Scarlet Letter

Exactly with diverse contradictions, we consider literature as an artistic manifestation, that uses the language as expression form, and that for more realistic it seems, is about fiction. Many times to our pass unobserved that in all literary composition it ahead exists an ideology and a position of the artist of the reality and the human yearnings. Nataniel Hawthorne, when writing the Scarlet Letter, in them makes a critical a previous rules to the North American settling, the religion. The religion is one of the oldest manifestations of the man. Its essence consists of an act of devotion to them to be able the holy ghost, where the human being believes that these are capable to direct and to control the course of the nature and the life human being. (BARSA, 1993, p.255, v.13). ‘ ‘ The literary composition is not pure imitativa or reproductive receptividade, nor pure spontaneous creativity and exempts, but expression of a new direction, hidden in the world, and a process of construction of the artistic object, where the artist collaborates with nature, fight with it or against it, is broken up of it or comes back it, wins the resistance of it or fold the requirements of it.

The artist is a social being that searchs to state its way to be in the world in the company of other human beings, reflects on the society, turns itself toward it, either to criticize it, either to affirm it, either for super-la.’ ‘ (CHAU, Marilena. To read more click here: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Invitation to the Philosophy) Hawthorne tells in its masterpiece, the history of Hester, a woman who only lived in New England as a widower, therefore as the disappearance of its husband already lasted for much time the solitary woman thus only could be. It is necessary to stand out that the state where Hester if found not became it widower, since concrete tests of the death of the husband did not exist.

Publishing A Book

Recently, I started thinking about how to publish a book. The manuscript was ready, and it was only necessary to find a good publisher. Calling in a couple of publishers, I realized that very few know how to publish a book. It turns out, before, necessary to accurately determine its parameters. For example, what will be the format of the book or its circulation? The fact is that today offer a variety of options for publishing books, and then a lot depends on the author – what will he choose? Need choose the most optimal format for the book that the reader wanted to pick a book in hand. The question of circulation is very important too, as a small circulation increases the cost of the cost of the book, and it appears that the greater the number of copies – the cheaper cost of books. It is also important to choose the way in which it will be possible in printing.

For example, a book printed by offset method should have wide circulation. Book is a little better circulation print digital way. Book design should also be carefully considered. After all, the book, as well as any item that is sold in a store must attract the attention of buyers, which means readers. When I figured out all the nuances of publications books, then I became easier to choose a publisher. Communicating with staff publishing, I already knew clearly what I need and how to save their own money. And a month later my book could print at the publisher and she has appeared in bookstore.

Sandra McKee: Extraordinary Action

Facebook fans determine book cover for romance novel Mildenau/Aschaffenburg, 11 October 2013. “The Mildenauer telescope publishing house early October together with the Aschaffenburg novelist Sandra McKee called for an unusual action: 100 readers had the life that you choose the cover for the second edition of the romance” determine. The selection were the current cover, as well as a new, graphic art that was created according to some fans. At first we were skeptical whether any interest in such concertation with sweepstakes would be available. “But the response was more than satisfactory and unambiguous result”, said Danilo Schreiter, the owner of the telescope publishing. Sandra Schindler, Manager and PR Officer, asked readers and evaluated the results of a survey on the Facebook fan page of the author started. 97 Percent of the respondents opted for the new cover. The central themes of the book at a glance are on the new cover.

The woman with trolley is available for the protagonist travellers to Ireland, the clover leaves heart-shaped indicate the love story. We are pleased that we can bring our book in a few weeks with a new face in the bookstore”, so Sandra Schindler. There will be also the winner of the Facebook vote, receiving an autographed copy of the new edition including a small surprise as first. The winner of the poll will be announced shortly on Sandra McKees fan page. “Press contact: Sandra Schindler agent Sandra McKee phone: 06306/701505 E-Mail: Web: about Sandra McKee: Sandra McKee is a writer from the Unterfranken Aschaffenburg, with the life one chooses” was a promising debut. Together with her husband and three sons shared, she lives in a village near the city of Frankfurt. Sandra McKee currently writing her second novel, a novel that 2014 will be expected. More information on Sandra McKee,

New Cruise-Zeitung

First Edition February 2009 with 250,000 copies lover of cruises and newcomer wants to win the new medium at the same time for themselves. The cruise trend continues. Travel comfortably without stress, much to see, sports or just enjoying the booming Holiday shape of Germans takes more and more followers. (Not to be confused with James H. Billington!). The new cruise newspaper published from February, wants to report on experiences on the ships of the world and inform about the possibilities of sea – and river cruises. For beginners, the medium contains numerous cruises practical tips on theme-oriented, life on board and the optimal travel preparation. With a size of 24 pages, the cruise newspaper appears four times per year. The circulation of the 250,000 copies per Edition is the highest in the cruise market.

Laid is the title of the Astoria cruises headquarters Osnabruck. The cover is possible via a subscription for the price of 10 euro for four issues or single purchase of 2.50 (including shipping within) In Germany). With the printing of the first edition, a free special quota is applied.


In the workmanship Resurrection (1872) Axe of Assis considers a romance that demonstrates to the controversies human beings and the development failed in the loving outcome between two personages, exactly being faithful the denomination of what it would be a romantic romance. This logic in addition, waited for the readers of the romantic style, a Axe the merit of innovator. Different of the traditional romantic molds, in which the loving relation of two personages is hindered of if materialize in virtue of external influences the couple, in Resurrection the romance of the protagonists Flix and Lvia, the biggest impediment occurs for internal, on factors the personality of the pair. In the romantic conception, adverse situations do not exist that cannot be surpassed by the love, however, for the personages protagonists, were necessary a primordial factor for the composition of the love, second a machadiana vision: the confidence. The impediment of marriage between Felix and Lvia if of accurately for the reliable lack.

Lvia already had passed for other loving disillusionments. Exactly for the unreliability and uncertainty, it decides that optimum for couple it is the end of the relationship. The young woman had science that its future would be delivers to a man of voluble personality and therefore, preferred to act for the reason giving end the relation. The constatao of the opinion of Lvia how much to the personality of Flix it is demonstrated in the end of the romance, therefore exactly after having lost loved its, it ahead does not acquire knowledge of its behavior solipso and liabilities of the life. In the third workmanship of Axe of Assis, Helena (1876), the protagonist, an orphan of humble origin that lives as aggregate, is disclosed as member of the family at the moment where the will of the advising Valley is opened. Helena, that although to occupy place of aggregate of the family she was not treated as a servant. .

El Dorado

In his work “The Loss of El Dorado” there were continuous references to the common history that unite the island of Trinidad to Venezuela. the backbone of the narrative, made inevitable not only the avid interest of the reader but also the “participation” in narrative development to be possible to add and supplement some information from other sources or from previous readings, which made the tour your pages on all exploration literature under the guidance of Naipaul, without wanting to become a teacher who quietly confident and I was guided by the intricacies of a common history that I knew only superficially. The story of the author’s travel by non-Arab Muslim countries (Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and Malaysia) that make up the book “The Limits of Faith, far from my personal experience and certainly from my little knowledge about these nations and its people and cultures, opens a complex scenario, colorful and somewhat dramatic because you can not otherwise qualify for these people that has meant embracing the Islamic faith and attention, I’m not making judgments of value about Islam or his followers, I am referring to the price that these people have had to pay on cultural and social terms by plunging into a religion to them, culturally and historically, of all others. The book “India”, the subject of this article, is a lot of research, a detailed narrative of a long journey made by the author to India, land of his ancestors, written on a structure similar to that subsequently used in “Running out of Faith”: sandwich and complementing interviews with the most dissimilar characters and geared to their own experiences and descriptions of the environment and their memories or personal research thus achieving a fluidity and continuity that greatly facilitate follow-up ideas or rather of the story lines.

Norbert Langer

Many sounds and music by The listening tour complete classical to jazz. So the Rhine from the sofa is possible with the 3 CDs: man sitting relaxed in your own four walls, listening to the voices and music and enjoys the stories told. Who is planning a trip to the Rhine, can use the CDs as a preparation, and who already knows the Rhine, can relax, lean back and remember longingly. The Rhine. An acoustic journey between Basle and Rotterdam. A listening pleasure with many original interviews, legends and music by Reinhard Kober, Silja Tietz and Matthias Morgenroth speaker: Roland Renner, Harry Kuhn, Marianne Graffam 3 CDs, runtime 240 minutes ISBN 978-393-6247-81-7 price 24.95 or 36.90 sFr reference are the CDs in German bookstores available or as a download. For more information, samples etc.,. Press contact for further information contact please: Dr.

Matthias Morgenroth, geophone holiday in the ear, Friedrichstrasse 95, 10117 Berlin Tel: 030 20644985, fax: 030 20644986, E-Mail:. The publishing house, the Berlin audio Publisher geophone-holidays in the ear produces travel books to the various destinations for over 10 years. Released CDs over more than 30 destinations including New York, London and Istanbul and Cuba, Scotland and Hawaii are already. The production team of geophone include mainly radio journalists of ARD and speaker, who is a name made in the Horfunkt, as well as in the synchronous area, including Oliver Rohrbeck, Michael Fitz, Peter Sodann, and Norbert Langer. In addition to the travel books, geophone produced since latest also guides that lead the listener through the city via Smartphone. For more information,

And The

Theoretical flabby shots of the brand flow the author with all waters washed advantage of paragraph so-and-so! “anywhere from the spring. What laymen would have helped with such an anemic lawyers blah? Instead, easily comprehensible, concrete step-for-step statements are offered desperate obligors, save her neck. Patrick Gelsinger shines more light on the discussion. All the sophisticated defensive measures, which brings Wolfgang Rademacher from his bulging Treasure Chest of experience to pass them on potential victims of execution, are x-fold tested, completely legally, usually no cost and require no expensive lawyer. And some of these dodges unfold even their full protective effect when the garnishment willing bailiff has already the finger on the doorbell of the apartment of the debtor. Not a book for slackers the rescue in the foreclosure intended for but not slackers, which from the outset have no intention ever to repay your debts.

Rather Wolfgang Rademacher stretching direction the helping hand those, the their cap “would love to pay, currently just can’t. Think because of the housewife, the at the tempting Versandhaus shopping on pump has miscalculated as well as on the business man who suddenly breaks the paying customers away, the father unwillingly allowed financially because of his illegitimate offspring to the vein and, and, and… Such unlucky not deserve by account garnishment or Eidesstattlicher insurance (EV) Verily the economic death blow. And they must not fear also him if they lie to a shock-resistant armor with the help of Wolfgang r’s latest book. God’s credit “comes out without Schufa what have pressed the money debtors most apart?. Time! Time to head for the first out of the loop to pull, to clarify your own thinking, to draw new courage and finding a reasonable solution for the debt problem alone. And The old debt Bunny Wolfgang Rademacher buy time thanks to its countless practical tips maintains his students. The author not tired to emphasize, is that the credit of God, this suspension attainable by all sorts of gimmicks must be used precisely, necessarily make sense: to obtain new funds.

And to move to the creditor, to mothball the leg of enforcement and to agree a final, amicable agreement that mutually acceptable. This is realistic, even if a debtor initially does not believe it in his panic. So debtor can certainly achieve this end goal, Wolfgang Rademacher sets up enough signs in his book. As indispensable as a life preserver hundred hours grief no Heller to pay debts, regrets already the vernacular. Instead they that sorrow sink, Wolfgang Rademacher helps debtors rather out of trouble he gives you resources to pull themselves by their own bootstraps out of the swamp. That’s not just debtors. As seen in light, has a Creditors more of a living him this post – and foresight but still money of debtor as from an economic body brings a. Like all plants from the House of Rademacher is also this book a free CD-ROM: full with useful pattern letters and other defenses, are essential in the Defense battle against enforcement courts and bailiffs. As should a lifebuoy on each boot, so should the rescue in the enforcement of as many book rules to find be and be it only as a precautionary measure. As to the debtor to be faster, than one.

Publishing House

Authors: Anne-Kathrin Bauer lives as a freelance writer in a small village in the Swabian forest. Their stories and books are marked by the love for their district home. In addition to the Swabian cuisine, the dialect and Swabian humour belong to their favorite topics. Rudolf Schuppler operates in addition to his work as a children’s book Illustrator also as an Illustrator and cartoonist for various tax and business magazines in the country and abroad. The father of two daughters in Mistelbach in Austria is resident. Anne-Kathrin Bauer / Rudolf Schuppler Schwabisch g’ chatters & g’ laughs that some other comic dictionary Pascu-verlag Berlin 1st Edition, 156 pages of black and white illustrations by Rudolf Schuppler ISBN 978-3-943018-14-1 13.90 (D) / (A) 14.90 / sFr 23.50 the Publisher: the Pascu-Verlag is a young, aspiring Publishing House, which occupies a niche position on the book market with carefully selected, high-quality publications in our program we will present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects, which find themselves not only in travelogues and travel guides, but also in novels and stories. Currently, the publishing program first and foremost on Baden-Wurttemberg and Berlin is aimed.

More regions of in Germany will follow. We are also always open to trends and include in our publishing program currently popular genres and themes for young and old, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our focus areas are: novels – non-fiction – travelogues / travel guide – books – Christian books, cooking and baking books – children’s and youth books contact: Pascu-verlag Nurnberger Machnowerstr. Manjunath 27a, 14165 Berlin Tel 030-845 92 546, fax 0321-21297293

Winnetou Revisited Or The Karl-may-Congress 2009 In Marburg

Between serious research and sentimental Indian myth of the seemingly old fashioned Karl may among with a World Edition of 200 million volumes are still the most widely read German writers.\” This enormous popularity in 1969 also led to the founding of the Karl may society (CMM), which now meets from October 2 to 4 to its 20th meeting in Marburg. Discovery Communications is likely to increase your knowledge. Lectures will be held and it is gefachsimpelt away from the podium about Winnetou & co.. Countless research results of KMG occupy the cultural and historical importance of the scientific work alone on the topic of Winnetou. To the Jubilee Congress of KMG, more than 300 visitors are expected Karl May in the policy, in Switzerland, in the film and in the literary environment to discuss. Winnetou! The name of the great Chief of the Apaches is entered like no other in the history of German literature.

Karl Mays most famous fictional character belongs to an integral part of German reading culture and the image of the noble savage to the imagination of millions of readers about Generations. Winnetou is the key figure of the literary novel Cosmos by Karl May, which success would be similar to how inconceivable today when Joanne K. Rowling and her sorcerer’s apprentice Harry Potter without this figure. The German Winnetou\”Pierre Brice for most Germans Winnetou is wearing headband and leather suit and with his grunaugigen gaze into the distance provides a sentimental shower; He is Pierre Brice in the civil life, is a French actor born and embodied the legendary Chief figure in the 1960s in eleven Karl may movies. The movies were very successful; They boosted to back the ailing German film industry and established the Western European on the other. But they had to do little with Karl May with all appreciation for the art of film. The meeting of the Karl may society while Piere Brice celebrated his 80th birthday this year, the figure of the Winnetou is now 134 years old.

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