High Availability Solution

Due to popular demand, ADIVA computer technology GmbH, together with Fujitsu held a further workshop on the high availability solution ‘x10sure IS’ in Dusseldorf. Bad Homburg, 29 June 2010. A seminar on the topic “x10sure high-availability solution for real and virtualized Windows platforms:” takes place in July. Numerous questions on this topic and a desire for comprehensive training events causing ADIVA Fujitsu, to call another event on this subject in life. X10sure IS – low-cost high availability Fujitsu x10sure integrated storage (x10sure IS”) is the cost-effective solution for ensuring high availability for real and virtualized Windows platforms. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Coen Brothers. x10sure IS provides economic protection against server and software error together with the proven PRIMERGY Server systems and is ideally suited to small businesses as well as larger organizations with branches or sales that are running a Windows Server.

The continuous replicate of all Changes of system and application data from the productive system to the replacement system is based on two identically built PRIMERGY servers. If the production system fails, the replacement system will automatically pop up and continues the operation of the physical server or virtual machines. x10sure IS required no external storage system, no SAN or even no expensive Enterprise licenses. Savings can be achieved with the use of x10sure IS by more than 30% for investments and by up to 50% of operating costs. The experts of Fujitsu and ADIVA show workshops with partner authorization at the workshop, the x10sure explain IS what benefits the solution provides, “-sales strategy, bring successful usage examples and present the success factors in the sale.” The participants will experience deploying x10sure IS in the context of a live demo locally.

“As evidence for successful participation in the workshop, our partners receive the certificate of”License2sell”, the they as professionals for the new Fujitsu product x10sure IS” stands out. Date and agenda date: Thursday, July 21 venue: Fujitsu technology solutions GmbH, Gladbecker Strasse 7, 40472 Dusseldorf, Tel. 0211/6178-0 agenda: 09:30 coffee and registration 10:00 welcome, sales strategy (Fujitsu) 10:15 overview, positioning, benefits, examples (Fujitsu) 11:15 coffee break 11:30 Microsoft Server 2008 – hypervisor 12:15 o’clock x10sure live demo (Fujitsu) 12:45 lunch 13:30 marketing & sales (Fujitsu) 14:00 ADIVA as reseller interface (ADIVA) 14 h 15 discussion board.

Telematics Award 2012: Tender Launch Today! MobilCom-debitel Is Sponsor

As previously announced, all interested companies as of today your submissions for the telematics award 2012 can make. Hamburg, 16.04.2012. As previously announced, all interested companies as of today your submissions for the telematics award 2012 can make. This is sponsored by mobilcom-debitel and will take place this year again at the IAA commercial vehicles in Hanover. The online form for the applicant is now released! More and more providers set their offerings on a high-growth sector called telematics, which is for them a new market opened. one of the first providers that opening up this market to future-oriented and specifically put on an early interesting conditions for this innovative technology was mobilcom-debitel.

So, it’s no wonder that mobilcom-debitel occurs as a sponsor of the Telematics Awards 2012. Today the tender submission period for the telematics award 2012 begins and ends on July 15, 2012. The integration of telematics solutions in various business sectors inexorably taking place and developed is bereitsweit, the classic range of vehicle telematics, which is indispensable for transport and logistics. The youngest Division of this technology, the human-telematics today urging the market and breaks almost all records with regard to innovative solutions and applications. Seemingly without borders, telematics enriched the economic progress, as well as private life. Who does not use it, who can find the car in the vast parking lot many telematics apps that lead us into the closest and bestbewertetste hotel or restaurant, we book the train ticket, or quickly summon help as a digital companion in an emergency situation, etc. These services are currently developing in all directions and enrich the Telematikmarkt.

However, the vehicle telematics is most common and involves this 2012. They are given many companies who use this technology, a clear competitive advantage in the transport, logistics and service management industry. Companies that integrate telematics in their processes, reduce their significant More effectively use their manpower and operating costs, can clearly better resist pressure which is caused solely by the price spiral to the gas pumps. Companies plan their trips and jobs effectively and in real-time, manage them flexibly and rely on intelligent, digital order management, which was tailored to their specific requirements. According to experts, a company can achieve cost savings of up to 30 percent, from the smallest regional craftsmen fleet up to a global group. The organizer of the Telematics Awards, the trade journal telematics Markt.de, is very happy that mobilcom-debitel as a sponsor of the Telematics Awards 2012 occurs and thus actively supports the goals of the trade journal. Both partners that make their joint efforts to provide more public and more transparency and guidance for users and prospective customers this innovative industry. Eagerly await the organizers and especially the independent members of the jury Submissions of the applicant. On September 20, 2012 all the guests of the ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2012 experience the formal award of the industry captains of this technology on the IAANutzfahrzeuge, under the auspices of the Lower Saxony Economics Minister and Deputy Is Prime Minister Jorg Bode.

Andreas Schneider

The 24 h travel emergency helps with medical problems and smaller emergencies, such as documents and cash loss. The police can be completed daily with the app. Additional information is available at Jeff Bewkes . The special feature of the app: Border the user receives a message in which he is asked whether he wants the travel insurance or not a practical mnemonic automatically relaxed travel. In addition the app with many practical extras scores: so the application includes an online translator and a practical document safe for the safe storage of important travel documents such as passport, insurance or vaccination. Most of the features can be used regardless of the conclusion of the police.

The download is free. Check out Coen Brothers for additional information. More info and free download under: reiseapp Alliance global assistance since January 2011 operate the Mondial Assistance International S.A., Office for Germany, the providers of special insurance for travel and leisure stays abroad, as AGA international S.A., Office for Germany and the assistance company Mondial Assistance Germany GmbH, AGA service Germany GmbH. The two companies can refer to more than 55 years of experience and a total of 600 employees in Munich. German business units of the Alliance are both assistance SAS Global headquartered in Paris, France. The Allianz Versicherungs-AG, Germany, is also engaged in the AGA service Germany GmbH. The Alliance global assistance group, international leader in assistance and travel insurance, employs worldwide more than 10,900 employees. A network of 400,000 service providers and 180 correspondents ensures that assistance as soon as possible there, where it is needed at any time and all over the world. 250 Million people are entitled to the services of the Group almost four percent of the world’s population all five continents. The Alliance global assistance SAS part of Allianz SE, Munich. For further press information and inquiries, please contact: Andreas Schneider press tutorial AGA international S.A. phone: (089) 624 24-241 fax: (089) 624 24-554241 E-Mail: Bahnhofstrasse 16 85609 Aschheim

Oilily Bags 2013 – Fantasy Flora – First Summer Collection

Taschenmann2005 presents Oilily fantasy Flora that first and the largest collection of women’s bags for summer 2013 was in 1963 by Willem and Marieke OLSTHOORN brand Oilily Oilily established. You have successfully started with children’s clothing. Please visit Joel and Ethan Coen if you seek more information. Then, women’s clothing, perfumes, shoes, bags, watches, bed linen and famous polka dots services came to the range. End of 2008, insolvency has been reported however. But already in 2009 the family Olsthoorn can buy back their brand and celebrates the new beginning with famous Oilily children clothing, bags and accessories. Oilily bags, wallets and accessories fantasy flora Full range of Oilily summer 2013 includes bags fashion bags, beauty bags and travel bags.

These include fashion bags themselves several large and small Taschenkollektionen.Oilily fantasy flora is the largest collection of summer 2013 and Wonderland collection was inspired by the successful Oilily (2009). Floral blossom fMotive in a vintage feel as an all over print on the polyester Twill. Five colors: Cream, pistachio, solid Pistachio, biscuit or MoCCA, nylon or a polka dot print on a pink with a contrast fabric made from luxury, cream or blue backdrop added: A striped inner lining animates the Interior of the bag, while the details such as PU matt mouldings in Brown, pink or blue, coral, gold hardware, the 3D-Oilily logo and the practical zippers give a finishing touch of the outside. Material: Polyester 80%, polyvinyl chloride 20% (synthetic leather). Model range leaves nothing to be desired as always at Oilily, here are esTaschen for any purpose: Weekender-for sports, leisure or short trip. soft diaper bag for fashion-conscious moms; for business ladies Office bag Briefcase with laptop compartment; for much Packer large carry all also with laptop compartment. Anyone looking for a handbag, can choose all or a small S handbag roomy M carry.

Shoulder bags fans have the choice of four different sizes. Trendy Tote and tote bags – two-sided handbags you carry in 2 colors are reversible bags S can (flower pattern or repetitive). L wallet, four wallets, S wallet, travel wallet and S flap wallet is a must. The last but not least, iPhone cases for 3Gs,4, iPhone 4S and scratch at Oilily – iPhone hard case cover for iPhone 4, 4s, scratch-resistant plastic:

Families Services

-Other situations of family crisis. Intervention with these families very often employs the technique of intervention known as mediation and that we will see later. 1. 2. 2 Families in situation of social risk families that do not have or are very difficult to access standardised resources both technical and material, so both integration social, educational, cultural and labour is complex, even embarrassing on many occasions. Within this section we can refer to the following (families: to) families of Gypsy race: from social services the overall objective in these cases is to encourage standardized processes. Families are users of these services but not as routinely as which we’ll see below. (b) families with lack of personal, social, or economic resources: these families flock to social services because as consequence of the lack of resources of various kinds can not develop and carry out an independent life.

Programmes targeting these people basically focuses on a methodology of social work based on integral and personalized attention. This focus is on itineraries of listening and surveillance, accompaniment and social inclusion. c) immigrant families: immigrant families go to social services to receive information and advice regarding social resources. The number of these families has increased considerably, and we can say without any suspicion, are currently the most common users. They are usually immigrants with problems mainly Economic and which are in unstable labour and legal situation. In the case of immigration, is being promoted from social services not only to advise and provide support to families, but it is struggling like signal primary, also educate professionals in the teaching of the educational centers, due to schooling in the classrooms of immigrant students, as well as the families of these childrennot only from the social services, but also from the own centres of education, through for example, the schools of fathers and mothers. For what immigrant families attend social institutions:-receive information and advice from those services that allow them to establish minimum competencies necessary for their development in the host society, accessing resources standardized in equality of conditions and opportunities than the rest of the social sectors.

Stress Emotions

If, exactly as you feel, your you want to save your marriage but to your husband simply it does not interest to him, I confess to you that there was a little while in which it imagines to do it, but is no way in which we pruned to control the thoughts, feelings or desires of our spouses. Ten in account that when you impose or demands something your husband, which you obtained is that you increase to the tension and the problems in your marriage. Why it passes this? Because to anybody it likes that they say to him what must do or how it must feel in his heart. S.A. just as I made repeated attempts to recover your marriage, but nothing has changed, you know what happens? You have not obtained that your Husband Changes what Feels.

There are many probabilities that the man with which you married years ago back is not the same. In those then both they were without preoccupations, optimists, trusting and happy. I ask to you that You record this well: Stress is the greater assassin in the marriage and the relation of pair. The Stress of the life can aggravate your relation, mainly if both do not do against their emotions of a way heals and effective. Decirte is my obligation that the Stress of the life creates toxic emotions within we who are accumulated and when we loosen those emotions, is because an enormous ball of negatividad falls on our pairs. It is therefore that the marriages are deteriorated. Well, now you know already it now I am going to you to reveal as to save a marriage itself you want your it to try Ready? Ok, Concntrate in which your husband feels better with you, is that simple. You trust that your Husband feels by itself Dear and Valued? If you create therefore it, you are trusting the external circumstances so that your husband feels happy.

Business Marketing

The boom of marketing on Facebook has taken over the minds of many people. The fast pace that manage social networks gives effect changes in the behaviors of users becoming consumers and changes in technology that can also be a challenge to employ best practices being specific and long-lasting. How to know if our campaign on Facebook is making presence in the public goal? In any online marketing investment, social networks determine how the brand should behave company, product or service that promotes, in order to arrive at a result of particular business starts with knowledge of some key aspects: 1. What characterizes the client and 2 conversation. His hypothesis on how use Facebook will help you achieve your business once these words have meaning for you, Facebook is presented as a marketing strategy online and on social networks.

What is the demographic situation on Facebook? Recently Ken Burbary important and recognized marketer focused on digital and technology in USA-, provided a report entitled demographics Facebook – statistics 2011. In this you can see the necessary information for the process of creation in the use of social networks. The query was performed to identify public where the potential users are. Facebook comes easily to new customers or stays with the same users? Facebook is revealed through the understanding of the preferences of the customers for the discovery of content consumption and distribution. These behaviors are present in Facebook pages through the profile wall, internal and external news that unite content and the taste of the contents. Be able to attract customers directly through Facebook indirectly or through the participation of other social networks have to do with the way in which your brand evolves in the social network. In many cases, Facebook is a step in the process that continues to attract the interest of customers many use as tools and strategies, blogs, website or other digital experiences.

It is important to have publications several times a week on Facebook? Participation in Facebook may start with some examples of success that have had different brands within the social networks. Their participation should be adjusted according to the needs of the medium to which it is addressed. Starting with the promotion of specific information about your product and publish a couple of times per week is recommended, stay focused to provide useful information. Ask questions to more easily promote your product and above all not lose patience is importance to provide the service to the client in social networks? If service to customer is part of its strategy, then makes little sense and importance to stress that in your profile. Customers expect to find and interact with search results. They need that the comments are functional and aided by the supplier. Monitoring of networks and participation should disclose the demand and at the same time companies should plan and forecast your answers and actions. His campaign and planning within this social network depends entirely on what you intend to achieve or accomplish. Does aim for your Facebook page? This is the main question that you should do before starting its use on that network. Tania Altamirano with Lee Odden original author and source of the article information.

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