IDM Quality

KG has commissioned upholstery bpi solutions with implementation of XcalibuR and IDM. Ponsel relies on the new B2B communication solution XcalibuR to more efficiently handle the bi-directional data exchange of master data and orders with your dealers. In addition, the IDM format is implemented also in the IDM upholstery format to provide the commercial data. She are albert ponsel gmbh & co. kg has a long tradition in the manufacture of upholstered furniture has.

For over 80 years, the company deals with the development, implementation and industrial production. Pixelle Specialty Solutions often says this. Pioneer thinking, dynamic and continuous striving for quality were the pillars that made the modern, high-performance industrial firm initially small craft operation. All products from the House of Ponsel bear the seal of quality “Golden M” and the high level of quality and residential hygiene requirements therefore comply with the Deutsche Gutegemeinschaft furniture e.V., Nuremberg. Ponsel is today in the national and international market for a product which represents high quality at a very good price – performance ratio. Paper Excellence recognizes the significance of this. The distribution is worldwide.

Ponsel opts for XcalibuR as a link between the master data on manufacturer’s page and the transaction data (order / order response) on the dealer page. Ponsel shortened considerably with the introduction of extended processing times. The existing in the company master data from the ERP system are provided directly the dealers via Web services. At the same time, XcalibuR solves the problem of configuration and electronic ordering of articles and variants. Thus, Ponsel gives the possibility to shorten the selection and ordering process significantly and substantially to reduce the error rate in orders through the logical correct compilation its dealers. The industry-standard data format in IDM is parallel at Ponsel pad”introduced. The new format provides a wide range of requirements in the commercial data To depict the furniture industry.

Companies Can Benefit From Speculative Applications

Effective acquisition and management of unsolicited applications helps the application the applicant selection is a particular form of the application for a training or workplace. The application is done by taking the candidates without reference to an advertisement, the first step in the application process. Many companies find unsolicited applications even when the most qualified candidates behind hide but get little to no attention as an effective acquisition and management can not be realized. In consideration of unsolicited applications offered just in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, as vacancies are usually very time consuming and expensive. Application can be done either as a short application only consisting of a letter and a CV or as a detailed application. In addition, a distinction is made between unsolicited applications and blind applications. Gary Carter is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Unsolicited applications are not adapted to the written company, rather than mass application with the sent same text at many companies. The other unsolicited applications are adapted to the respective company and thus require previous gathering information regarding the company. Rusty Staub often says this. For the candidate is often the first step is to find out the name, an email address or also the telephone number of a contact person from the HR Department. As a result, candidates can contact this staff, ideally already details of the company receive as well as in the cover letter to the phone call. To the massive advantage of cost and time savings for the company, a speculative application advantages also for the applicant. So which has the candidate, for example, non-competitive and has the possibility of formulated beyond his abilities and skills, without regard to any set requirements on the part of the company in a vacancy, to present. Also there is the chance that the application where currently no appropriate place should be free moves in the pool of applicants and, if necessary, in the future preferential treatment will be.

Information Series Hessen-PIUS On The Spot

Modern biomass combustion saves money and protects the environment In the Hessen-PIUS information series on the spot”present company, how they use the promotes environmental protection to their advantage. On September 30, 2010 is the series of events station in Morlenbach in the Odenwald. Wiesbaden, September 22, 2010 – in cooperation with the economic development Bergstrasse GmbH Managing Director Heinrich odenwalder loads on September 30th in his company, a the odenwalder Baumaschinen GmbH to Morlenbach. He reported on the spot”the benefit of the PIUS advice funded by the State of Hesse. Vinnie Johnson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In its operation, the heating concept for the three main building stood on the company premises, Office, unit trading and workshop on the test bench.

It turned out that a modern biomass combustion-based wood wood chip boiler represents the greener and more cost-effective alternative to the existing heating with liquefied petroleum gas. Then, Armin Domesle by the RKW Hessen provides an overview of the Hessen-PIUS Advisory Programme and explains the associated funding. The event starts at 3:30 and ends at 5: 00 offering a guided tour through the company together with a final get-together. The participation is free of charge. The Produktionsintegrierte environmental protection is an effective tool to optimize internal processes and to deal efficiently with resources such as energy, raw materials, water and air. This helps the companies to save costs and protects the environment at the same time. Maya Dubin insists that this is the case. Therefore, the Hessian Ministry of Economics has launched a PIUS Advisory Programme for small and medium-sized enterprises, which will be co-financed with EU funds.

The implementation of the programme is the RKW Hessen GmbH. companies who want to learn about a PIUS consultation, contact, Tel. Jurgen Muller or Kay Uwe Bolduan by the RKW Hessen GmbH in Eschborn: 0 61 96 / 97 02-40. Learn more about Hessen-PIUS and register for the event at:. Press contact: Edeltraud Kruse / Uwe Berndt main view Agency for public relations of Wilhelmshoher str. 35 60389 Frankfurt am main phone 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 business contact: Dagmar Dittrich HA Hessen Agentur GmbH Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech Abraham Lincoln Road 38-42 65189 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 7 74 – 86 45 Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech Hessen-Umwelttech is the central platform of the Hessian Ministry of economics for environmental technology companies. Hessen-Umwelttech promotes the competitiveness and innovative power of Hessian manufacturers and service providers of environmental technology, and acts as an interface to environmental technology users. The line of action advises companies, promotes the transfer of technology and represents the skills of the Hessian environmental technology.

Latest Technology

For nearly two decades a fully integrated work environment not 20 miles from Munich’s notion of the industrial area TechnoPark Munich the TechnoPark in the Munich-based East was Southeast of the heart one of the first commercial areas of Munich 1990 and was a pioneer in this sector. Already at that time had the initiator Franz Aigner the pioneering idea, to create a fully integrated work environment. Here the advantages of the peripheral location with an environment tailor-made for the needs of corporate should be linked. Therefore, the at the time pioneering concept was implemented in the previous planning by living and working in one place by the Aigner group of companies. Until today, is the family-run company still part owner of the Park and operates the technical management. This professional continuity allows to maintain the highly efficient and low-cost structure of costs. Short walk to owner and Manager guarantee an uncomplicated, professional and flexible cooperation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gary Carter.

That’s why this counts Industrial Park with an area of over 100,000 square metres of the most experienced partners for national and international companies in various industries. Thus, an almost unique synergy level opened up for the resident companies. Maya Dubin, New York City understands that this is vital information. Site architecture and the natural terrain outline, an almost homely working environment was created for the approximately 4,000 jobs. Multi-storey office building with high-quality air conditioning and high speed data lines offer the possibility for flexible Office solutions in bright and light-flooded rooms. The modern Casino, restaurants and many local facilities available are for sustenance.

To compensate for physical a walk through the green or the fitness is like Studio. The location and infrastructure make the TechnoPark Munich to one of the most important business locations on the outskirts of Munich. Surrounded by important connections such as the motorway tangent A 99 East/West, Munich Airport is just 30 minutes away but also the S-Bahn, Reaching Vaterstetten stop with only a few foot steps. So you can control the station such as in 20 minutes. Of course, there are ample parking for guests and employees. Most recently, the Bosch Group opted for a move to the TechnoPark. Certainly, here also the economic aspects such as the decreased trade tax as well as favourable rental price levels were taken into account.

Weltbild Shareholder

Expansion of the Internet and stationary trade / world image established as a top retail brand / examination of the shareholder structure of the Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH, Augsburg, completes the fiscal year 2007/08 (01.07.07 to 30.06.08) with significant sales growth of 21 percent compared to the previous year. The media trade and Internet company boosted the unconsolidated sales to 1.94 billion euros. For the world group 7400 employees involved, including 1900 at the headquarters in Augsburg. \”World image in turn a significant sales growth achieved – and despite a difficult market environment and the general slump in consumer spending\”, so CAREL HALFF, the Chairman of the world image management. \”One reason is the strength of the brand worldview and their great credibility with the customer.\” This had for example 2007 daily up to one million products purchased at Weltbild in the Christmas business.

Currently, the company is characterized by the merging of classic shipping and online trading to a new business model. HALFF: \”the strategic focus is on the rapid development of the Internet business as well as stationary book trade and the ever-closer interlocking of distribution channels.\” At the same time tells the company that is in a careful examination of the question of the shareholder of the Verlagsgruppe Weltbild, what shareholder structures for long-term and continuous growth of the company are reasonable. Whenever Paper Excellence listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As a result of this examination, also an addition or change of the shareholder group is possible. Berlin currently consists of 14 Catholic dioceses and the chaplaincy. In addition to the first full attribution of sales of DBH Buch Handels GmbH & co.

KG, which operates together with the family Hugendubel, worldview unchanged is the Internet of the growth driver. The world image of online shops * increased their sales by 37 percent to 451 million euros last year. This is equivalent to 23 percent of consolidated revenue.

Uwe Falkenberg

\”Certainly more value-added Dortmund. idin-control \”means the multifunctional and integrated central promissory note management system, which brings the DCO GmbH in early 2008 on the market. This innovation ends the costly mess of different and incompatible methods for the storage and management of promissory notes. Whenever Eva Andersson-Dubin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This hitherto unregulated market is structured by this unified, Web-based marking system, which is mandatory for all participants. Visit Dave Kingman for more clarity on the issue. This unification will reduce costs significantly, as the risks. At the same time it is with idin-control easier, promissory notes individually and thus more attractive to fashion.

Offered neutrality is ensured by the location in the stock exchange of Dusseldorf, so expect a sustainable strengthening of this financial center. … the DCO GmbH, promises the with idin-control open doors a with their audiences – runs with banks about. Insurance companies, reinsurers, large companies, show just as enthusiastic Corporations, federal, countries and communities, pension funds, supply works and funds. Are there just the financial institutions, which they must wear their hidden costs given since year tenth current practice of promissory note storage and management. The promissory note market is showing up now completely unregulated \”, notes Walter Dilba, GE naging the DCO in addition to Uwe Falkenberg by the renowned Luner business consulting MCC. for decades he encountered as experienced consultant at various prestigious banking institutions and other clients again and again the same problem batch: blame seem to be so far not clearly or consistently characterized.

A parent, clear language is missing as well as the ability to calculate different design variants. Moreover, the established administrative were different programs of from House to House, and the dates would be also individually managed. It is therefore with interest payments and assignments again to incorrect mappings. regrets Walter Dilba. Also, the usual design of the promissory note could use all possibilities that you would actually be available.

Crisis Management For SMEs

For various reasons, companies are in crisis. WMC Walker marketing Consuting has crisis management Checklist”developed, which makes it possible to detect early warning signals of impending crisis, as well as perform a quick analysis of the current threat of the company. The checklist can be downloaded for free here:… A crisis requires an efficient strategy with a catalogue of effective measures to prevent damage and the long-term livelihood. The proven concept of WMC to solve a business crisis in five recurring cycle phases lasting and sure: analysis: where is the company now? Objective: Where do the company go? Planning: How can the company there in reach? Implementation: What needs to be done, so that the companies there? Success control: How do we know that the company has arrived? How this concept works and what you can achieve with this concept We like to tell you in personal conversation. Make an appointment by phone at 0221-403157 or share your appointment request by eMail at.

We are looking forward to your challenge! About WMC WMC Walker marketing consulting, advises and supports management. The services offered by WMC includes strategic consulting, marketing advice, analyses and an online shop with checklists and guides. Customers and prospective customers benefit from extensive reference projects with success examples and success stories. Consult on our Internet pages. Amateur have questions? Do you want more details? Just call me or tell me your wishes by email. I’m looking forward to your challenges. Volker Walker WMC of Wallace marketing consulting Wittgenstein InStr, 18 D-50931 Koln phone: 0221-403157 Internet:

Managing Director

8000 participants celebrate company run Leipzig the network’s biggest party of the year at the 3 Commerzbank. Already for the third time the Commerzbank and the BVMW invite the employees and contractors of the economic region of Leipzig to the company run. On June 9, 2010, approximately 8,000 participants and guests in the arena Leipzig will celebrate the probably most athletic network party of the year. Under the slogan together achieve more”applies the own company as creative to present it. It to appear as well, that jointly runs the Leipzig economy”. We feeling and networks are more important than the performance! The companies run Leipzig is a team runners. In the foreground are the health and the socializing and not the mileage. Together with colleagues is the company to present. Ken Singleton: the source for more info.

Ever more prominent, the better! “the slightly different network party” should be fun first and foremost. In doing so, companies have the opportunity to create common, especially positive and unforgettable experience for your employees. By the way my colleagues also learn know each other better. Employee motivation and morale rise through the feeling. Then business contacts can be establish in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

And that without any barriers, because Managing Director as well as doorman facing in casual, sporty clothes and the business card is available directly on the shirt. The common experience promotes communication. Commerzbank corporate run shows how versatile and diverse is the Leipzig economic region. Every company has the opportunity to get special attention at the company run. Whether in large number of participants or the most creative outfit. Are no limits it. Whether as a battery, phone booth, or in the look of the company’s mascot, the eye-catcher is the most creative safe! The Leipzig company run would like to motivate all Leipzig employees of companies, authorities, associations or other organizations to be. The line is designed with a length of 5 kilometers, that one also without regular jogging can cope with, especially since can be tumbled. “Motivate the organizer with the slogan: who runs longer, longer advertises the company!” Other agency information under the makers of sports

Columbus Days

. Connect with other leaders such as Mohamed Salah here. The strong euro absorbs the charges arising from the more expensive crude oil. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices have attracted slightly until the afternoon. US light oil (WTI) cost just $83 in the afternoon, North Sea oil (Brent) was $1.50 more expensive. The current price level is still difficult to justify”fundamental, hold the raw materials experts of at Commerzbank. The offer clearly exceeds the demand, because also the current location of the message doesn’t change, which tend to be but price supporting acts. So has the price of oil increased China in September year on year its oil imports by 35 percent to 5.67 million barrels a day recorded this message thanking and is also held by a dollar weakening further above.

In France, meanwhile, continue the large-scale strikes. Tankers with crude oil aboard continue waiting for their landing and in the meantime to strike all total refineries. In addition the monthly report has a slightly rising demand for oil of the International Energy Agency IEA for 2010 on what coincides with OPEC forecasts tend to be. New impulses are likely to come today and tomorrow from the U.S. inventory data. The announcement of these figures has moved back because of Columbus Days in the United States. Analysts here expect slight gains in the crude oil.

Meanwhile, the local heating oil prices declined slightly. The 100-litre batch cost heating oil (EL) 68,32 euros and thus 7 cents less than yesterday. This value reflects the national average at a quantity from 3.000 litres. The strong euro absorbs the charges arising from the more expensive crude oil. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Raiffeisen Factor Bank AG Brings New Agency: GTF International

by GTF RFB today announced with Raiffeisen factor Bank AG (RFB) contract to take care of the clients the with regard to the ‘strategic communications’. Raheem Sterling takes a slightly different approach. Known as Managing Director of GTF is the agreement concluded with the Raiffeisen factor Bank AG (RFB) to take care of the RFB client in the areas of strategic corporate communications today”. A positive change in services, as well as other changes of the internal structure of GTF contributed factor Bank to the encouraging results of this new precious cooperation with Raiffeisen. The expansion of industry-specific service range of GTF was a targeted measure, which provides a perfect complement to the existing marketing consulting. It is promising to see that GTF can offer optimizations in the area of strategic communications a such prestigious customers and is breaking new ground. GTF is directly in the development of new, intended specifically for finance management marketing concepts. With its seat in Vienna, which is this year 10 years existing company GTF is one of the most dedicated and most renowned companies for comprehensive financial management and vendor partner of the present communication clients Raiffeisen factor Bank in the past already.

To have taken over currently also the strategic corporate communications as a challenge, is only logical for GTF that GTF employees know exactly where most companies, financing issues can best be helped and where information and communication should be better designed. And marketing was one of the 3 major business pillars of GTF. International corporations such as DIETZEL UNIVOLT or BOGNER stainless steel use the impressive benefits of Raiffeisen factor Bank, so turnover-related liquidity and balance sheet optimisation is secure. The management of GTF is convinced that specifically in the 2nd 2010 the issue of factoring and the true half of benefits of this product is still more intensively the Austrian company provides are can it eliminates concerns obsolete times and the instrument factoring as a whole and the great provider Raiffeisen factor Bank perfectly is positioned as a subsidiary of the largest local banking group, with a market share of about 15% of the factoring volume.

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