It turns out that in the first half of the twentieth century, an American humanistic psychologist makes one of the most popular motivation theories trying to explain what drives human behavior. Abraham Maslow created a pyramid in which there are five stages through which passes all human beings. No one reaches the top step without completion of the above. They are: Basic Needs: They are the only related to the individual, for survival of the individual. Are the physiological, ie hunger, thirst, activity, Security Needs: It seeks the creation and maintenance of order and security situation. Dennis Carey. Are some as stability and protection.Related to the physical safety of work or employment, income. Social Needs: Those that are related to the need for integration, acceptance, companionship, social participation. We are talking about communication needs, establish working groups and family members, and membership requirements. Esteem Needs: Known as ego or recognition needs. Both of the other, such as success, prestige, feel appreciated, status as a necessity of self-worth and self-respect. Need for Self-realization: Also called needs of self or personal satisfaction.Level of full harmony and happiness. Perhaps this theory is vitiated by two small cracks in his pyramid. The first is that once covered the first step, human beings need not follow an order on your needs, you can be that for a person more important to feel appreciated which feel safe, protected. The second is that it is difficult to find a person, according to our human nature that you are satisfied and fulfilled, and this term is guilty of excessive ambiguity. How is a theory of motivation to the field of marketing An expert in marketing your product properly, its message, its transmission to that level of need that believes it can meet and satisfy. For example, Coca-Cola is not intended to provide a basic need such as quench thirst, if not a need to belong to a social group. A company selling luxury products will aim to reach the highest rung of the pyramid, that of self-realization.

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