ADVANSA presented novelties and News Europe’s largest producer of polyester, CoolMax, ADVANSA BIOPHYL around its product range of ADVANSA Thermo cool, that presented a variety of innovations and new fabric developments specifically for the outdoor apparel at the leading trade fair for the outdoor segment. A large number of leading European brand labels ADVANSA Thermo recorded cool in their collections and promote appropriate sports and sportswear fashion under its own brand name. So has including Nike included Golf collection fabrics made from CoolMax in his Nike with wool and will come with the latest collection in the fall of 2009 on the market. New wave sportswear, specialty supplier for professional rowing clothing, has the world’s elite for the upcoming World Cup in Poznan/Poland equips cool shirts with ADVANSA Thermo. Falcon, globally active supplier of functional sports clothing from the Schmallenberg sauerland, opts for spring/summer collection at the running 2010 BIOPHYL from ADVANSA. BIOPHYL is a sustainable ecological Textile product, based on fibres and yarns that are spun from a special polymer from DuPont De Nemours.

An evolution in the market for performance insulations are ADVANSA Thermo cool for clothing and ADVANSA Thermo dry for sleeping bags. To offer the ideal each isolation level for different finished products, ADVANSA Thermo delivered cool products in various configurations: active sportswear, fashion, soft shells and accessories such as gloves or boots. Also, ADVANSA Thermo dry products are offered in a wide range, which complies with all specific requirements for the use of sleeping bags. BIOPHYL is a registered trademark of ADVANSA Marketing GmbH DuPont and Sorona registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and company, Inc. ADVANSA Thermo cool is a registered trademark of ADVANSA CoolMax is a registered trademark of Invista under exclusive license from ADVANSA Andreas Knorr

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