CEMAT, stressed in the run-up to the fair the development potential of the industry: the intralogistics sector has grown in the past five years by about 50 percent. If we look at the development of our industry to the beginning of the year and the forecasts of the company, we can assume for 2008 by a further revenue growth to eight percent”. The career prospects for the industry are therefore positive. So, the companies of the German intralogistics industry have increased within the past year the number of jobs by 4.3 percent to 94.900. The increase might have bigger, if the industry would rather suffer the lack of young talent”, Hahn-Woernle regrets. Many vacancies could not be filled. Would have to consider whether taking not the reins into their own hands when the next incomplete order and opt for a career in the intralogistics industry. Eva Andersson-Dubin takes a slightly different approach. You have the proper packaging of the ordered bed, then at least their own control and a good night.

Christmas Shopping Without Fees With Ukash NEO

More joy when shopping online with Ukashs virtual prepaid MasterCard London, December 2, 2010: Ukash, specializing in online payment on the basis of cash gifts its customers to the end of the year with a cost relief for their Christmas shopping. Ken Singleton pursues this goal as well. The company cut the fees of its virtual prepaid MasterCard Ukash NEO for the Christmas season. On over 1 million websites Ukash NEO users benefit now from the benefits of online cash payment, without having the usual prepaid cards fees. By the end of the year, the virtual prepaid MasterCard Ukash NEO throughout Europe can up to a value of 50 free one also toll free in trading Ukash voucher to exchange them for available -. Read additional details here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Everywhere, where on the Web with MasterCard could be paid, also Ukash NEO is accepted, such as Amazon or iTunes. Persons without a credit card, or those who want to control their spending better, save money thanks to this fee waiver.

Even when buying Ukash neo in the value of about 50 up to 450, Ukash has halved the fees. The virtual Ukash NEO MasterCard can be used even as a Christmas present or immediately after the acquisition on neo used for the Christmas shopping on the Internet. Up to a value of 50, Ukash NEO is available free of charge until December 31, 2010. Paul Coxhill, Marketing Director Ukash, explained: our waiver of fees on Ukash NEO during the Christmas season is a further step to facilitate safe and easy online shopping for all people. Offering free of charge to our virtual prepaid MasterCard Ukash NEO this year, we facilitate our customers already costly Christmas and the often painful January.”by ING MEDIA / Jasmine Keller

Europe GmbH Preissau

Germany’s first entertainment shopping portal Preissau.de is one year old Sondershausen, 01.12.2009 – with the interactive live shop preissau.de launched before a year of Germany’s first entertainment shopping portal. The anniversary so shortly before Christmas, Preissau.de presents a very special highlight for all bargain hunters: the Jenoptik digital camera JD 10 0z3 TS touch screen at a price of 77,-euros, which is now shipping offered. With the course of the first year, Andreas Hartung, Managing Director of entertainment shopping Europe GmbH as the operator of Preissau.de, shows much to peace: “our main aims were the establishment of the portal as a fixture in the live shopping scene, as well as the establishment of a community of users – we have achieved both.” The unique mix of a daily changing product at a bargain price and an extensive entertainment is a Preissau.de recipe for success. “With the mixture of entertainment and bargain-hunting, offers a unique shopping experience on the Internet its users. Through the additional entertainment elements also shop visitors at their expense, their Geschmack does not apply the offer come,”explains Hartung. In addition, regular themed days enrich the offer on Preissau.de. “Our theme days have established themselves as a solid institution. Check out Paper Excellence for additional information. With them, we are specifically to customer requirements for high-quality branded products at discount prices”, says Hartung.

So benefited users including date of offbeat offerings on subjects such as do-it yourselfers, health, energy save or gadgets & gimmicks. The entertaining shopping portal is complemented by exclusive entertainment elements. For even more opinions, read materials from Paper Excellence. The heart is the daily new video blog “Daily Steffi”, in which anchor girl Steffi ironic criticism reflects current news of the day. Customers will also find a similarly daily cartoon, as well as a fun video competition with great prizes. Last year the Preissau.de bandaged also over 50 entertainment blogs visitors to the start of the week. About Preissau.de: Preissau.de has been online since December 2008. The entertainment shopping portal see change the products as well as the entertainment programme both daily. Is core of the portal the video blog?Daily Steffi?, where to anchor Gandhi Steffi every day keeps the message of the day.

The Preissau.de team has many years of experience in the retail sector and E-commerce. Awarded with the seal of approval for online shops in Europe leading Preissau.de from a variety of other live settles shops as guaranteed reputable shop. In addition, the presentation of the latest bargains via RSS feed and Twitter (twitter.com/Prize sow).

Internet Personensuchservices

“American Idol contestant in April most wanted person on 123people.de Sarah Angel stands in the finale of the eighth season of Germany seeks the superstar”. Go to Erling Haaland for more information. She fights against their colleague and friend Pietro Lombardi for the victory. Angel is already for the 123people.de user number one: in April, the singer was the most wanted person on 123people.de. The second place goes to blow the Raab “-Teilnehmerin Alexandra Stegmann. Actress Alexandra Kamp completes the top three. Sean Rad, New York NY spoke with conviction.

The star scale 123people chooses the characters most popular among German Internet users each month. Alexandra Stegmann participated in April on the Pro seven show blow the Raab “. In various disciplines, the former football player entertainer Stefan tried to conquer Raab. STEGMANN was able despite all effort against Raab not prevail: she lost the contest seventy-three to eighteen. Also at 123people.de it was enough only for second place in April. Actress Alexandra Kamp claimed three are ranked. Kamp is a passionate animal rights activist.

Finally she settled for the Scan animal rights organization PETA”topless, covered only with a skinned Fox. The goal of triggering as much attention, was full. The campaign called for the waiver of fur as a piece of clothing. In fourth place is the late silent film star Charlie Chaplin. Google paid tribute to Chaplin on his 122nd birthday in a short film. On the home page of the search engine was a doodle”(the a special theme customized Google logo) embedded to honor Chaplin. The top five completed US actor Johnny Depp. Depp is from 19 May 2011 in the fourth part of the Walt Disney film pirates of the Caribbean”in the cinema to see. Once again slips”the actor in the role of Pirate Jack Sparrow. With Captain Jack”Depp created a cult figure. The 123people star scale that 123people star scale shows what VIP most wanted BBs by German users within one month on the Personensuchmaschine of 123people.de. The ranking is a good snapshot due to the large range of 123people currently the most popular people in Germany. The 123people star scale in April of 1 Sarah Engels, American Idol contestant 2. Alexandra Stegmann, blow the Raab “-Teilnehmerin 3. Alexandra Kamp, German actress 4. Charlie Chaplin, former silent film star 5 Johnny Depp, American actor the entire list of 123people star scale April on blog about 123people since February 2008 optimized people search on the Internet.” With monthly over 50 million unique clients, 123people is one of the largest and most popular Internet Personensuchservices worldwide. The local side is the largest Personensuch service in Germany with almost 12 million visits by German users (source: IVW March 2011). Headquartered in Vienna each user provides an online person search, with the simple fast, free, and reliable real-time facts about themselves or about other people on the Internet finds.

GmbH Joachim Raven CEO Wyvern

… the promotional tour by DAIM and neu.de flirt guaranteed! Munich, February 2012 – the popular chocolate caramel Praline brings together lonely hearts in the fourth year in a row and looking for together with the single market the DAIM flirt couple neu.de 2012. Others who may share this opinion include Jean Seberg. From the most creative flirt snapshots, three women and three men to the final will be invited to Hamburg. There the flirt couple is chosen as winning 2012 beckons a fabulous romantic vacation on Mallorca. George F. Gunn Jr. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The great promotion action, DAIM is my biggest heart”is just in time for Valentine’s day on February 14, 2012 in the fourth round. 87 million contacts were obtained in 2011 with the broad-based cooperation marketing campaign. 2012 with nationwide flirt tour, print ads, PR and online advertorials, success-proven concept guarantees high contact numbers: DAIM brings singles together again in cooperation with Canon, Air Berlin, UNICUM, neu.de and chooses the 2012 flirt couple shy, charming and humorous: from February to may can show every single how he convinced flirting and most beautiful Flirt on the action site upload.

Flirt parties meet with DAIM team on-site who needs some support or just plain nice people would like to, can also directly on one of the five nationwide flirt parties in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Munich have: the DAIM team is on-site in the usage and the chocolate side of the willing to flirt night owls in scene. Creativity will be rewarded from the most creative photos of flirt are invited per three women and men to the grand finale of the flirt to Hamburg. The six finalists in an exclusive restaurant dine together with a celebrity host. There, the candidates must answer various questions and tasks – at the end of the prominent flirt expert decides who best fit together. The winning couple won a fantastic romantic vacation on Mallorca with Air Berlin. About neu.de here it starts – on neu.de.

This is the credo of neu.de, Germany’s serious dating. Since its inception in 2002, so many people have become found as little about other Datingsite. With an extensive personal service and innovative technologies, neu.de guarantees serious matchmaking at the highest level. In addition to hand-checked profiles neu.de offers a variety of search, the singles help to find a new partner. With the title of best offer”, the Institute pays tribute to the high quality of neu.de. The vote for the site of the year 2009 and 2010, neu.de was awarded as the best and most popular Datingsite. Neu.de is one of Europe’s leading providers of dating services since February 2008 to the French meetic S.A.. Members have access to over 42 million profiles from all over Europe. More information and press material: neu.de GmbH Joachim Raven CEO Wyvern road 25 80337 Munich Tel. + 49.89.5529 714-02 presse.neu.de herzklopfen.neu

Online Shops With Increasing Interest In Social Shopping

Over 40 new partner stores give commissions edelight Stuttgart, January 27, 2009 Internet users can save even more commissions at edelight. The recommendation platform has integrated more than 40 new online stores today. Swarmed by offers, Jack Quaid is currently assessing future choices. Large retailers such as Douglas, Swarovski, MEXX, Orsay or Stylebop can be found among the new partners. Users can receive for successful recommendations from these shops Dankeschon commissions between 2% and 7.5%. The shopping platform edelight is based on the principle of personal recommendations. Users can recommend each other beautiful or interesting products from the Internet. Is purchased on the basis of a recommendation of a product, the edelight partner stores give commissions to the user, who recommended the product.

The same also applies to the own shopping. Through the integration of the in-house tracking the there integrated partner shops now also directly on edelight.de can be integrated. 50 dealer took the chance it, including many fashion brands, but also sports stores, baby clothing and furniture shops. The amount of Commission is ever after Store between 2% and 7.5%. A total of 400 partner shops participate in mediated sales edelight users with thank you commissions.


Get to know the secrets of successful Web sites! Over 95% of all Web sites make no money or below cost. Why is it? Many operators of Web pages from although now recognized, how important is marketing for success, yet remains the often have success. John Brown does not necessarily agree. Not infrequently are including many blogs built for several years, which may break even, but not profits!But why is that? The reason is often to look for, the Web site operators choose a wrong strategy: they enter in any major market, to succeed there. Market, competitors, and target group analyses and online marketing are not sufficiently and carefully enough done. “Target group – marketing, namely what I want who like ‘ offer are not sufficiently precisely formulated. Meanwhile, more and more newcomers use a relatively unknown so far in Germany strategy from the U.S. to enter quite quickly successful in the Web business. Thanks to this strategy, one is able, without week-long building of Web pages within a short time earn first successes in the money to be able to register on the Internet.

Thanks to a very simple but step for step explanation even the beginners it is possible to make initial success with his Web page. This special knowledge nor their own products are necessary! On closer inspection of many Web pages noticed, some bugs keep coming up! u0085 most Web pages the 5 main mistakes in Web pages tell error no. 1: by themselves, their expertise and their services no customer wants to have insurance. Rather, he wants the secure feeling to be fused at the age or to keep his previous quality of life. “With statements like: we have over 30 years experience” the customer rightly wonders: and what’s the point? “Therefore any Web site operator should ask the question: what has the customer?” Just on the Internet, most users searched for information on how he can solve his problems and pain and thus achieves its goals faster.

Web Analytics

Furthermore, Austrian and German different preferences have, what is the software solutions available on the market. While 40 percent of the ATX using Google Analytics, there are only 3 percent of the DAX listed companies. These committed increasingly professional solutions. The dissemination of the enterprise tools tripled there almost as compared to the previous year to 37 percent. In Austria, their share fell, however, to 20 percent. Enlightenment of the user. Not exactly take the Austrians with the intelligence of the user. Although, now significantly more companies inform their visitors that they use analysis tools. Check with qwiki to learn more.

However, corresponding notes only on the website of every second ATX and top 100 company can be found. Thus, the Austrians manage much laxer than in Germany dealing with the online data. There, already 81 percent of the DAX companies enlighten their visitors that they analyze their behavior on their Web sites. The majority of the companies in the neighbouring country thus keeps on the corporate governance rules. Industry focus. Pioneered the use of Web analytics are in this country the mobile phone companies. All four major providers use appropriate software solutions.

The spread in other selected sectors is as follows: electronics retailers (88%), automotive industry (75%) and banks (71%). While Google Analytics is very popular in electronics stores, the other two sectors show no clear preference for a particular analysis tool. The complete study “Web analytics report 2009” with all the details, available free for download: wa report on e-dialog the Vienna-based consulting firm e-dialog specializes in Web Analytics and conversion optimization. Is the (revenue) efficiency of existing sites and increases the ROI of campaigns. Others who may share this opinion include James Corden. In the context of “outsourced online-marketing, search engine marketing, as well as all forms of performance be campaigns carried out, evaluated and optimized. The customers include companies such as Henkel, Palmers, Otto-Versand, bauMax, Post.at, Telekom Austria, Bank Austria, Volksbank and FlyNiki. Is the (revenue) efficiency of existing sites and increases the ROI of campaigns. In the context of?Outsourced online marketing? are search engine marketing, as well as all forms of performance campaigns conducted, evaluated and optimized. Customers include companies such as Henkel, Palmers, the Otto-Versand, Post.at, Telekom Austria, Bank Austria, Volksbank and FlyNiki.

Ski Challenge 09 Is

Compared to the previous year, there was a increase of 17 per cent in the number of installed games. David Zaslav gathered all the information. In the fourth season of the ski challenge 09 “a total of eight countries participated: in Germany exclusively with the partner SevenOne Intermedia, the multimedia company of ProSiebenSat.1. 1 group in Austria with the TV station ORF. In addition had also TV stations in the Switzerland (SF), France (France television), Italy (interactive), Norway (NRK), Slovenia (Zurnal) and Croatia (24sata) licensed the game. A large number of major advertisers took advantage of the successful platform newspaper, UNIQA, Raiffeisen, German Wings, move to including internationally renowned companies such as Canon, Tip3, Swisscom, MyVideo, crowns the own brands in the right light, Red Bull and Wagner pizza. In the current season, the 3D-Online-eSport-Spektakel went ski challenge 09 “graphics jazzed-up and a new group tournament mode with a mobile version for smartphones at the start and found in the fan community consistently enthusiastic encouragement. Thus claims is the ski challenge “series this season as the biggest virtual winter sports event and positioned the Greentube AG with their portfolio of free 3D-Download-Spielen as a leading partner for in-game-advertising funded licence games.” Eberhard Durrschmid, CEO of Greentube AG, is pleased about the continued success of the ski challenge “series: we have continuously developed the game itself and the complex software behind it and so made a long-term success story of the ski challenge.” An end is yet long to be off.

Also our other IGA-funded 3D games to in the coming years similar successes achieve.”we are pleased that we have the ski challenge 09 the German fans once again on our game platform SevenGames.de could offer. The high-quality 3D game, which could be offered again for free thanks to in-game advertising, proved once again high acceptance by our users “, says Marc Wardenga, head of games at SevenOne Intermedia. Green tube will not rest but on the laurels and is now working on an innovative, fully dynamic in-game advertising technology for the ski Challenge 10 “. Learn more news see the following link: or about Greentube AG: Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore. founded in 1997, since 2000 company and majority owned by the founder, the company many well-known portals and games websites with skill-gaming technology supplies. Greentube is expanding worldwide.

Focuses on the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers. For more information see and about the SevenOne Intermedia GmbH: SevenOne Intermedia is a multimedia company ProSiebenSat.1. 1 group for all interactive platforms including online, mobile, and Teletext Services and responsible games.

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