Tips To Renovate The Kitchen

Give you a shave to your kitchen will take an afternoon. You don’t have to spend much. You will need paint, nails, or hooks, pillowcases to make curtains that replace the doors of cupboards in poor state, wallpaper and moldings of beads (glass-bead molding). With these details insurance that you’ll be glad to enter your kitchen every morning. Start with the walls.

Choose two shades of bright pastel colors. Purchase latex paint, which is the material that best resists wear and tear of lacocina. It continues with the cupboards. Hides stains and wear with green, yellow and blue colors. If you like the stencils, applying a stencil border, after giving them a coat of white paint. Changes the battered doors of the cabinets to curtains. For that you will have to place short rods of wall to wall of the cupboard.

If you don’t like sewing, buy white pillowcases, this stain of the color of the walls and hang them. It is an option that provides you access to the kitchen utensils and keeps them well hidden. Placed a varnished wood splint in the ceiling with hooks throughout a long and hang your pans, pans, ladles and other belongings. You can intersperse some of copper which is not in use, as decoration. Give him an aspect of professional kitchen. Take advantage of the view from your window, if you have it. Removes the curtains and placed pots with spices on the windowsill. It redistributes your collection of ornaments of ceramic room and dining room. Place a row of several, however colorful, objects in the top shelf of the cupboard. Add pieces of trim and empaleado to kitchen cabinets. You are taken from the rectangle in front of the cupboard and doors (including the interior). Calculates an inch or two more. It is divided with the marker rectangles in panels of the same size. Cut the rectangles measure cellulose sponges. Dipping the sponge in glue and press them onto the door surface forming a grid. Leave it to dry. Cut the wallpaper designs. Glue them onto each panel with glue at random, to form a free design. Complete decoration of cabinets with pieces molding of glass beads to form a framework in the wallpaper. Use small nails and wood glue. Then wipe it with two coats of clear sealant. Original author and source of the article

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