Unit Care

Thus, it is provided care you be to greater sense of nursing and US professionals, we ploughs co-responsible will be the quality of patient care. In all, it was found that the strategies implemented in the unit ploughs recognized and accepted, not hindering the performance of the nursing technician but qualifying he will be assistance. The marriage between relatives and nursing staff you provide patient comfort, tranquility and security, thus obtaining satisfactory prognosis and an early restoration of his health condition. KEYWORDS: Humanization. Nursing team. Intensive Care Unit. Family INTRODUCTION Aiming at the improvement in the relation between external customers and internal customers in a Unit of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) credential next to the Only System of Sade (SUS) to take care of adult patients for neurological treatment of high complexity and politraumatizados, had been elaborated, next to its team of health, strategies of humanizao come back to value the care given to its customers and, in this way, to act with the focus in the holistic care to the human being, looking for to understand it and to support it in all its necessities.

The primordial objective of the implemented strategies was to facilitate and to open trustworthy canal of communication between families of patients interned in the UTI and the team of health. One searchs that the family is understood as an important ally of team and one have supported patient to invest it in its possibilities of recovery. Therefore, since November of 2008, gradual way they had started to facilitate the access to the UTI to the familiar ones of the interned patients creating a System of Companion of patients in the daylight, for predetermined time. In this way, the seriously ill patient can receive the support and affection on the part from its familiar ones and being stimulated in the reestablishment of its health through the maintenance of a more familiar and aconchegante environment.

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