In construction work, road works and works well with other compressors are used. In addition they can be used in household purposes, for coloring, airbrushing, naduvke balls, purging, etc. There is a possibility note compressors: reciprocating, such as a mobile piston compressor and a screw such as screw compressor Remez. Also, compressors can be divided into electric, diesel and gasoline. Buy piston compressor is most often difficult in terms of availability, not to mention the price. The way in which working piston and screw compressors, and do machines, their appearance can be clearly seen on the websites of videos. One of the purposes is to provide a compressor with compressed air without oil impurities works associated with the granular raw materials: sand, lime, gypsum, salt, sugar, flour, animal feed for poultry and cement. In this If needed air pressure of high quality.

This may provide, using oil-free compressor (oilless) and filters for air purification. In these cases, a free-flowing raw materials may be used compressors low pressure. In conjunction with a compressor (not only oil-free) is an air receiver (born receiver, letters. – Recipient). This is exactly the capacity that is most noticeable. This tank is needed to generate the gas and passing it on, pressure equalization, the output of condensate, oil impurities. The higher proivoditelnost compressor, the greater the volume of air receiver unit price which in most cases also increases.

An example, which requires stabilization of the pressure can be painted. With a flat pressure will be uniform color and better quality. Recovery in cases of failure, and execution of maintenance works are maintenance of compressors, compressor service otherwise. Sometimes, a service refers not only repairs and / or maintenance work, but in addition, simply using the technology, its exploitation. So the service can encompass all three chasti.V case if we consider the service, then it is possible to write and to what extent you are wonderful served: ispolneniya speed, performance promised in the amounts and timing, quality, and, of course, the quality of communication and manners of workers in the company providing the service, and possibly in related companies.

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