President Hugo Chavez

Simply, to become ill is a great luxury and inaccessible for the poor men, no longer the acquisition of the medicine is said that it disables to many his purchase. Also it is pronounced, which indicates in its editorial the Newspaper Of course the Nation, that the education is in crisis, not only in Argentina, but in the same Venezuela. Teachers without vocation and permanently predisposed to the street protest leave every year without an important percentage of scholastic days to children of all the country. Without pedagogical stimuli to the creativity and sufficient general and specialized illustration it is impossible to reach labor functions that they are more and more demanding in the modern world. The universities have become for many aspirings difficult to accede reason why it involves his costs, even the public ones, more, when the students are of another region and they emigrate to other states in search of a study opportunity, it involves a cost in the transfer, house, feeding, no longer are said of the private ones whose cost is highest, where glimpses, that the education is plus a business that a commitment to provide the knowledge, formation that is required to enable professionals who the country needs. Without a culture of the work properly strengthened, there is no society that progresses. The plans of financial attendance and economic, founded to solve emergencia questions, they cannot be interminable, and less discourage the vocation of the man and the woman to produce and to be of some utility to themselves and to the social set.

To all this the embezzlement of the bottoms is added, of the capital that is due to use for taking step to the creation of companies, work sources, as well as the dynamic corruption that is pronounced and where they are involved government civil servants, people in charge to execute plans that favor the eradication of the poverty. He indicates the Newspaper to it in his editorial very well when he indicates, that the corruption rots everything. The corruption introduces the loss of heart to advance on the slowest, but safe and recommendable bases of the work and the honest occupation of every day. The corruption is, by antonomasia, a contradictory element with the urgency to affirm in the country the fiscal concept of citizenship, by which all would have to pay their taxes in order that the services are taken care of without which it falls social order and would be impossible the unfolding of the State. President Hugo Chavez if he wants to aspire to a new re-election must pay much attention to him to the behavior of the poverty that in the country still pronounces and that it generates problems insecurity, must lead itself to irradicar it with use, correcting all those causes that make that it is pronounced, sanction to the guilty and guarantee to them to the Venezuelan trustworthiness in their management with programs that benefit to all. Why thus he is original Author and source of the article.

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