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I would say if I tell you that it is likely that 50% of doctors and lawyers who see if they cheated in college. Confidence in almost all areas of society has been greatly reduced. It is very common to see news speaking of falling confidence in the political, governmental and labor. The new slogan in the home is "trust no one" A high percentage of companies and public organizations are led by people who do not consider honesty as a major factor. The most common is that "if changed, if more honest, we could trust." But really can we do something to make people change? I believe that we can do nothing, absolutely nothing to something, someone who is alien to our desires, influence, and needs, each has its own parameters of reality, morality, truthfulness, honesty and perception. All act on the belief that what we do this well at least for us, our desires, dreams and beliefs, no matter what we do is considered by regional and bad morals.

Throughout the history of criticism never achieved its purpose. Each person is confident in its approach and is the only one who can work a change in him. Nobody else. Confidence in oneself has a fundamental dimension. If we propose something that certainly can not meet even suspect that if you can not trust our own determination as to trust others. Hence the change, if you really want to see it in others, must operate in ourselves. Establish agreements with ourselves and satisfy certain to change our way of being and seeing others

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