School Readiness

When preparing to start school? Who should do it? Why teach a child to school? Some believe that should be taken to prepare the baby, since three years, the other – a year before entering school. But in general the whole pre-school child's life – this is preparation for school. Most importantly – do not go to extremes. Do not overdo it with the lessons, instilling an aversion to advance learning. But do not let things take their course, hoping, say, a kindergarten teacher.

Topics more, if you chose the school, admission to which is akin to the competition at a prestigious university. The newspapers mentioned Celina Dubin, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic. Evaluate the development of future first-grader can be yourself or consult a child psychologist. Specific tests for the diagnosis readiness for school is now readily available, are sold in many bookstores. But the one taken separately technique does not allow fully appreciate all aspects of child development. Yet such an inspection will show over what is still work until September 1. Such tests typically check: – the formation of memory (the norm for memorizing 10 words – 6 or more words) – the purity of pronunciation, ability to repeat a complex word, ability to recognize sounds in words – language development (Richness of vocabulary, the ability to make up a story from the pictures, retell heard, etc.) – any attention (the ability to work on school assignments for 10 minutes without distractions) – readiness to hand to a letter (to copy toilless drawing simple phrase) – the ability to act on instructions (to draw a pattern on the cell under the dictation, to lay down a pattern of bricks on the model) – the development of logical thinking (the ability to find similarities, differences, generalize, called excess of the proposed facilities; post pictures, related story in proper sequence, etc.) – spatial orientation (ability to name, where the subject – right, left, behind, above, below, etc.) – general awareness of children about the world – basic math skills (ordinal score to ten, the forward and reverse, the ability to decide not to challenge with the help of objects). .

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